Many of you may have seen my PSA about Gail Glaser and her articles. If not, you can see that here. I’ll explain things again for those who aren’t aware.  Gail Glaser, who writes about Andrew Scott, has long been a problem for Scotties. This all began a few years ago when Glaser started making noise about a biography she had written on Andrew. When Andrew was asked about the biography, he said, “I’ve heard about that and I don’t support it. I absolutely don’t. For a start, it’s too early to be writing a book about me. Plus I find it intrusive. And it will be inaccurate, that’s what it’ll be.”  Despite the fact she claims to admire Andrew, she still to this day continues to push publication, make homophobic comments, harass Scotties, harass anyone who she thinks has information on Andrew, say nasty things about Andrew, steal private pictures of Andrew, and she even harassed Andrew’s friend and colleague, Simon Stephens until he blocked her on Twitter. That’s just a small glimpse of who Gail is and what she has done. Not only does she write about Andrew’s personal life on Examiner, but she uploads personal information to his IMDb, and Wikipedia as well. There’s a new petition that’ll be submitted directly to, Wikipedia, and representatives when the goal of 1,000 signatures is reached in hopes that it will urge them to remove any content added by Mrs. Glaser. This woman claims to be a fan who is just trying to inform others of Mr. Scott’s works. Don’t buy into that, she often writes up on Andrew’s personal life, recently she’s written an article on who she believes Andrew’s partner is. That sounds like someone’s personal life to me. Mind you, that’s just the most recent thing she’s written about Andrew’s personal life, this not the first time.  So Sherlockians and Scotties I urge you to sign the petition, you can do it anonymously if you’d like CLICK HERE TO SIGN .  This is the Tumblr for the petition.

Andrew Scott Appreciation Post

Things I like seeing on Andrew Scott:


Any suit at all

His Paul Mccartney haircut cause it’s super adorbs


Smoking (and bearded dragons)


Teddy bear costumes




Fashion crimes

When he has a bunny nose while talking (also, freckles)

More freckles

Denim jackets

When he ties his regular tie in a bow tie



Neck appreciation

His beautiful smile

His tongue

His nose wrinkle

When he only wears boxers

When he only wears the covers