There is a HEINOUS gang rape crime trying it’s damndest to stay covered up, but no more. Anonymous is on the case, bringing this disgusting act of violence to the attention of CNN and the Huffington Post. HOWEVER, these news outlets are still missing/withholding crucial parts of this investigation! I’ve seen tumblr do some amazing things, and this NEEDS to be brought to light! Please take a few seconds to become aware and SPREAD THE WORD. TO AS MANY PEOPLE POSSIBLE. There should be a public outrage over this! I want it on the news, like actual fucking TV, I want feds taking over the investigation from these corrupt assholes, I want people coming up to me and talking about it, I want this to be as big as fucking Kony or Amanda Todd. But most importantly, I want this poor girl, whoever she is, to know that she is loved and so many are on her side fighting for her. She didn’t deserve what these pigs did to her, but she DOES deserve justice, she DOES deserve help and she IS worth every second spent fighting for it.

So please, get the word out for her sake. Don’t think that you can’t help, because you can. It only takes one person to stand up and say “enough.” This girl and her family–and even other kids from the school!–are screaming for help, but no one is listening. They can’t ignore all of us. It only takes one click to add your voice to theirs.

So, come on. Let’s give these monsters what they deserve.