Norman Reedus photographed by Andreas Laszlo Konrath for T Magazine 2011

‘A sense of humor and honesty are really important. If a woman is dishonest, that kills it for me. I can’t even talk to her anymore. It’s hard going out with me though, because I’m always working, constantly gone, or on a plane going somewhere. So trusting someone is crucial to making it work; otherwise it gets weird. I have no problem treating a woman like a queen, doing everything I can for her, but there has to be trust. Someone who smiles and enjoys her life.’

“The Walking Dead needs more friendships like Maggie and Sasha. I would love to see Michonne have a close relationship like that with another female. Rosita is an honest, fierce badass and a friendship between these two awesome women would be perfect. My wish for season 7 is an episode of the two best friends, Rick and Daryl, on a run with Michonne and Rosita.  My other wish is for a kick ass episode of Michonne, Maggie, Sasha and Rosita.”

Ring- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Imagine waking up to your husband, Daryl.

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You sighed softly, the exhalation of breath finally giving you the extra push to slip away from your dream state. (Y/E/C) eyes fluttered open to be met with soft blue ones. 

“Daryl.” You mumbled softly, your voice somewhat grumbled. It affected your speech, making the words sound more like a slur than anything else. 

Daryl hummed in response, the hair framing his head slightly covering his face. You smiled to yourself, leaning over to push it out of the way. He gave you a ghost a smile as you leant in, placing a quick kiss against his chapped lips.

A small blush grew on his face– one that made you chuckle. “You’re such a kid.” 

“Whatever, (Y/N). Ya love it.” He smirked confidently. It looked so good on him; confidence. You blushed yourself, tucking your head into your body and looking at your tangled bodies. The sheets covered just enough skin so the sight wasn’t scandalous, but definitely mysterious. 

Your small diamond ring caught the sun’s sharp rays, sparkling slightly. You didn’t know how it stayed so clean, but you were happy nonetheless. 

It was almost as beautiful as your marriage with Daryl.


You were sitting on a little stone wall, feet dangling in the air while you watched the secene in front of you unfold.

„Pardon me, um….“ Negan started, trying to remember Olivia’s name.


„Oh, right….Olivia. I’m sorry to have been so motherfucking rude to you just now. Looks like I’ll be at the very least spending the night here awaiting your fearless leader’s return. If you’d like…I think I’d enjoy fucking your brains in…if you were agreeable to it.“

He got slapped right in the face while Olivia stormed off angrily, leaving him standing with a dumbfounded look. You couldn’t help but laugh, he definitely had chosen the wrong girl to make his stupid jokes.

„You think that’s fucking funny, sweetheart?“ Negan asks and walks over to you, his hands on your thighs, making their way up your dress. He said it more in a joking tone than anything, so you weren’t really scared. To be honest you weren’t that scared of him at all. Blame it on your poor choice of men or the fact that you had a thing for the bad guys but you actually liked him.

„No Sir.“ You answer, trying to stay serious, which didn’t work that well. You still had to giggle occasionally.

„Sir…hm?“ He licks his lips, his hands pushing your dress out of the way to move up even more. You didn’t bother to stop him, hell why would you? He was freakin’ hot.

He stops when one of his men calls him over, „Well damn…“ He smirks, giving you a wink before leaving to take care of whatever the guy wanted.

You had already been lying in bed, trying to sleep when you heard strange noises inside your house. You grabbed your gun and quietly made your way downstairs to check it out.

Letting out a scream you tumbled backwards and fell to the ground when someone or something grabbed your wrist. The gun was kind of useless because you never got the chance to fire it and wished you had brought a knife.

When you looked up you saw Negan standing above you, „Dear god, you scared the hell out of me.“

„Oh no need for that…just call me Negan.“

He took your hand and helped you up, „What are you doing here?“

„Making a friendly visit around the neighborhood.“

„Oh really? Well please don’t do it again or I might shoot you for real next time.“

„Come on don’t be fucking mad at me, babe.“ He smirks, his arm wrapping around your waist, „We’re gonna have some fun.“ He whispers before he spins you around and begins to shove you in the direction of your bedroom.