I saw this wine in the store and for some reason it reminded me of this book. The Warlord of the Air is great classic steampunk. I feel a little ashamed of the fact that I haven’t read either of the other books in the trilogy, I’ve heard The Land Leviathan gets a little crazy. However, this is a must-read to any sci-fi fan.

Not being a big wine drinker I don’t know how to rate wine very well, however I did like this one. I would definitely buy it again.
Orphaned Baby Elephants “You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With”
Aug. 31, 2015 - See baby elephants escort a man into a wild herd in East Africa. Investigative journalist Bryan Christy takes some time to relax with the young orphaned elephants at the Ithumba Release Camp in Kenya's Tsavo East National Park. Much to his delight, the younger elephants are friendly and accepting of Christy, and they escort him to meet a herd of wild adults.Click here to learn more about the episode:Explorer: Warlords of IvoryClick here to read more:"How Killing Elephants Finances Terror in Africa"Click here to read more:"The Accepting Nature of Orphaned Baby Elephants"

Visit the link above and watch investigative reporter, Bryan Christy, meet and mix with the orphaned elephants of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DWST) as part of his assignment, “Warlords of Ivory” which aired on National Geographic last Sunday.