She was like, “I want to write this song, and what are the things I should really be thinking about?” And I was like, “this is a love story. A love story between a full-fledged psychopath and someone who has nascent psychopathic abilities.” Actually, Hannibal Lecter is not a psychopath; he’s something else entirely. But it’s a love relationship between two men: one of them is a cannibal, and one of them understands those cannibalistic instincts all too well. What she came back with was “Love Crime,” and it was so Bond-ian, and it felt like a big, sweeping song, that, when I heard it, I said, “This has gotta go over the fight in the finale.”
—  Bryan Fuller on collaborating with Siouxsie Sioux (x)

It feels like Autumn came too soon, but only because I was so in love with Summer.

And it was all very sun-dazzled, warm, and wistful. Like dreaming underwater. 

Then the leaves begin to turn gold and the stars wear sweaters so they can stay out a little longer. 
I start to think, this could be love too.

And maybe people are the same way.

—  A scribbler // Summer to Autumn

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can you recommend some really good tronnor fics? oneshots, chaptered (completed or wip) and also your favourite authors?

I have an old list here :)

BUT if you have already read all of those (which I’m assuming a lot of you have), then here is a list of authors (in no particular order) that I like everything they’ve written :)










doing your makeup while luke was watching is one of your favorite things. lets say you guys were being lazy one morning so he offered to straighten your hair while you did your makeup. so while he’s straightening your hair he’d be watching you putting on foundation and concealer. and he’d ask ‘what does that do?’ every time you picked up another product. so eventually luke would get so amused by watching you do makeup that he just gave up doing your hair, so he propped himself up on the extra counter space in the bathroom and watched fondly. 'do u wanna put some on?’ and Luke’s eyes would just widen and he’d have these doe eyes looking at you as if to say 'i dont know if i should’ so you would just give him one of your extra mascaras and tell him to do it with you. in the end you ended up making him take it off bc his eyelashes looked better than yours.

We got on the car and halfway through Kent and Wythe, you had blasted the radio to Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down”, and somehow you caught the look in my eyes when I started telling you to lower it down. “You know, whatever happened that day, you gotta let that go. Let that story end,” you would tell me.

But honey there are things you don’t forget. Like people, and the pieces of yourself you pick up when they leave.

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When I was like five my parents were arguing about where to go for supper and we were in our car and we drove by a place called "The Texan Cook House" and to try to stop the fighting j yelled "LETS GO TO THE COCK HOUSE" (I wasn't very good at reading) and then spent the next ten minutes asking why cock house was so funny

where is the cock house (asking for a friend)