bioshock infinite aesthetics: daisy fitzroy
           ↳ There’s already a fight, DeWitt. Only question is, whose side are you on? Comstock is the god of the white man, the rich man, the pitiless man. But if you believe in common folk, then join the Vox. If you believe in the righteous folk, then join the Vox.


les amis + 30 seconds to mars songs

v o x  p o p u l i  for  p r e p a r i n g  a  r e v o l u t i o n



This costume has been sat in my attic for nearly two years. It felt great to finally bust him out. It was a pretty fun to run around on the beach in these costumes even though the tide chased us inland.

Photos taken by the awesome

JACK ( as Booker
SASHA ( as Elizabeth
LAURA ( as Vox

They want you focused on the wrong things. They want to keep you distracted. Keep you from thinking about the real problems: the inequality, the bigotry, the inhumanity. They want you thinking, ‘My neighbor got a fine watch! How come I ain’t got no fine watch? What I got to do for my boss to give me that fine watch?’ And you’re all so worried about getting that watch, you can’t even tell time.
—  Daisy Fitzroy, Bioshock Infinite

Maybe the Girl thought putting Fitzroy down would end it.  But there’s more where She came from…

Booker DeWitt