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Colors -  Chibs Imagine

Concept: Chibs imagine based on the song Colors by Halsey

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“So you’ll be okay on your own?” Your boss Gemma asked, her hand on your shoulder.  

“I think so. I mean, I can always call you if I’m stuck right?” You asked nervously. You had only been working at TM Motors for a week now and you were still learning.

“Of course darlin. You have my number. I’ll be back in a couple hours, should be quiet.” Gemma said before grabbing her purse and walking out the office door.

You swallowed hard and looked at the mountain of paperwork on your desk. You didn’t even know where to start. You needed a small break before you started your work so you stood up and walked over to the small window of your office. You leaned against it and watched the men in the garage, fixing the cars and messing around with each other. Your eyes searched for the one who always caught your eye. You saw him leaning against a busted up car, his blue jeans hugging his figure nicely. He ran a hand through his grey hair before lighting up a blunt, plumes of grey smoke falling from his mouth. He was far too old for your eighteen years but you couldn’t help yourself but to drool over the masterpiece of a man. You bit your lip hard as you watched him. Every move he made was like a motion picture. His lips wrapped tightly around the blunt and his throats contracted as he inhaled. You leaned forward more, trying to get a better glimpse. The door opened and shocked you, causing you to stumble and nearly fall. The person grabbed your arm and steadied you. It was Jax Teller, Gemma’s son and resident hottie. You found him gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as the man you knew as Chibs.

“Steady there darlin’.” Jax laughed, t your arm. “Did I scare you?”

“Startled more like it.” You chuckled.

“I’m about to head off for the day but I wanted to see you before I left.” Jax said, looking at you through his eyelashes. “We’re having a huge party here tonight and I think you should come. Lots of beer, lots of weed. You can be my company.” Jax winked.

“Jax I’m underage, you’ll get in trouble if the police come.” You sighed. You hated being eighteen.

Jax shrugged. “I’ve been in trouble for worse things. Make sure you’re here by eight.” Jax kissed your cheek and headed toward the door. “I might just introduce you to Chibs too.” He winked.

You flushed beat red and swatted Jax’s chest before he quickly left the office. Your heartbeat increased as you thought about the party tonight. You were excited and nervous and terrified all at the same time. You sat back down at your desk and started the paperwork. You wanted to get home and start getting ready as soon as possible.

You stood at the gate of TM Motors in the dark cold night. You could hear the jeering of people and the loud rock music blaring from the clubhouse where the guys hung out. You had never been in there but you had always wanted to. You decided to call Jax and get him to escort you inside so you didn’t get lost. You wore a black shirt dress with a deep V neck, platform black ankle boots and a black fedora. You felt incredibly overdressed but you also felt hot. You just wanted to impress. You dialled Jax’s number on your cellphone and he picked up immediately. He promised he was on his way and you hung up. You were lucky to have a friend like Jax. He was the reason you had the job at TM. Your friendship was a mixture of family and flirty and it kept you on your toes. You knew you could count on Jax. Jax met you at the gate and looped his arm through yours.

“You’re looking hot.” He said. “All dressed up for Chibs?”

“Can you please shut the fuck up?” You sighed. “Will you ever let it go?”

“No.” Jax laughed and shook his head. “The fact that you have a grandpa fetish is hilarious.”

“I do not have a grandpa fetish!” You yelled before slapping Jax’s chest.

“I’m going to introduce you to your dream man.” Jax chuckled with mischief.

You began to protest and fight as Jax dragged you towards Chibs. You felt embarrassed and scared and anxious. You weren’t good with new people, especially if you were attracted to them. Chibs was sitting alone on a picnic bench just outside the clubhouse, a blunt in his hands and his head turned to the floor.

“Chibby.” Jax spoke which grasped Chib’s attention.

“Jacky boy.” Chibs said with little enthusiasm in his Scottish accent. You may have melted a little when you realised he had an accent. Chibs was clearly sad and that made you curious. What was haunting the beautiful Scotsman in front of you.

“I realised I haven’t introduced you to our newest member of TM Motors. This is (Y/N), she’s working with mom in the office.” Jax let go of your arm and gestured to you.

Chibs outstretched his hand and you took it. You expected him to shake it but he brought your hand to his lips and pressed a gentle kiss to the surface, his deep eyes never leaving yours. Your insides began to quiver at his touch. “I’m Filip, but you can call me Chibs.”

I’ll also be calling you Daddy, you thought.

“I’m going to grab a beer, (Y/N), Chibs, you want anything?” Jax asked.

You shrugged. You never drank alcohol so you trusted Jax to surprise you. Jax winked at you before walking into the bustling party.

You took a seat next to Chibs on the picnic bench and tried your hardest not to drool at the man next to you.

“I’m sorry I haven’t introduced myself to you earlier.” Chibs said finally, breaking the silence.

“It’s alright. I’ve only been here a week. I’m holed up in the office most of the time anyway.” You explained.

Chibs lit up the blunt and inhaled deeply. You hated the smell of weed but you could put up with it to sit next to Chibs.

“Should’ve introduced myself to a pretty girl like you. Just haven’t noticed anything recently.” Chibs almost growled, blowing out the smoke. “You want a puff lass?”

You shook your head and scrunch up your nose. “Weed isn’t my thing.”

“How old are ye?” Chibs asked.

“Eighteen. I’ll be nineteen soon.” You smiled with pride.

Chibs coughed in shock. He thought you was at least twenty five. If you were older it wouldn’t be so creepy for him to want to fuck you. “Christ.” He shook his head. What was he going to do? “You’re more inexperienced than I thought.”

You were a little shocked at what he said. Was he implying that you were innocent and naive? Filled with courage and offence, you ripped the blunt from his fingers and inhaled deeply. You exhaled the smoke and hated the taste and held back the need to cough. You had to prove a point. Chibs watched you and licked his lips. Not only did he think you were gorgeous, but he loved how easily he could get a rise out of you. You were young and impressionable and easy to play with and in the depressive state that Chibs was in, he needed a girl like that. He could tell you had a huge crush on him and he wanted to use that to his advantage. Chibs shuffled closer to you, your leg touched his and you looked over to him, catching his eye.

“Feisty one aren’t ye?” He chuckled, taking the blunt from your hands and throwing it to the ground.

“I’m not a kid.” You said, almost in a way a child throwing a tantrum would. He was condescending but you kind of liked it.

“Oh love I know.” He chuckled again, his palm finding your exposed leg, stroking the soft skin of your thigh.

The weed and his unexpected touch was making your head swim. Your body reacted immediately to his touch, shuffling closer to him. Your breathing increased as you looked into his lust darkened stare. You shuddered as his hand moved further up your thigh, your hand flew out to grip the knee of his blue jeans. His hand moved from your thigh to your face and he held your jaw tightly.

“You’re an interesting one lass.” Chibs whispered.

You didn’t care if this man ripped you apart and left you for dead. You felt such a deep emotional and physical draw to him. It was as if his body radiated blue, he was sad and mysterious and deep and you were red, all passion and fire and desire. You wanted him to touch you, for the electric spark to pick back up.

“Kiss me Chibs.” You whispered, puckering your pillowy lips in anticipation.

He cocked you a half smile and pressed his lips forcefully onto yours. You gripped the back of his neck while his hands gripped your hips. You darted your tongue through his and he groaned into your mouth as you pulled his hair. He was surprised and incredibly aroused at your eagerness and fearlessness when it came to pleasure. He needed you, and he needed you now.

“Take this back to my place?” He whispered when he pulled away from the kiss.

You shook your head. “Mine.” You stood up and straightened your dress before walking away, making a spectacle of shaking your hips as you walked.

The next morning you woke up with the sunlight streaming through your window. You pried open your eyes to reveal the beautiful Scotsman by your side. You were sore and sweaty and a little sticky but you didn’t care. You were so happy that you could see this masterpiece next to you first thing in the morning. He was a vision. You felt incredibly connected and almost spiritual looking at his sleeping form beneath you. He looked peaceful and rested. You studied his ageing face and the scars that decorated the corners of his face. You knew he had stories to tell and you weren’t sure that you wanted to hear them. You felt him groan and stir awake. His hand moved from your naked torso to his face, rubbing his eyes. He looked at you and smiled a small smile before rubbing your arm.

“Mornin love.” He said in a croaky morning voice. “Thanks for last night.”

You shrugged and rolled back over to your pillow. “Thank you for last night.”

Chibs looked at you as you picked up your phone from your nightstand and scrolled through. He could notice the features on your face that showed your age. Freckles littered your skin, not a winkle or smile line touched your face. Your skin glowed with youth and was still incredibly soft, like baby skin. Chibs couldn’t deny that he liked you but he also couldn’t deny the fact that you were far too young for him. His own daughter was your age and he couldn’t fathom a man of his age touching her. Chibs felt disgusted in himself but you were blissfully unaware. You were still high from last night. You were surprised that Chibs was even attracted to you, let alone slept with you. It was a passionate and heated night that you wanted to happen every night. You fantasised about Chibs taking you on dates and buying you gifts and showing you off around the clubhouse as his girl. Chibs removed himself from your bed and began to get dressed. You sat up and watched him in confusion.

“Where are you going?” You asked, holding the sheets to cover your chest.

“I gotta go.” Chibs said simply, not making eye contact.

“Oh okay. Do you need me to drive you anywhere?” You offered, still very confused at Chib’s sudden change.

“Nah I’ll walk.” He wanted you to desperately stop talking. He felt guilty for treating you like this but it was for the best. He couldn’t get wrapped up in you, even if he wanted to. It felt so wrong.

“Are you going to tell me why you’re acting weird towards me?” You quizzed. You weren’t going to be treated like a hole to fuck. You were a person and he was going to treat you like one.

Chibs exhaled deeply. She was a challenge already. He turned to you and looked into your eyes. They were wild and innocent and angry. Everything you did reminded him of a pissed off toddler. “Last night was a mistake. I shouldn’t have slept with ye.”

That stung deeply. “Well that makes me feel amazing Filip.”

Chibs smacked his lips together. “(Y/N), you’re so fucking young. My daughter is your age. You probably just graduated high school for fuck sakes. I can’t let you get caught up in this shit.”

You swallowed hard. He was right but you didn’t want him to be. “Fine. So what? When I get to work on Monday we’re just going to act as if nothing ever happened? Act like strangers?”

Chibs nodded. “Just don’t go of your way to talk to me.” Chibs felt disgusting but he knew it was for the best. He did like you, but the age factor was killing him.

You chewed your lip in anger. “Fine. You’re a stranger in my home so get the fuck out before I call the cops.”

Chibs was enamoured by your passion and fire but he couldn’t do anything about it. He walked out of your room without another word and you buried your face into your pillow and cried.

Weeks dragged past and all you did was work and sit at home alone. Every time you saw Chibs your heart hurt. You felt incredibly disrespected by him and you felt stupid for thinking that you two could work. He was too old for you but you didn’t let that affect you. You really wanted him and you always get what you wanted. You had to stop Jax from killing Chibs after you told Jax everything that happened. Chibs tried his hardest to not look at you or think about you when you worked but it was hard. He would glance into the window of the office and watch you as you worked hard. He loved watching you. He felt guilty and horrible for fucking you and leaving you and he wanted to fix it but he just couldn’t. His morality spoke louder than his desire and for that he was grateful. It was a late night for you which was uncommon but you had a mountain of paperwork to get through. The sky outside was dark and all you had was the lamp to illuminate your work. You were the last one here and you were a little scared to be on this huge lot alone. You were startled when your office door opened. You clutched your chest and started breathing heavily in shock but you calmed down when you recognised the face as Chibs. Your shock turned into anger as he looked at you with sheepish eyes as he leaned against the door.

“Hey.” He nodded.

You folded your arms across your chest and looked at him coldly. You didn’t have time for this today. “What do you want?”

Chibs smacked his lips together and looked down at the floor. “I’m the last one here and I wanted to make sure ye be okay on your own.”

“I’m fine. I can look after myself. I’m not a kid.” You huffed. “See you tomorrow when you’ll no doubt ignore me again.”

He sighed deeply and walked toward you. He spun your desk chair to face him and he held the seat in place so you couldn’t move away. His face was dangerously close to yours. You could smell the tobacco on his breath. “Can you stop fucking punishing me please? It wasn’t like we were dating for two years, it was a one night stand.” Chibs didn’t care if he sounded heartless, he just wanted you to stop being a bitch to him.

You reached forward and slapped him across the face. You were hurt at his words. Maybe you were too young and naive but you thought that he liked you more than just a one night stand. Chibs blinked in shock.

“That was quite childish (Y/N).” Chibs almost taunted. He shouldn’t be playing with you but he loved your quick reactions and fiery temper.

“You’re a prick.” You hissed. “Get out of my office.” You were aroused at how close he was but you couldn’t let that control you. You had to stay strong and not let him break you down. He was playing you and you knew it but you just wanted him to touch you. You wanted to be in control, you wanted to win this battle.

“I’ve been here a lot longer than you lass. This is my territory, not yours.” He countered, his hand moving from the arm of the chair to your exposed thigh.

You crossed your legs and trapped his hand between your thighs. He looked at you in surprise and you cocked your eyebrow. Chibs smirked as he crawled his fingers up your thigh and into your panties. His fingers delicately moved through your folds.

“Wet already love? I haven’t even done anything yet.” He smirked and chuckled, his lips pressing softly to your cheek.

You scowled at the realisation that your body had betrayed you. You remained stone faced as his fingers continued to work through your core. It was difficult to keep a straight face but you succeeded.

“So you’re going to be like that are you?” Chibs scoffed, removing his fingers and standing up. “See ya lass.” He walked toward the door without a second glance.

You flung yourself out of your desk chair and grabbed him before he could open the door. You gripped his shoulders and slammed him against the wall. You stood on your tiptoes and smashed your lips to his. His hands gripped your hips and he groaned into your mouth as you ground yourself against his bulge. You bit his lip before dropping to your knees, unbuckling his belt and pulling down his jeans to expose his hard cock. You took it in your mouth immediately, working hard and furiously with your tongue and hand. He was quivering above you and you were enjoying every moment of control you had over him. Your tongue caressed every part of his length and your hand twisted furiously.

“I’m going to cum if you’re not careful.” Chibs spluttered out. You could feel his ragged breathing and his hand pulled at your hair desperately. You took him out of your mouth and stood back up, pressing kisses to his neck and biting down, leaving your mark.

“Bend over that desk right now.” Chibs demanded and you did as he told you.

You bent over the desk, pulling up your skirt and reveal your ass. You reached back and pulled your panties down. You felt Chibs’s hands roam your bare ass and hips. He loved the view that you gave him.

“Try and keep a straight face through this lass.” He whispered before slamming into you as hard as he could.

You squealed and gripped the edge of your desk. Your stomach clenched tightly and your eyes squeezed shut. You felt as if an earthquake had rippled its way through your body. Your breathing increased as you shimmied backwards, wanting him to fill you again. He began to thrust in and out of you, his pace rapid and his force powerful. You moaned and squealed with every stroke. Chibs pulled your hair and left fingerprints in your skin. The sex was angry and fiery and passionate. Chibs’s thrusts became sloppy and you knew he was close to releasing. You swirled your hips and moved yourself back and forth to guide him. He gripped your hips tightly as he released into you and you moaned and bit your lip in response. Once you both finished panting and started breathing normally again, you stood up and put on your panties and rolled down your skirt. You threw your hair into a messy bun and gathered all your things.

“Where are you going?” Chibs demanded, sitting down in your desk chair.

“You’re right Chibby. The age difference is just too much for me.” You sneered before walking out of the office, slamming the door behind you.


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