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The morning was part of Anya’s favorite time. Especially when the sun first came out. “Ahh!” She peered down to see a familiar sight of red hair. “Uncle drake!” She squeaks out as she jumps from the tree branch she had been sitting in. “Did you bring me some pixie dust? Or human chocolate?” She had quite the sweet tooth. Being half fairy and fire nymph, Anya was more energetic then usual magical children. “Are you gonna teach me to use my fire?”

smtree asked:

What if the next family is not Alana's or Wills but..hannibals? I mean, what if the red dragon goes after hannibal's family which he might believe to be Will? Murder husbands and all that?

They’ve been stressing that the Red Dragon goes after perfect families. 

I’m having a hard time imagining how he would go from wanting Hannibal as a mentor figure to wanting to kill Hannibal’s “family” much less seeing Will and Hannibal as a “perfect family” that fits his own pathology.

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This is another one that came to me. I didn’t pursue this– I wasn’t that familiar with the book but I’ve read it since and it’s an extraordinary piece of writing. He’s a very dark, complicated serial killer, what can I say? I’m finding myself immersed in it, and it’s dark.
—  Richard Armitage on Hannibal and his character (x)