So a relative was telling me, “If you focus hard and set you mind to it, you won’t need medicine...”

And I felt like she was referring to the meds I take for ADHD. 

She believes that people can just create their own energy. But the point is that medication is just a temporary crutch that shouldn’t be needed and people have to will themselves to improve their energy–or brain chemistry–with focus.

Seriously, people need medication because they can’t just will themselves to have the right level of brain chemistry. It helps them focus and function. And while it may be the case with some, some people don’t have the aptitude to “not need it someday.”

one thing i underestimated about having a dog is how much licking would be involved.

like, i knew dogs communicated their love this way, but how often? i used to get slightly grossed out by it when i’d meet a new dog & it would happen, & i’d immediately wash my hands after.

now, it’s like, taz has rituals involving it. when i wake up there’s the good morning licks where he wags his tail enough to seemingly be on the brink of falling over. which is close to, but not to be confused with the welcome home from work licks, which also include bringing me a toy to welcome me, & a couple licks of my work jeans, i imagine to gauge how busy my night was. then there is the more reserved yet stealthy lick of whatever foot comes within reach as i step over him in passing while he’s splayed out almost guarding the next room as a toll taker. then the welcome back to the room, i missed you, i thought you’d never return licks, usually on the upper arms & inner wrists. the sneak attack back of the calf ones in the kitchen while i’m cooking seem to give his vote of confidence in my culinary choices. the face ones happen when i’m petting him & tell him i love you so much, & the licks say it right back.

You, a fool: Nickel is a good sweet mom UwU 

Me, an intellectual: Nickel facilitated the atrocities committed by the DJD. While she may have become a Decepticon due to a mix of desperation, and Tarn’s own skewed representation of “The Cause” she still played a voluntary role in the activities of the DJD. None of this is to say she is a bad character. She’s incredibly likable, but to ignore that she’s a violent, foul mouthed, individual and pretend that she is a Pure Cinnamon Roll™ does her a massive disservice. She can be a care taker and a bad person at the same time. These things are not opposed. 

I really want to wrestle but doubt I find any takers.

800-222-3539 (FLEX)

cafecliche  asked:

Victor and Yuuri, "the way you read me like you wrote this book"

University AU

- Yuuri buys a used copy of his Intro Astronomy textbook because he can’t afford to drop $300 if he wants to do supposedly essential things like pay rent. And eat.

-  he discovers pretty quickly why this particular book was priced lower than the rest: scattered along the margins are doodles, notes, and even the occasional quote (Yuuri isn’t sure what the lyrics to TLC’s No Scrubs have to do with Intro Astronomy, but whatever, he just tries to ignore it)

-  somehow, after the fifth haiku about Christmas cookies and the twelfth doodle of a what Yuuri can only assume is either a poodle or a cloud with legs, Yuuri is alarmed to find he might be developing something of a (weird/probably misguided) crush on the mystery note taker

-  “I don’t even know anything about her,” Yuuri laments to Phichit later that night, feeding a sunflower seed to the hamster on his shoulder. “She probably graduated already.”

-  “‘She?’” Phichit asks. “What makes you so sure?”

-  Yuuri flips the book open to a random page, featuring a clumsy rose scrawled in glittery pink pen

-  Phichit shrugs. “Proves nothing.”

-  which turns out to be true because Yuuri spots the same glittery pink pen being used to write a phone number on a receipt by a tall, handsome, silver-haired guy later that week

-  a receipt that he had just handed to said guy for his chai latte and lemon pastry and is now being passed back to Yuuri with said phone number inscribed on the opposite side

- holy shit

Yuuri doesn’t call the number because anxiety is a thing. He does, however, run into the same boy a few weeks later at a frat party.

-  silver-haired guy’s friends are asking him what song he wants to queue for karaoke and Yuuri–because alcohol is the enemy of impulse control–interrupts with, “No Scrubs?”

-  “Barista by day, psychic by night?” The silver-haired guy (or ‘Viktor’ as he introduces himself after a few drinks and a long make-out session in the frat house half bath) asks with a wink.

- “So they were poodles,” Yuuri says between kissing Viktor against the door of his dorm and being eaten out in the shower. He’s currently sprawled naked with Viktor on his twin bed, legs entangled as they eat Oreos and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos to combat encroaching hangovers

- Viktor reaches for the frame Yuuri is staring at on his desk. “That’s–”

- “Makkachin,” Yuuri answers for him. The dog is stupidly cute and reminds him of an oversized version of his old toy poodle. 

- Viktor nearly drops his Oreo. “You really are psychic!”

- Yuuri immediately confesses to being the owner of Viktor’s old Astronomy textbook. it feels creepy to know things about Viktor without his consent, especially if he were to play along with some kind of warped romantic comedy plot and use it to make Viktor fall in love with him

- Viktor smiles. He has bright orange Cheeto between his teeth. “I’m already falling in love with you.”

- (it’s probably too early to say, but Yuuri’s pretty sure he is, too)  

A Quest for Vengeance: “The Dungeon”: A Short Story

Time for another episode of my “A Quest for Vengeance Series”!

In today’s episode @actualborossoldier‘s Marius and @confused-phyrexian‘s Thaclel wake up from their capture at the hands of Snatcher, Taker, and Seeker. Whoever these three are, they’ve been doing this awful work for a long time and plan on doing it for much much longer. Things are looking really bad for our dear friends!

Gather `Round! It’s Story Telling Time!

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There…are legit people who ship Newt and Leta.

Newt and Leta.

Leta who we know NOTHING about except for a pretty face, “a taker” and not fitting in at school.

I legit just saw someone call it “the greatest couple in any movie ever” and I’m sorry, I’m all for shipping but I cannot get behind this.

(Before I get loads of hate - I am pumped to see Leta so we can see Newt’s past, so no I don’t hate her. I just don’t ship her and Newt)

otakugirl-art  asked:

Headcanons for what Bakugou, Todoroki, Tsuyu, Kirishima, and Tooru would do at a theme park! (Like Disneyland.)

Ohhhhh, thank you very much for being the first one requesting! :> I appreciate it very much! Anyway, here would be some things they would do in theme parks.I tried my best.


  • Bakugou is pretty much a risk-taker and an adrenaline junkie. Soooo, any big height ride that he sees (them power tower or large rollercoasters tho…), for sure he will ride that shiz. He will most likely try to do something against the rules on rides too, rocking the ferris wheel seats, taking his seat-belt out, etc etc.
  • Pretty much spends his time at rides or trying to win prizes all to himself, he wants everything that he sees and he will NEVER give up, because yeah, he can act like a sore loser if he doesn’t win anything, “THAT SHIT IS MINES, DO YOU HEAR ME??? YOU BETTER BACK OFF. >8L”
  • Likes to scare and prank people in those haunted rides/houses. Might use his quirk to make some unexpected exploding noises in the dark here and there because he’s Bakugou.
  • Bakugou might steal candies from little kids because he just does what he wants most of the time, he wouldn’t care if they cry about it. [sunglasses.] (I swear Bakugou is the easiest to write.)


  • Todoroki rather not go on rides with the others there, it’s not that because he’s scared or anything. But if they force him to go, then he will. He usually likes doing something simple, he spend his time shopping around.
  • He enjoys sight-seeing and taking pictures in the theme parks, because he likes to cherish these memories with the class/friends and just wants to remember the good times.
  • He likes playing those games and getting prizes just like Bakugou, but he is more calm about it than him. If he loses, then he loses and moves on to another game.
  • You know when people see those dancing show/theatre’s? Todoroki would probably go sit around and watch those by himself or with a few people.


  • Spends his time riding the roller-coasters, A L O T. He finds enjoyment in them and wouldn’t mind even going on the same rides because why not?
  • I think he would spend most of the time with Bakugou. Bakugou likes challenges, so they both would enter those food challenges and see how much they can eat. Or any challenges honestly.
  • He doesn’t care about the ages on rides, If he wanted to, he would go on those kiddie rides and scream his lungs out. Go on bouncy houses and jump without a care and all that. He would look very weird.


  • She would be adventurous in theme parks. She might use her frog tongue or climb to the top of the rides/buildings and she also likes sight-seeing.
  • She likes spending her time at the beaches/swimming areas. She likes splashing waters at the others and  doing surprise attacks on them, such as grabbing their legs underwater and all that.
  • Due to her chill personality, she would enjoy shopping around with the groups. She doesn’t mind hanging around them at all.
  • Tsuyu would feed the fishes or win one of those goldfishes in a bag? Might keep them as a pet while she’s at it,


  • Well, she has a greater advantage of scaring people or her classmates because she’s pretty much invisible. So she will sometimes like to scare everyone if she’s feeling playful, or trip anyone because it’s funny.
  • She is a bubbly and an energetic girl, shopping is always a yes. She would go with her friends around the theme park and buy L O T S of weird souvenirs to keep with her.
Help me feel little

Sometimes, even when I really wanna be little, I struggle to get into that head space. So I made a list of things that help me feel little, as a reference for caregivers.

- Tie my shoes for me

- Tell me I’m too little to do things

-  Put my paci in my mouth

- Use my little plates and silverware for meals and snacks

- Cut up bigger foods for me

- Order for me at restaurants

- Use my sippy cup for drinks

- Pick out my clothes for me

- Hold my hand when we’re out so I don’t get lost

- Bring me my blankie and teddy if I’m sad or sleepy

- Be silly with me in public when I’m feeling self conscious

- Play with me

- Read me story books

- Pick me up

- Tuck me in

- Push me on the swings

- Wait for me at the bottom of the slide

- Anything that can be more childish, get it for me (toothbrush, silverware, plates and bowls, bandaids, etc)

- Help me change out of my big person clothes and into my onesie

Having a little on a budget

As a little I know that it is wonderful to get presents from your caregiver. Unfortunately sometimes it’s hard for them to afford to buy us things! First off, don’t fret. Caregivers, you are still doing amazing, even if you can’t afford gifts all the time. Littles, of course your cg still loves you, they just may not always be able to show it in physical tokens. So I came up with a few ideas of free and cheap rewards/presents!

- give them a massage
- take them to a playground
- color pictures together
- bedtime story
- no bedtime
- paint their nails
- let them do your hair/make up
- take a bike ride
- draw them a bath and help wash them
- visit an shelter and pet the animals
- extra dessert
- go to a dollar store and let them pick out a few items.
- “adopt” a stuffie from a thrift store
- brush their hair
- cook or bake together
- no chores for the day
- go to a free day at the zoo, museum, or aquarium
- go to a free concert for a local band

These are some that I could think of, feel free to add more!
The Same Coin

different sides of a single sign

aries: defender/destroyer- you either defend the weak and helpless or destroy everything in your path to get your way

taurus: tired/tireless- you are either incorrigibly lazy or ridiculously, irrationally, impressively persistent

gemini: talker/listener- you either never shut up or always let others lead the conversation

cancer: giver/taker- you either demand people’s time, energy, and attention until they resent you, or give everything you have while secretly resenting them

leo: elevates self/others- you either make yourself, and only yourself look and feel special, sometimes at the expense of others, or try to bring everyone “up” with you

virgo: nervous wreck/practical genius- you either let fear cloud your thinking, or are so detached and clear-headed that you come up with brilliant ideas

libra: isolation/partnership- you’re either obsessed with finding the perfect partner or determined to never rely on another person for anything

scorpio: honest to a fault/pathological liar- you may abandon tact and flout social norms with brutal honesty, or lie excessively to protect yourself

sagittarius: optimist/cynic- you either wear rose-tinted glasses or think the world is a festering dung heap

capricorn: criticizes/improves- you either bring other people down with harsh words and disapproval or genuinely try to help them by building on their work

aquarius: lone wolf/mindless sheep- you either forge your own path or lose yourself in the crowd and do things just because “it’s the norm”

pisces: heartless/bleeding heart- you’re either the world’s biggest sucker or completely apathetic to others’ pain

Playing Outside

Going outside to play is wonderful. You get some fresh air, some vitamin D, and a nice change of scenery from your home. Here’s a list of fun things to do outside for Littles and (if you have one) your caregivers.

- Go to a playground

- Jump in puddles after it rains

- Have a picnic with your stuffies or toys

- Go crawdad fishing

- Make snow angels

- If you live somewhere mountainy, go for a hike

- If not, take a walk around a lake or somewhere pretty

- Jump into piles of leaves

- Build a snow fort

- Go to an art walk

- Visit a farmers market

- Play hop scotch

- Build a snowman

- Dance in the rain

- Fly a kite

- Chalk

- Blow bubbles

Dead men tell no tales, but yours will be told forever. 22-2

As I stood with tears in my eyes and running down my face, in absolute shock and sadness with the other 75,000 fans in the arena, I can’t help but feel sad yet grateful that I had the honor of witnessing your last match in person.

Even though wrestling “isn’t real” like people love to say, the memories and joy of my hero were real for the past 26 years, and will always be one of the most valuable things I will keep in my heart.