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How did you die, Maya?

Maya: There was many factors that lead to my death, with colonisation and all…The straw that broke the camel’s back was the Caste War of Yucatán….It was a war between me and my beloved niece Maite. *takes a deep breath* I lost of course and losing meant the end of me…but I suppose I was meant to die. I was an fool from the start…


To all the people feeling defeated, I’d like to quote Luna Lovegood: “We’re all still here, we’re still fighting.”

This Harry Potter quote has stuck with me more than any others over the years, and it’s my light today. 

Dear Donald Trump

Dear Donald J. Trump
I don’t like you and I never have, but now has come the time when I must forget about that. You are about to control this country for the next 4 years and that scares me. I just have a few requests.

- Please don’t let men think that they can take advantage of me because of my gender or the way I dress.
- Please don’t discredit the value of my race or the issues of people that don’t look like you.
- Please don’t let women think that they are worthless outside of their looks.
- Please don’t let my LGBTQ+ friends suffer and hide for another 4 years.
- Please don’t let fathers and mothers be scared to send their children into a world where guns are given to whomever wants them.
- Please don’t tell me that I’m different from my white friends.
- Please don’t assume that all immigrants are vile and disgusting when this country was built on the strong backs of our immigrant ancestors.
- Please don’t let me fear walking down the street.
- Please don’t push away people who have fought so hard to find refuge in our great nation.
- Please don’t tear us, as americans, away from the rest of the world.
- I beg you, do not let our promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness die.
- Please don’t let me hate being american.
- Please don’t make America great again. Just make it great.

This is real
  • USA: LOL Mexico bye
  • Mexico: ...
  • China: Hey.
  • S. Korea: Hey.
  • Japan: Hey.
  • Peru: Hey.
  • Mexico: What.
  • USA: What.
  • (Canada: What.)

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox just made it clear who’s paying for Trump’s wall

  • This week, Trump walked back on one of his few solid campaign promises and announced he would ask Congress, not Mexico, to pay for his proposed border wall between the United States and Mexico. 
  • Trump later clarified in a tweet that Mexico will still pay for a wall by reimbursing the United States.
  • On Friday, former Mexican President Vicente Fox clapped back at the Trump, saying once again that Mexico will not be financially responsible for the wall. Read more.

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McCree is white and you have no canon proof that he isn't, and no your visual perseption and fantasy head canon doesn't count.

In order, here is McCree, Soldier:76 (who is white), and Sombra (who is Mexican). Tell me whose skin tone McCree’s is most similar to.

That’s right! Sombra’s!

McCree is from New Mexico. He has a cowboy theme. Cowboys were, historically, made mostly of non-white individuals, especially black men, Native Americans, and people of Mexican descent. Mexican cowboys were more common in the southwest, where McCree is from. That part of the United States was Mexico once, anyway. Plus, McCree wears a Mexican garment as a signature accessory: his serape. 

Oh, but his name, one might cry! It’s Scottish!

Well, first of all, I’m sure there are people of Mexican heritage who have moved to Scotland and married into Scottish families and taken on Scottish names, and vice versa, especially considering that Overwatch takes place in the 2070s. Today, even, I mean, really, people have all kinds of surnames from all over the world Similarly, is it really that outlandish to consider McCree might be mixed race? Names are funny. I mentioned it earlier, but I have a friend from high school who is mixed. Her father is half German, have Puerto Rican, and her mother is black. She has a Japanese first name because she was born in Japan. She has a German last name. Names are weird.

Not only that, but we don’t know if McCree is McCree’s real name. “Pleasure working with you, McCree… if that is your real name.” “I don’t know what you heard, but my name’s not Joel. Best remember that.” That’s his pre-game interaction with Sombra. Which is, admittedly, vague, but we just don’t know for sure. It’s a reference to the early baby fandom, referring to Mysterious Unnamed (at the time) Cowboy Guy as Joel for some reason. Other theories include him secretly being the blogger that wrote about a vigilante (McCree) who saved a noodle shop. Still other theories are that he just gave himself the name Jesse McCree. It happens. Maybe he liked the name. Maybe he had a relative with the name and adopted it when he joined Deadlock or Blackwatch. 

And, hey! If you don’t like Mexican American McCree, there’s always actual American McCree! As in, literally Native American! Mixed McCree is great too! There are so many possibilities! I, personally, prefer Native American/Mexican mixed McCree. He’s got a warmer skin tone and sharper cheekbones, which, from my (albeit limited) knowledge, tend to be common to Native American genetics. 

Besides. If McCree isn’t white, does it affect you personally? If he’s Mexican or Native American or both, how does it change the game at all? Does it make you upset that this one character isn’t white? Think about why you’re so against a non-white McCree, and then apologize for being a racist shitstain.
Why The ‘Conservative’ Chinese New Year Parade Was Super Queer This Year
Asian-Americans are calling on us all to be "woke in the year of the rooster."

“We don’t normally get political,” Stephanie Hsu, a volunteer coordinator for Q-Wave, an Asian-American LGBTQ advocacy group, told HuffPost. “And this parade isn’t usually political ― it’s more conservative. We actually got denied participation to the parade when we first applied in 2009. But we couldn’t stay silent this year because of things Trump has said.”

The groups cited the GOP’s harsh anti-LGBTQ platform and Trump’s immigration orders as reasons for the Asian-American community speak out. There are currently more Asian-American undocumented immigrants than undocumented Mexicans living in the United States.

Read the full piece and see more photos here

Happy Independence Day, Mexico!

Except it’s not really Independence Day because September 16th is when the war began, not when it ended. And it’s not really happy either; too much violence, corruption and social issues.

Still, Doe stays positive and hopes we can get it together… someday.

When people wonder why people are reacting to Trump’s win the way we are I tell them:

1. Because my 9 year old niece is scared that our family will be deported 

2. Because my skin color will make me a target more than it did before. 

3. Because I overheard a man expressing his joy by hoping MLK Day will change to “National C**n Day”. 

4. Because I am a woman living in a country where the president elect openly bragged about sexually assaulting women. 

5. Because my friends have been calling and texting wondering about my and my family’s safety. 

It’s not simply the fact that a man that is not qualified to be president won. It is also about a man who brought out the worst in people. It is about a man who has incited violence.

This is only the beginning. 

I’m going to need people from the United States to understand something, that has been discussed countless of times throughout tumblr, so much so that it’s like beating a dead horse. Many people still don’t seem to understand that:

1) Latinos are not a race

2) Not all Latinos are people of color

3) Many Latinos are white. As white as native Europeans and sometimes even whiter than white Americans. This is especially true for people in the media in most Latin American countries. In countries like Mexico the movie industry is dominated by white European descendants, especially those from the elite. This is why Mexican men like:

Alejandro González Iñárritu (who is of Basque descent, with his Mexican wife who is of Spanish and German descent)

Emmanuel Lubezki (who is of Russian Jewish descant)

Alfonso Cuarón (who is of Spanish descent)

Guillermo del Toro (who is a Mexican Criollo)

Are white, despite being Mexican in nationality and ethnicity. They are in no way people of color.

Please take that into consideration when their wins are mentioned as triumphs for poc, because they are not. The reason these men won the awards they have, is greatly due to their whiteness.

With that said, their wins are without a doubt victories for Mexico and the Mexican people, and I’m not trying to take that away from them. My only concern are the people who try to detour conversations about the lack of poc representation in Hollywood by saying things like: well there’s this one Mexican nominated too; ignoring the fact that, that one Mexican happens to be no less whiter than the other white foreigners nominated. 

The reason this is extremely problematic is because it gives the illusion that poc are the champions of these victories, and it literally grants white people a space that is intended for poc. Meaning that, not only do they already dominate the media in their home countries, but now they’re also overshadowing a spot for those non-white Latin Americans who are largely invisible in the media of those countries.

On a side note, I’d also like to remind everyone that: Spain is in Europe and that the indigenous population of Spain is as white and as European as the indigenous populations of Britain, France, or Italy. A lot of you seem to think that Penélope Cruz, Pedro Almodóvar, and Javier Bardem are not only Latinos but also as non-white, which is mind-blowing considering they’re all native Europeans.


Along a barren dirt road, Border Patrol agents spot a mother and son, carrying nothing as they walk along the river’s edge. The sun beats down on them as the patrol car pulls up.

“Where are you from?” Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Marlene Castro asks the mother. “How much did you pay to get here?”

Recent statistics from the Department of Homeland Security show “an unprecedented decline” in the numbers of people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border illegally. It announced a 40 percent drop from January to February, and credited the Trump administration’s tough actions on immigration as the cause.

But in this corner of south Texas, every day still sees migrants trying to make it to the United States.

On Both Sides Of The Mexican Border, Fear Grows For U.S.-Bound Migrants

Photos by Ravenna Koenig and Samantha Balaban/NPR and John Moore/Getty Images

Dear people from the US:

I’ve never celebrated the 4th of July, not even once. It’s your independence day, a big important date, we are neighbor countries, but México didn’t participate in any way in it, it’s not our day to celebrate, we have nothing to do with that. 

So why are you still obsessed with celebrating a minor battle of México? and don’t get me wrong, is not the fact that you would, for some unknown and strange reason, wanna “celebrate” this battle, the problem fellow americans, is how yo do it and the implications of your hypocrisy. 

You dress up in a sombrero, a poncho and a mustache, yes, we do have sombreros and ponchos in México, the thing is, that’s the only way you have to represent mexicans, sombreros, mustaches, ponchos and donkey piñatas, because you see us like that, sombrerudos with mustaches, riding donkeys and wearing ponchos, because you don’t have any respect for our culture, your respect goes so low you don’t mind eating taco bell and calling it mexican, you couldn’t care less about us, about our country, about our traditions, all you care about is getting drunk. 

And you would think, “why do you care? why me eating fake Mexican food and getting unconsciously drunk on fake tequila margaritas and eating “guac and chips” is making any harm to anyone?” I’ll tell you how you harm others, you belittle us to a stereotype, you erase our culture in order to have it your way, to enjoy your “5 de drinko”. 

And tomorrow, 6 de mayo, like any other day you will cure your hangover at your favourite McDonalds and won’t look twice at the mexican immigrant who is gonna serve you your food and you just yelled at, because you don’t care. And you won’t raise your voice to help a woman who is being screamed at in a public place “speak english, we are in America” as you raised your voice to scream for tequila shots yesterday, because you don’t care. And you will keep voting for people that are passing bills to randomly check for the documents of people who looks “suspiciously illegal”, because you don’t care. 

And probably in one or 2 summers you will visit Cancun and get your ego bigger every 5 de mayo, “I’ve been to México, that’s how they do it there” while you drink another margarita, meanwhile millions of mexicans are struggling on your country daily, wether they are legal or illegal, wether they are lawyers or they are lawnmowers, you won’t see them and give them a hand, because you’ve never cared, because the disrespect of our traditions, food, clothes and appearance is just the first step of a bigger ladder, full of struggles, discrimination, hate, aggression, and fear, that mexicans have to go through every single day, and you never cared, and I’m afraid that with your poncho and your donkey piñata, you never will.
Opinion | Margarita Zavala: Will Americans let Trump destroy U.S.-Mexico relations?
Frankly, the United States is fortunate to have Mexico as a neighbor and partner.

Almost two months into the Trump Administration, the United States has a choice. Does it want to continue a strong partnership with Mexico? Or will it throw away years of a successful, peaceful, and mutually beneficial relationship due to the ignorance of its President? Normally this would not even be a question. But these are not normal times. When the American President can undo with a tweet what has taken us decades to build, Mexicans have to wonder whether the United States is a reliable partner and what the future of our relationship will look like.

President Trump insists on framing U.S.-Mexico relations in simplistic and disrespectful terms. In his view, it is a zero-sum game, with Mexicans “taking advantage” of their northern neighbors…Frankly, the United States is fortunate to have Mexico as a neighbor and partner. We are a peaceful, democratic, cooperative country with one of the largest economies in the world. We are eternally bound together by geography, by trade, by family, by culture, and by affinity.

We collaborate with the U.S. on everything from commerce to combating drug trafficking to the environment to counterterrorism. Just a few examples: Mexican engineers in Querétaro design jet engines for General Electric that are then built by workers in Ohio. Mexican officials helped thwart a plot by Iranian agents to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. The largest attendance for an NFL game ever was in Mexico (Cowboys vs. Oilers), home to 23 million NFL fans, myself included. Nearly 2 million U.S. citizens live in Mexico (the largest community of U.S. expats in the world). We work together in every area imaginable, and we are both the richer for it.

The U.S. and Mexican economies are complementary. We do not compete with each other; we make each other more competitive in the global market. Mexico is the second-largest destination for U.S. exports and the single largest destination for exports from California, Arizona, and Texas. We buy more American goods than Japan, Germany, and the U.K. do combined. Fourteen million Mexican tourists came to the United States in 2015 and spent around $10 billion…Our bilateral partnership is not predicated on one side losing and the other side winning: Our economies are so integrated that each is weaker without the other.

Most Americans know that Mexican immigrants are not violent criminals. They know that they are brave and hard-working and make enormous contributions to the U.S. economy…Mexicans know that our differences are not with the American people, but with an American President who began his campaign with racist attacks against Mexican immigrants, whose cruel policies have entire communities living in fear, and who seems intent on making an enemy out of a friend.

I have met U.S. Presidents from both political parties, and I know that the American dream has much in common with the Mexican one. Mexicans believe in the strength of the family, the dignity conferred by hard work, and the worth inherent in every human being. Mexico would much rather be a partner to the United States than an adversary. We would rather tend bridges than build walls. But our alliance must be based on mutual respect. We will not accept a relationship based on threats and insults, contempt for our country, and cruelty toward our citizens. The United States is more prosperous, more secure, and more competitive for having Mexico as its partner. It is up to the United States to decide whether it wants to continue a strong partnership, or whether it will let one bad hombre destroy it.

Washington Post editorial by Margarita Zavala, a former Mexican congresswoman, former First Lady of Mexico, and the leading contender for the 2018 Mexican Presidential election.