Throughout the centuries, the Volturi have established and enforced a number of laws that all vampires are expected to obey on pain of death. There aren’t many of these laws, and they mainly concern the secrecy surrounding the existence of vampires.

  • Hunts must be inconspicuous, with victims unlikely to be missed; their remains must be disposed of and territory must be changed often.
  • Incapable of self-control, and therefore a threat of exposure, immortal children are not to be created. Such creation is the ultimate taboo and punishable by death to both child, the creator, those who defend the child and those who know of its existence.
  • Dealing with Children of the Moon, except for the purpose of extermination, is prohibited.
  • False witness, regardless of intent, is punishable by death.
  • Hunting is forbidden in Volterra, the town of residence of the Volturi; their food is brought from outside, sometimes from quite far away.
  • Attention should not be drawn and vampires should not be noticed in open sunlight.
  • The creator is responsible for his newborn’s behavior and teaching of the laws before they can be released on their own. By letting a newborn hunt conspicuously, the penalty will be death both to the newborn and its creator. Even if the newborn is ignorant of the law, his rash acts are still punishable by death.
  • Vampires’ interaction with humans must not draw wide attention. If a human becomes aware of them, the vampire at fault would be responsible for silencing that human. This mostly leads to two options: either make the human join the immortals or silence that human permanently. As long as attention isn’t drawn widely that prompts the Volturi’s involvement, they may never find out.

Imagine finding out that you’re Benjamin’s mate.

Part One

“So, why would a witch want to help a bunch of vampires?” You turned away from watching Bella work on her shield to see the vampire who was staring at you before now standing next to you.

You gave him a smile. “Alice is a friend, and she called in a favor.”

“Forgive me, I seem to have forgotten my manners.” He grabbed both of your hands and placed his cold lips on your knuckles is a short kiss. “I am Benjamin, of the Egyptian coven.”

Your gave turned into a curious one. “Edward has mentioned you.”

He looked surprised. “Did he now?”

“He told me about your abilities.” You turned your body to face him. “Your control over the elements more specifically.”

He smiled. “Would you like to see?”

When you nodded, he stepped back and created a dragon made of fire, much like the one you yourself had created. Deciding to have some fun, you created another dragon and made it fly alongside his. Together, you put on a show and caused them to dance around. When you both decided to stop and put out the flames, you heard clapping. When you turned, you saw that everyone had been watching.

Emmett step forward a bit and looked to Benjamin. “You told her that she was you mate, then?”

You looked at Benjamin in surprise, and you could faintly hear someone smack Emmett. “What?”

He looked shy and embarrassed. “I didn’t want to say anything, yet, but yes, you are my mate, Y/N.”

You just smiled up at him.


Twilight Meme: [7/10] scenes

“I can’t help thinking, all these people here are putting themselves in danger because I fell in love with a human.

You found your mate, you deserve to be happy.

But at what cost?

Everyone here has something to fight for, I certainly do.”