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For Suicide Prevention Awareness month! I really felt like doing something since this is a sensitive spot for me but even so I’d like to show some support instead of avoiding the subject for my own sake. I’d leave some motivational message as well but I believe I’m not cut out for this, so uhm, if you’re feeling hopeless, seek out help from loved ones! Do not be afraid, there still are good things to live for even if it seems unlikely at the moment. You can do it! òvo

I chose Dazai and Atsushi because of obvious reasons, haha. Even if Dazai’s suicidal behavior ends up as comic relief most of the times, I still feel there’s something going on inside of him that no one is able of understanding, and that’s just as it goes in real life with real people. Atsushi would be the one to take the rope off his neck just as there’s someone out there willing to do so for you. òvo

We all have that one person, or even more than one person; we just have to look closely at the people in our lives. It may be hard to see at first, but it’s definitely there. ♥

Fall Anime 2016

As summer comes to an end, so does the summer anime season. So many great shows have ended (Servamp, Shokugeki no Soma, B-Project, etc.) and many others will end during this coming week (Fukigen na Mononokean, Orange, Cheer Danshi, Tsukiuta). T^T BUT NEVER FEAR…FALL SEASON OF ANIME IS HERE!!! 

Here are the shows that I am planning on watching:

- Haikyuu!!!: Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou 


- Uta no Prince Sama: Maji Love Legend Star 


- Bungou Stray Dogs 2 

OH SHIIIIT…shit is about to go down…BUT MY BODY IS READY. LETS GO!

- Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru

Played the game…loved it!!! Anime adaption for it…HELL YEAH! (*whispers*…and Tomoaki Maeno is playing my bae >///<)

- 3-gatsu no Lion

Premise for this anime seemed really cute, so I decided to give this one a try. Plus, Kana Hanazawa is voicing one of the girls which is not something to complain about ^_^)

- Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me!)

Oh my god!!! I love this series! I still can’t believe they’re adapting this into an anime! If you’re fujoshi trash, or reverse harem trash (OR BOTH) THIS IS THE SERIES FOR YOU!!!

- 12-sai Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki 2

YAY~!!! Time to watch cute little twelve-year-olds being all lovey dovey again and wallow in self pity for not having even kissed a guy at the age of 20…sigh.

- Magic Kyun Renaissance

Another show to add to my repertoire of reverse harem trash.

- Yuri!!! On Ice

As if I wasn’t stuck in sports anime hell enough…

- Udon no Kuni no Kinjiro Kemari

The pv gave me Amaama to Inazuma feels, especially since Yuichi Nakamura plays the lead again lol. 

- All Out!!

Honestly, I wasn’t going to watch this since the character designs kind of freaked me out…BUT then I saw that the 2 script writers for the series did 2 of my favorite sports anime: Kuroko no Basket and Free! No reason to deny myself further from watching gay guys playing sports. 

Fall Leftovers:


After looking at my list I realized that I’m watching 3 sports anime and 4 sequels this season. LOL But that’s all the more reason why I’m super hyped for this fall’s season of anime to start next week! WOOOO!!!


A few art by Mok1e from pixiv.

  • Atsushi:*does something*
  • Akutagawa [on the outside]:Fucking nerd
  • Akutagawa [on the inside]:Talented. Brilliant. Incredible. Amazing. Show-stopping. Spectacular.
how i want bsd 47 to happen

- port mafia & armed detective agency attempts to negotiate, sending their interim bosses
- kunikida’s supposed to go, but since dazai predicts that it’s chuuya they’re gonna send, he goes instead
- dazai and chuuya meet in a secluded area
- they come out of the negotiation bruised, hair ruffled, lips bitten
- everyone’s left wondering just WHAT happened to the two of them
- they go back to their respective camps, and chuuya says that since dazai has dirt on the mafia, he has no choice but to sacrifice mori
- mori dies everyone’s happy
- but in the background, both of them work together to take down the virus ability user
- soukoku reconciles, everyone’s happy

……..yeahhhhhh i can hope /shameless ramblings