Will You Still Medal in the Morning?

Home to more than 10,000 athletes at the Summer Games and 2,700 at the Winter, the Olympic Village is one of the world’s most exclusive clubs. To join, prospective members need only have spectacular talent and – we long assumed – a chaste devotion to the most intense competition of their lives. But the image of a celibate Games began to flicker in ‘92 when it was reported that the Games’ organizers had ordered in prophylactics like pizza. Then, at the 2000 Sydney Games, 70,000 condoms wasn’t enough, prompting a second order of 20,000 and a new standing order of 100,000 condoms per Olympics. 

Many Olympians, past and present, abide by what Summer Sanders, a swimmer who won two gold medals, a silver and a bronze in Barcelona, calls the second Olympic motto: “What happens in the village stays in the village.” Yet if you ask enough active and retired athletes often enough to spill their secrets, the village gates will fly open. It quickly becomes clear that, summer or winter, the games go on long after the medal ceremony. “There’s a lot of sex going on,” says women’s soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo, a gold medalist in 2008. How much sex? “I’d say it’s 70 percent to 75 percent of Olympians,” offers world-record-holding swimmer Ryan Lochte, who will be in London for his third Games. “Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do." 

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ft. quotes from Hope Solo, Brandi Chastain, and Julie Foudy

Just your average dead body in the waters the Olympic swimmers will be competing in. At least they get to go home afterwards, the people of rio have to suffer in these living conditions :(

How Pokémon GO Helped my Body Image

I have never been an athletic person.  I’ve always been horrible at sports, and had no interest in playing them.  This didn’t really bother me when I was younger, as I had always had many other interests.  The older I got, the more people that I knew who actually were athletic. My sister was a competitive athlete, and is now a power-lifter.  My first boyfriend was a football player.  My best friends included ballerinas, skiers, soccer players and synchronized swimmers. And there I was, with no talents to my name.

Once my eating disorder began to develop, I thought of how much easier it would be to lose weight if I could play sports.  Because this wasn’t really an option for me, I began to go to the gym.  At 13, I lied about my age, got a membership, and started going regularly.  I was finally able to say that I worked out, instead of playing sports, but was still active.  My gym-going turned in to a bit of an obsession, walking hand-in-hand with my anorexia.  At my sickest, I was going to the gym 6-7 days a week, sometimes twice a day.  I didn’t exercise to be healthy; I exercised to lose weight.  And, because of this, I still find that I cannot go to the gym for the right reasons, and it ends up fueling my disordered thoughts.  To prevent another relapse, I have had to quit going to the gym altogether.

Now at 19, and still surrounded by fitness experts and fitstagrams, not being able to be active is a bit of a downer.  Sure, I go on hikes and am not particularly weak, but I’ve missed the endorphin release that you get from physical activities.  This is where Pokémon GO comes in.

Pokémon GO has been everywhere in the news lately, so it would be hard to pretend that you don’t know the game’s premise.  It involves a lot of walking.  Whether you’re walking around to catch more Pokémon, or trying to get your 2, 5, or 10km eggs to hatch, it’s impossible to be any good at the game unless you’re out and moving.

As someone who has grown up being somewhat obsessed with the Pokémon games, even with artwork of the game on my walls, it was the perfect thing for me.  Not only am I able to play a fun game that all of my friends play, but I finally have a reason to exercise that doesn’t trigger my eating disorder.  I am comfortable going on walks that can be longer than 5km every day, and feel healthy doing it.  I am back to being able to do things that help my body become stronger, without the obsessions behind it (other than the obsession of evolving my pocket monsters).  Being able to walk and do something that I enjoy has increased my confidence in myself. My body image has only been getting better, as I’m no longer stuck in the house avoiding all things triggering.  I am focusing on myself, while still being active and social, all because of one game.

Thank you, Pokémon GO, for giving me everything that I’ve needed.  


30 min bike yesterday

20 min swim today. Outdoor pool. Trying to slowly lose my ridiculous racerback tan lines…

The most lovely little 16 year old told me I was a really good swimmer and asked if I could show her some techniques… of course I said yes! 

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SHIP!! Ok so I'm a moderately tall girl with brown hair and blue eyes (literally so generic, blah). I love love LOVE science and history and get super excited about them. I was a swimmer/ runner and love the outdoors. And I always have a snarky clapback and will defend my friends until the end. (ps I love you guys so much)

We love you to! And Chris Beck, I believe.

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- Liv

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Vanna~ *snickers*

Send in a name or URL and I’ll describe what a child between them and my muse would be like. || @shiapolux & @cheeky-fox-navigator

Meet Lenalee. The smallest little shit of a child imaginable. She’s snarky and cheeky like her mother with the crude attitude of her father. She loves to pull pranks on others, and while she’s human like her father she in completely at home while in the water and is an extremely good swimmer. She enjoys diving down in shallow areas while searching for interesting fish and such, and just about anything that catches her eyes. Appearance wise she takes after her mother, but she is very tall like her dad (about 5′9″ ish when fully grown). She likes to wear shorts and big long sleeved shirts because it’s easiest for her to move around in while she’s off exploring the world. 

When it comes down to it though she’s actually a HUGE cry baby who will break down in front of her parents, aunts, or any of the crew members of her mother’s ship if she gets upset. Also she’s a total daddy’s girl and thinks he’s the coolest person alive even though he’s just a giant dork who looks tough. Although one could easily say she’s a momma’s girl because of how much she looks up to Vanna. 

This summer, Carolyn Kormann took on a John Cheever-inspired challenge, attempting to swim through each and every public pool in Manhattan in one day:

“As I marked the locations of Manhattan’s pools on a map, a constellation emerged: the people’s moat, a secret waterway, a liquid realm. Among the honking taxis, flashing lights, and fretful pedestrians, I would swim.”

Photograph by Mario Tama / Getty