Norman Reedus photographed by Mark Abrahams for GQ 2013

‘I think I might have thought of myself as that at one point, growing up. Not being super concerned with the outside and more on the inside, and how do I make the inside pretty? And what’s so bad about not feeling pretty inside? Maybe that had something to do with it. I like the underdog. I was more of a listener than a talker as a kid, and I would really suss people out before I opened my mouth. I like feeling, or I liked feeling, a bit on the outside for my own personal secretive reasons.’

“I totally understand people who despise Danai Gurira. Who does she think she is bringing awareness to issues that women ALL OVER THE WORLD FACE with her organization Love Our Girls? Or the fact that she co-found another organization which helps African artists reach their full potential so they can go on to tell their stories on a global scale. I despise the fact that this tony-nominated playwright wants to create more roles for Africans and is actively doing so. Gosh, I hate her :)”

with each passing day i find myself getting angrier and angrier over how the writers on TWD have treated glenn’s character. and also how some of the fans have reacted to that. first of all, let’s not gloss over the fact that they all want to start screaming ‘STICK TO THE SOURCE MATERIAL’ only now that glenn’s death is being discussed. as a comics reader i get that his death went on to change the course of the story, but JIC you guys aren’t aware: the show is not the comics. they’ve proven that a number of times. p much every major character death has been changed and shifted to someone else. secondly, how fucking shitty is it of them to kill off his character in this capacity. like let’s (for one sec) accept that they’ve made the decision to kill him off. if glenn (who, let me remind you, has been consistantly with rick longer than anyone else. yes, morgan met rick before glenn but morgan did his own things for most of the seasons) is going to be killed off then he deserves his own death scene. his death should not be accompanied by abraham’s death. it should not be overshadowed by some dumb, done-for-shock-value, cliffhanger. no- glenn rhee deserves his own time and place like other main characters have gotten.

but tbh i’m not on the ‘i understand why they killed glenn’ train to begin with. people claim that his character arc has happened and that his story is spent. all offense, honestly, but are we watching the same fucking show?? glenn’s story has far more potential for great storytelling then everyone’s fave daryl. if i have to sit through one more god damn season of daryl’s emotional struggle, bouncy-balling back and forth between showing emotion and closing up, i will literally lose my shit. daryl could have been killed off years ago. but they haven’t because (as is the case with lots of cis white male characters) he’s the fave. like GOD DAMN. do you realize how much story time has been ate up because TWD decided to focus on daryl???? 

then there is the fact that people say that in order for maggie’s hilltop arc to happen, glenn has to go. uhhhh why? there’s a billion things wrong with that statement to begin with but just to mention a quick few: a) it is not okay to sacrifice a poc’s character in order to push forward your fave’s storyline. that isn’t okay and will never be okay. and b) why can’t maggie be strong WITH glenn? why does glenn have to die in order for her to suddenly become strong (which insinuates she’s not already strong…which she is)?? women do not have to endure tragic loss to make them strong. we can be strong without writers treating grief as something voyeuristic. female characters do not have to be emotionally tortured in order to be strong!! idk why this is a thing i have to say over and over!! like do you not realize that maggie has her entire family. she watched her father get his head cut off. she thought her sister was alive only to find out that she’d been shot in the head. like let her live a happy life FUCK. i feel the same way about sansa on GOT. it’s like the writers get off on writing emotional torture into their female characters storylines. it’s gross- stop. 

on top of that- glenn’s character has so much left in it. fuck all you people who say he doesn’t. you cannot actually believe that glenn’s story has been told while also remaining in awe every time daryl so much as farts on screen.