Classic and Expanded Universe Doctor Who Appreciation Week
Day 1: A Favourite Classic Who Serial: The Time Meddler
I know I’m a week late for this, but… hey, you’re not my mom! I can do it a week late if I want to! Anyway, I’m really glad this says “a favourite” and not just “favourite” because that would have been absolutely impossible to choose. But The Time Meddler is definitely one of my favourites! It features one of my all time favourite Tardis teams (sadly their only surviving serial - boo!), we meet another Time Lord for the first time, there are vikings and, of course, a space helmet for a cow!


Love this scene from the Time Meddler. Vicki thinks the TARDIS may have gone, stranding her and Steven in 1066. We just love the way this is a real danger in the early days. If you got left behind that was it. This nearly happened to Vicki in ‘the Chase’ and here she worries that she may never see the Doctor or the TARDIS ever again. Steven of course is new and doesn’t understand the importance of the ship as a home, how it was her first home since being left alone on Dido. The One era really has this feel to it, of characters drifting and finding a family, trying to belong and find an identity, trying to make something of what they have, and trying to get home or to somewhere they can at least call home. Wanderers in time and space.