Undertaker Hangs Out With The Cleveland Cavaliers

One of the directors at work asked me to be the note taker for her 1.5 day committee meeting because the person who would normally do it moved to a different department.

Ok okkk. At least they will feed me and it’ll give me an excuse to wear this orange lace dress I bought a few months ago. ✨😊✨

frankthetitan  asked:

Ugh. I don't remember who the author was, but I thought maybe I did and I saw this one shot on my tumblr and it was called 'Marked' or something like that. It was about HARRY being jealous of his band member named Dylan. It also starts out with a gif of a guy kissing a girls neck lol. I can't find it because tumblr refreshed 😩. Do you maybe know who wrote it?

Oh darn, no I haven’t heard of it :\ Any takers??


☾ I-i hate t-t-this *sniff*

✿ Golly! Just shut up! Maybe you will understand that you shouldn’t do some things! 

♥ It’s… ummm… for your best Tia. Sorry… 

You thought that he will kill her? Naaah… she is his care taker after all! Still… she must pay for some things she did. Tia must stay in the “Baby Jail” for 15 minutes. Maybe she will think next time before doing angsty memes. 



A trick of the light casts his long shadow into puppet strings and feathers.  There is something wholly weird about the three-ring idol standing before the audience, and it has nothing to do with the dark obsidian of his hair or the fever-slick smirk about his eyes. Sticky-sweet and ingratiating like woven cotton candy, what lies in him is a tenacious, suckling terror beneath a gossamer web of silver stars. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and…ghouls
Be heartlessly welcome to the greatest showgreatest show on earth!
I am the voice of Wonderland
Your host, your ticket taker and marshal of dreams,
To guide you through snow-bed stories under moonlit gleam,
A way to taste the nocturnal sky, the elusive high,
 Into a dream midwinter, all thy kingdom in cinder,

Follow the madness, down the rabbit hole,
Alice you know once did!

They won:

  1. Choice Music Group: Male
  2. Choice Summer Music Star: Group
  3. Choice Song: Group - “Steal My Girl”
  4. Choice Summer Tour - On The Road Again
  5. Choice Party Song - “No Control”
  6. Choice Love Song - “Night Changes”
  7. Choice Selfie Taker
  8. Choice Male Hottie
some AUs i'll never write but definitely want to read
  • ‘we used to be in a band but you left bc you despise the music industry now we’re world-famous i wrote a song abt missing you i hope you get lonely when you hear it on the radio bc THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE ME FEEL YOU ASSHOLE’ AU
  • ‘we’re new roommates and someone told you i’m at the hospital you panic and then you remember i work at a hospital’ AU
  • 'you are a selfish, parasitic, amoral person who has done unforgivable things why did you give up your life to save mine’ AU
  • ‘you live across the hall and you’re in your underwear every time you open the door it’s so frustrating stOP SMILING OH GOD I CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT YOU IN THE EYES’ AU
  • 'we were childhood best friends who meet again and have to work together we used to be v close and i actually lov– hey why don’t you remember me at all did you get amnesia or something’ AU
  • 'you’re an atheist and im a conservative gay catholic you’ve never been a jerk abt my faith and u even wait for me outside the church every sunday i really appreciate it’ AU
  • ‘we’re both travelers and i hate how you speak the native language so well where are you staying btw do u want to make out’ AU
  • ‘it’s raining hard and i only have my designer coat then you, a savage person in a truck, came along and now i’m soaking wet do you know how much this coat costs’ AU
  • who am i??? what happened?? ??? well mate, i’m just a loyal bar patron and a total stranger whom you kissed and asked if i wanted to see your butt last night’ AU
  • 'i had a terrible day and i’m on the bus stuck in heavy traffic you’re waiting for your ride outside and we have a staring contest then u blink and smile like the big dork that u are i cant believe i smiled back’ AU

Top 10 Arrested Development Characters [As Voted by My Followers]

#7: Lindsay Bluth Fünke

There’s a cream with real diamonds in it…I can actually smear diamonds on my face, and it’s only $400 a tub! That’s like, what? A million diamonds for $400? A million fucking diamonds!

Something I made over the winter break. I like listening to audiobooks and other narrated things so I wanted to draw one of my favorite narrators, Mr. Creepypasta. Also in this are some of the characters from the stories he reads. Was hard deciding who to include, there are so many great ones.