Dude, Stop is a fun little game in which you play a REAL monster – the type of person who leaves the toilet seat up, removes peoples bookmarks and wears socks with sandals.

Taking the form of short single screen puzzles, in Dude, Stop you must try to be as monstrous as possible, by performing acts of pure evil.  You’re the guy who leaves the salt lid slightly loose, or deliberately uses Internet Explorer.

In short you’re the worst human being on the planet, a true monster who will stop at nothing to ruin peoples lives.  But it feels so good being bad…

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Joe Illidge Goes IN on Trolls, Diversity and Why Indie Comics Need Quality Control

The second guest on my interview series is none other than the impeccably dressed Joseph P. Illidge. ( I have never seen this man in sneakers, seriously). For those of you who don’t know, Joe has worked for Milestone, DC Comics, his own company Verge Entertainment and he also contributes a weekly column called THE MISSION over on CBR.

But today we’re not going to talk about all that.

Joe and I met about 8 years ago at a mutual friend’s art show and I was introduced to him as “The girl that’s into comics I was telling you about.” (Thanks Jason). Joe and I proceeded to talk for the next hour about Wonder Woman and the fantasy dominatrix concept of her character (and costume) as told by the white male dominated comic book industry and why they just can’t seem to make a movie about her.  

Um…but we’re not actually talking about that today either.

This interview was inspired by a series of DMs on twitter we shared about the lack of support for not just characters of color, but the people who create them. We were both lamenting the need for constructive criticism of not just the way mainstream comics deal with PoC (People of Color, and no that term does not just apply to Black folks) but also of the quality of work that comes from many indie creators of color.

I asked a few questions and Joe (in true fashion) went in. So make yourself something to eat, (or drink, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere) and sit back and learn something.

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I respect that you ship eruri, but I really don't see a deep bond between them?? They just seem so cold to each other whereas I feel that levi and eren's bond is strengthening. if it came down to it, levi would most likely save eren than erwin

god u guys are fuckin funny lol

The final board before it was wiped down for The Ice Plague. Every major plot point finally ticked off.