• Fukuzawa: Raise your hand if you have been personally victimized by Dazai. 
  • Atsushi: *hesitantly raises hand*
  • Kunikida: *raises hand*
  • Ango: *raises hand*
  • Steinbeck: *raises grape vines*
  • Akugatawa: *uses rashomon to participate*
  • Chuuya: *stands up*
  • Dazai: Well... 

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Well hello hello, welcome back, now when the inbox is open I'd like to as a scenario how Dazai decides to tell his s/o what's under his bandages and because we still don't know it let's just end it with how he starts unwrapping them good luck 💖💖

ahhhh this has been in my head for so long and I finally got around to it. Thanks for being such a support cute nugget and sorry this took so long! Posting it earlier than Friday just for you <3

{ Drabble }{ Dazai x Reader }{ Fluff || Romance }

 “Gangster tattoos from your Port Mafia days?”

               “No silly!”

               “Are you part skeleton? Do you hide it because you think I won’t sleep with a half man half skeleton?”

               When Dazai laughs it ignites a pool of butterflies lurking in your stomach. His chest rumbles and his eyes fall closed like a small child finding pure bliss in the joke of a friend. Lean arms encircle your waist and tug you flush to his chest. Summer heat cascades glowing strips against the shade of the trees leaving a myriad of golden yellow patterns scattered across the grass. The scent of fresh doriyaki and sweet sake undulates with the scent of blooming pastel flowers. Bees hum as their wings carry them to each succulent bustle of pinks and whites and yellows. A warm breeze shifts Dazai’s bangs from his forehead—you’d always wondered how he dealt with his mop of hair on hot days.
             “Would you still love me if I was part skeleton? ”  

               “Will you just tell me? Or show me? As much as I adore your mummy aesthetic I would like to run my nails up and down every inch of skin rather than what’s left between the bandages. It’s unfair!”

               Dazai sighs and presses a gentle kiss to your forehead. Your knees graze the quilt spread out beneath the shade of a towering tree. ‘The perfect place for a romantic lunch’ Dazai had said after he yanked you from the ADA’s offices right before noon. Despite his off-the wall antics at times Dazai had a talent of setting a remarkably intimate and romantic mood even in a park with fifty other people casually walking beneath the shade of the trees.  Smoother than silk your fingertips dance along the collar of his shirt before flitting down the center of his chest. His vest had been shrugged off with his coat due to the heat—and your insistence; who could deny how good he looked in just a button down?

              Stark white bandages contrast the peachy hue of his skin. Their existence pulls a frown that makes Dazai gasp. Quickly his lips pepper yours with playful kisses until a smile is coaxed over your initial pout. His hands roam up your back and down your arms, tapering little patterns of goosebumps over your skin. Knowing his game of distraction all too well your hands cross against your chest, pout returning to Dazai’s dismay. Another sigh escapes his lips as he glances at you with his own irritation forming above his brows.

               “You’re not going to let his go are you?” Dazai asks quietly before slipping his hands off your arms.

               “I don’t like secrets Dazai. You know this.”

               Dazai eye’s scan your face carefully, as if inscribing each minor detail to his memory. The consistent façade of elated happiness fades and replaces itself with a melancholy softness only you’ve been witness to. When Dazai opens himself he is all or nothing, and right now beneath the warm summer breeze and honey-gold sunlight he is irrevocably transparent. For you—only. One hand cups your cheek and the other reaches for his neck. The white cloth loosens and begins to pool around the base of his neck as he unwinds it.

               “Only for you because it makes you happy.” 


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Who do you think in the ADA and Port Mafia can swim?

Armed Detective Agency }

Dazai – great swimmer but tries to drown a lot.

Kunikida – wears ten pounds of sunscreen and only swims proper Olympic regulated strokes

Atsushi - obviously good at swimming he saved and then chucked Dazai’s lazy ass out of the river.

Yosano – doesn’t like swimming much but she’d punch a shark in the face if she needed to.

Ranpo – has to use massive floats and doesn’t want to put the effort into learning how to swim properly.

Junichiro – good at the back stroke, gets tired easily.

Naomi – could swim to Australia.

Kenji – thinks swimming pools are weird ‘why would you swim in a big bath tub?, prefers swimming in the river.

Kyouka – medium level knowledge but stays by the shallow end because she hates the pressure in her ears if she dives too deep.

Fukuzawa – could learn to surf in a day if he wanted but he hates the sand and avoids the beach at all costs.

Port Mafia }

Chuuya – washboard abs could swim a hundred laps then go for a jog afterwards.

Akutagawa—the last time he was in water Atsushi punched him to the bottom of the sea so he’s not too fond of swimming anymore.

Tachihara—learned to swim in his bathtub, not very good with waves.

Hirotsu—could swim but then he’d have to put out his cigarette.

Kouyou—beach babe who doesn’t go deeper than her stomach even if it’s hot AF.

Mori—chases Elise into the ocean then almost drowns when she clings to his head when she’s in too deep.

Kajii—nobody lets lemon man near water because he’ll try and experiment with the amount of salt water he can ingest before he goes nuts.

Gin—how Tachihara found out she was not a dude, she swam by him and he got knocked over by a wave.

Higuchi—lifeguard status and will dive to the bottom of the sea (again) for her senpai.