I was thinking about what it would be like if Dazai had actually lost sight in and/or the whole eye that was under the bandages, and I suddenly imagined Dazai doing this to Atsushi:

Because someone did that to me when I was little and it was a very strange moment for me, not yet knowing fake eyes were a thing, nor ever having seen anyone who had lost an eye before.

anonymous asked:

Can i have a headcanon about dazai , chuuya and akutagawa being awaken by thier crying 3 months old child at night ? If you ask box is still open of course :3 sorry for my poor english and i love your blog ♡

your english is fine, thank you for the love <3! more daddy! dazai, chuuya, & akutagawa 


• Entirely used to barely getting any sleep even before he had a child, so when his little girl starts wiggling around and whimpering he drags himself out of bed without a problem. Rather than have the little nub in the bed with him he keeps her in a bassinet by the bed so night time wake-ups don’t take much effort other than sitting up.

• Dazai loves talking to his daughter even though she has no idea what he’s saying. He picks her up tight to his chest and talks to her about how he used to stay up till early in the morning drinking beer (and other inappropriate topics) as he pads to the kitchen to make her a bottle. This one sided conversation continues until he’s back in the bed with her cradled in his arms drinking her bottle. The only time he’s quiet his when she’s feeding and he has the chance to just watch her little motions and tiny fingers try to grip at the bottle he’s holding.

• If she’s not hungry Dazai takes her for a little walk around the house, and if it’s warm enough he’ll take her out in the backyard to look at the stars. Traditional methods to soothing children are a bit lost to Dazai, especially with a baby so young, but he’s determined to figure out his child with his own methods. He rocks her slightly and points to the stars (even though she won’t comprehend what they are) and talks to her about all these weird alien conspiracies he’s read about, or talks about wanting to live on the moon until she’s stopped crying.


• Even though he generally comes to bed super late only to wake up early for work Chuuya is always the first to pop up when his daughter cries. Normally she’s snuggled in his bed with him, but it takes a few minutes for him to wake up completely. He groggily pulls her onto his chest and tries so sooth her back to sleep by patting her on the back.

• If she’s awake because she’s hungry Chuuya lets her eat while he walks around the house with her snuggled against his chest. Most of the time he ends up humming or singing to her while walking in circles around the living room or kitchen. He makes up little songs for her until she’s happily falling back asleep in his arms.

• On those nights when his daughter is inconsolable and just won’t go back to sleep Chuuya takes her out for a drive around the city. The engine helps lull her back to sleep, but sometimes he gets a bit paranoid about driving around for too long at night. Normally he drives for half an hour or so, and if she’s still not settling down his last resort is the big, comfy rocking chair he bought when he first found out you were pregnant. He puts on piano music and rocks with her which ends up with both of them falling asleep in the chair together.


• Unfortunately for Akutagawa his son has a habit of waking up right as he’s falling asleep for the first time at night. Considering he doesn’t spend much time with his son during the day because of work Akutagawa ops to take care of him at night (he doesn’t sleep much anyways). He scoops up his soon and runs his fingers over the little tuft of black hair for a few minutes to see if just touch will soothe his son.

• Akutagawa takes his son and his bottle to the living room and props him against the u-shaped pillow so he can comfortably eat with his head raised a bit. Akutagawa settles himself on the couch and holds the bottle for his son and just watches him. He takes in every detail, every little nose scrunch, and every little movement. As much as Akutagawa wants to hold him while he sleeps Akutagawa is afraid he’ll pass out with his baby in his arms and then drop him.

• If his son won’t settle down after feeding and a diaper change Akutagawa walks around the house with Rashomon wrapped tightly around his son. He tucks his little head beneath his chin and goes over reports while he walks back and forth in the living room until he hears the little snores coming from the baby.

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