Body language ► Looking down can indicate that you are the submissive partner in this conversation. If, while listening to someone else speak, your eyes are looking down, this could be your way of letting the speaker know that they are in control, and by contrast, you are under their control. It can also evoke a protective response from others so you do it in hopes of lessening punishment.

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What pisses me off a lot is that when they came to get Beth there was zero eyefucking between her and Daryl. Beth looked a bit sad and they didn’t even look at each other or at least didn’t act like they saw each other! There were no shots of them seeing each other for the first time in forever. (A little smile? Eyefuck? Nothing?) Then the infamous back touch! There was barely any interaction from them besides the hand on the back! How does Daryl and Beth go from longing stares, carrying her bridal style, hand holding, hugs, protecting her and implying feelings, to barely glancing at each other, hand on the back, and letting her walk back into danger? Then Daryl’s heartbreaking cry? Too much OOC for me! I figure if you’re going to have Daryl breakdown and cry over Beth then there should have been more of a reunion with her first to make that hit home even more! Everything just fell real flat!