Hello guy! I am a big fan of Disney’s films. I love every single movie of this pictures. And this is the logo collection of most of Disney films that I can find on the internet. There is one fact that it is very difficult to recreated some logos. So, I know this collection is not fully completed, but that all I can do. I put them in the order of time. It is included Animated feature films, Hybrid films with live action and animation, Live-action films, True-Life Adventures / Disneynature, and some of other documentary films. Hope you guys like it!

P/s: This is Part 1

Bloody Kansas Gothic
  • There’s a light in Signal Oak, shining toward Blue Mound to warn of the Ruffians a-coming.  On clear nights you can see it, even knowing the long uprooted oak is nothing but a historical marker, now.
  • In winter, children play on the Devil’s Backbone, laughter on sleds as they drift down his spine into oblivion.  You don’t even hear them scream as they disappear over the next rise.
  • A tiny family graveyard sandwiched between housing developments and a carwash. But no one will uproot those buried there, lest the curse come true and the city burns to the ground the same as it did during Quantrill’s Raid.
  • Historic downtowns with brick streets.  On silent nights you can hear the distant ring of horses’ hooves.
  • The rotting bones of an abandoned church with mysterious stairs disappearing into darkness. You descend, thinking there’s a basement below.  You don’t even realize this is the gateway to Hell until the light from outside is snuffed out like a candle.  There is no turning back, now.
  • The sound of cicadas ebbs and wanes over windblown waves of golden wheat.   A murmuring army in the darkness, held back only by the walls of your home.
  • In the distance, thunder rumbles as the first grey-green clouds swallow the skies.  The demon twister whispers warnings in small gusts of wind.  The clouds churn and boil like a witch’s cauldron.  
  • Old tombstones of children who died on the Santa Fe trail.  The ghosts of smallpox, measles, diphtheria, wait silently for an opening.
  • Wagon wheel ruts scar the old trail grounds, vanishing into the prairie that swallowed them up and spit them into orchard graves like Bender’s victims.

(There will be more, later.)