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Interesting fact: when I was 5, I tripped on a pillow and hit my face on the corner of a window sill and I currently have a scar from how it cut me just a few millimeters from my actual eyeball. - a clumsy Aries

When I was young I was sleeping and awoke from my mom putting money under my pillow. Now I know who the “tooth fairy” is

This is another one that came to me. I didn’t pursue this– I wasn’t that familiar with the book but I’ve read it since and it’s an extraordinary piece of writing. He’s a very dark, complicated serial killer, what can I say? I’m finding myself immersed in it, and it’s dark.
—  Richard Armitage on Hannibal and his character (x)
Richard Armitage Cast as Francis Dolarhyde for Hannibal Season 3.

What we know so far:

  • He plays Francis Dolarhyde a.k.a The Tooth Fairy from the Thomas Harris novel, Red Dragon.
  • Armitage is slated for six episodes, starting from episode 8 onwards (Hannibal only has 13 episodes a season)
  • Hannibal season 3 is set to air late Spring 2015 (so around April / May?)
  • The 4th season of Hannibal is the “Red Dragon” season. If the show gets renewed, it’s a safe bet that Richard will be returning, and with a bigger role (possibly series regular).
  • They’re currently filming the 2nd half of season 3 in Canada.

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Hey The Rise of the Guardians release date anniversary is coming up.

In 2012 on Nov 21st Dreamworks Animation released Rise of the Guardians to theaters.  This movie inspired me and help re-ignite my creative spark I had been trying to get back for years.   This year the release date anniversary falls on the USA holiday Thanksgiving.  So please like and/or reblog this post if you’re grateful for Dreamworks and Rise of the Guardians

Edited to add: So apparently when I wrote this I had a brain fart and got the date for the US Thanksgiving mixed up.  That’s what I get for writing this half asleep after a 10 hour graveyard shift.  All the same Rise of the Guardians has given me a lot for be thankful for and I want to see who else loves and believes in the Guardians