the first trans woman to be out when filming began and kick ass all the way to the top 2! She is stunning and talented and I am so proud of her for going out there and be absolutely amazing and being a loud and proud voice for trans queens <3

"They paint the world full of shadows... "
James Flint
"They paint the world full of shadows... "

“They paint the world full of shadows… and then tell their children to stay close to the light.
Their light. Their reasons, their judgments.
Because in the darkness, there be dragons.
But it isn’t true. We can prove that it isn’t true.
In the dark, there is discovery, there is possibility, there is freedom in the dark once someone has illuminated it.”


Meet the woman trying to turn headwraps into a must-have accessory for women

  • When you ask Paola Mathé, who launched the headwrap company Fanm Djanm in 2014, who’d be her dream person to wear one of her headwraps, she pauses.
  • “If we can include someone who isn’t alive, if I had Nina Simone wear my headwrap, I would roll around and lose my voice,” Mathé said in an interview with Mic. “I love women. I love strong women. I love women who have something to say. I love their voices.” Read more. (3/31/17, 12:31PM)



0. THE FOOL | blank slate, beginning, innocence
®* | reckless, negligence, unaware of consequences
1. THE MAGICIAN | willpower, manifestation of desires
® | trickery, illusions, lies, out of touch w/ truth
2. THE HIGH PRIESTESS | intuition, inner voice
® | repressed/unheard inner voice
3. THE EMPRESS | mother figure, nurture, earth/nature
® | smothering, dependence, needing to let go
4. THE EMPEROR | authority, structure, control, father figure
® | tyranny, too much control
5. THE HIEROPHANT | tradition, conformity, morality
® | rebellion, subversiveness, divergence
6. THE LOVERS | union, duality, choice, harmony
® | disharmony, loss of balance
7. THE CHARIOT | self-control & willpower leading to victory
® | loss of control, lack of direction
8. STRENGTH | bravery, inner understanding that radiates power
® | self-doubt, insecurity, weakness
9. THE HERMIT | solitude, contemplation, seeking inner truth
® | loneliness, isolation, disconnect w/ fellow humans
10. WHEEL OF FORTUNE | change, cycles, inevitability
® | bad luck, helplessness, series of bad events
11. JUSTICE | cause & effect, karmic retribution
® | unpunished misbehavior, unfair, turning a blind eye
12. THE HANGED MAN | willing sacrifice, release of control
® | stalling, needless sacrifice, waiting to no avail
13. DEATH | end, cyclical closure, metamorphosis
® | fear of change, stagnation, limbo, holding on
14. TEMPERANCE | moderation, balance, middle path
® | extremes, excess, lack of balance
15. THE DEVIL | materialism, destructive patterns, excess
® | freedom, release, restoring control
16. THE TOWER | sudden disaster, upheaval, collapse
® | delaying inevitable disaster, avoiding suffering that could lead to growth
17. THE STAR | hope, faith, guidance
® | faithlessness, lack of guidance, negative thoughts
18. THE MOON | unconscious, intuition, illusions, dreams
® | confusion, misinterpretation
19. THE SUN | success, clarity, positivity, conscious
® | negativity, depression, sadness, pessimism
20. JUDGEMENT | reckoning, honest evaluation of oneself
® | lack of self-awareness, self-loathing
21. THE WORLD | completion, wholeness, fulfillment
® | incompletion, no closure, nearing end of journey but something is missing

*® = reverse card meaning

Tarot Cheat Sheet #2 - Wands

Satellite (위성)
Satellite (위성)

I’m walking all night long in mysteries
You’re singing all day long in maze
Without song in my heart, it is a lie
Still I am wondering why

I’m feeling all my lights going out
All I can hear is your lullaby
From your guide now I’m here without knowing
Those melodies I sing like I know

Don’t wanna say goodbye
I wanna hear your voices
in dreams
Don’t wanna see your tears
I wanna see your traces
I hear you

Say I will
If our tears haven’t fade away
I may cross now or I won’t
Say I will
If our hands didn’t get to hold
Hourglass stories of me and you, we loved

Satellite love
Through the rain, to the stars
Satellite love
Through the rain, to the stars

Say I will
If our tears haven’t fade away
I may cross now or I won’t
Say I will
If our hands didn’t get to hold
Hourglass stories of me and you someday

Satellite love
Satellite love
Satellite love
Satellite love

Top 5 God(s)

5. Monty Python

Hilarious, glowing, droll. Quality god.

4. Prince of Egypt

Soft spoken, kind, has Val Kilmer’s voice. Quality God.

3. Bruce Almighty

Shifty but kind, has a sense of humor. Played by Morgan fucking Freeman. Quality god.

2. Noah (2014)

Mysterious, creepy, kinda fucked up, likes magic, possibly gay. Quality god.

1. Sistine Chapel

The classic. Best beard, buff bod, sweet pink nightie. Quality god.

How to Find your Purpose

1. Take time to ponder the questions “What really matters in life; what do I want to have achieved when I look back over my life?”

2. Make time for solitude and silence. Filling every minute makes it hard to listen to our intuition, or that inner guiding voice.

3. Seek out people who inspire you – and then learn from them. There are many people who live inspiring lives. We can learn from their experience, and what they have to share.

4. Consciously monitor your progress. It is easy to slip back into unproductive habits. Hence, we need to be committed to sticking to our plan.

5. Accept that struggles and setbacks will be part of your experience. There will be times when you are tempted to give up and stop trying … but choosing to keep going will lead you to your dreams.

Safety tips for strippers

Preface: y'all need to understand that 99% of the men you encounter at work are a) lying about themselves in one way or another b) feel as though the circumstances for your employment somehow okays them to basically disrespect you or c) don’t understand that the services you provide are just active aspects of a fantasy. Recognize this so you can be in a better position to stand your ground and ensure your wellbeing

1)NEVER give a customer your real name,location, the name of your university (regardless of how prestigious it is, if the customer is an alumnus, or if they attend the school. I don’t care. Don’t do it)

2) Don’t give customers your actual number. It’s far too easy to reverse search people via numbers. Get a trap phone or a google voice number

3) Always have your phone on. Better yet, download the Life360 app so your loved ones can keep track of your location

4)Diversify your routes back home and monitors the car behind you

5) Have a male employee escort you to your car and park your car at a well lit parking space

6) Keep an eye on your drinks. I always bring my drinks with me to my stage sets. If you have to go up to leave momentarily, bring your drink along with you.

7) get a can of pepper spray.

8)never stop at any restaurants or business within a mile radius of work coming to or leaving your shift

9)If you’re in an uncomfortable situation with a customer at VIP, feel free to leave even before the times up and tell management about the customer

10)don’t let anyone treat you badly or violate your comfort zone, regardless of whether or not you’re being paid to spend time with them. You’re not working a regular 9-5 so you’re not obligated to follow the “customer is always right” line of reasoning. When it comes to your comfort, never give a customer an inch; he’ll always take a mile

11) if you’re faced with a circumstance in which you have even the smallest bit of apprehension, don’t follow through with it. You’re never going to be at loss doing business as usual or turning someone down


Toooons of text in this one, a drunk Genji and a cute Hanzo! And of course, charming Jesse :3 THE TWO OF THEM TRAPPED IN A ROOM! Sorry.. okay, will calm down now.. Oh, and I bet Jesse would make Gabe blush with such big words! Though, I am quite sure, papa is just as fond of him!

*returning to work*

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 (the end)

~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

Original post | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 (the end)

After playing chapter 2 of Bendy and The Ink Machine, my bro told me something that made me realize what the bigger picture might be. He said something like “the chapters are divided by steps, like if we were doing something specific”

And I as an animator myself, kinda realized what it was.

What if we’re in our way to make an animation?

If we get a deeper mention of Alice in chapter 3 and voice acting mentions or voice related puzzles, I think I’d be right.

Because, to make an animation, first you need the sketches, the concept, the “Moving Pictures” (Chapter 1). Then you get the soundtrack, your “Good ol’ songs” (Chapter 2).

Then you get the voice acting (Chapter 3).

Once you got all 3, you start animating (Chapter 4).

And the final step, is releasing the final product to the world (Chapter 5)

I hope I’m right, cus if so,we’re in for one hell of a ride my boizz


Something I decided with Astell, is she doesn’t talk. She might not ever talk either, at least with her voice >:3 no, a new friend taught her how to speak a bit differently, not that anyone else really knows what she’s doing. As far as the others know, she just has an imaginary friend

Though I haven’t actually decided if I want him to a badster manipulating her, or just someone lonely looking for someone to talk to. No one would really recognize what she’s doing aside from perhaps the skele-bros

three cheers for lazy (not)backgrounds!

and an older design for Frisk and Asriel..mainly frisk, they were the one I’ve been messing around with…I decided the short hair looked nice, still kept the gender neutral look and all that. Asriel and Frisk are about 14-15 here