#5 My Neighbor’s A Jerk

Summary: (Office AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your jerk of a neighbor, called hate. With every ounce of passion filled in your veins you both commence that feeling from day one of meeting each other. But what happens once, one of you are at the receiving end of the other’s help? Maybe you will learn how to co-operate?

Word Count: 4399 (have fun)

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader

Genre: RomCom

Warning: peek a boo i see you ;)

Author’s Note: I’M SCREAMING 

P.S let me know what you think ;)

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Morning rolls in and like yesterday, you’re ready sharp at six am outside your apartment building with your sports attire on. Steve told you to meet him outside your house yesterday before you were leaving office for home so that you don’t forget.

To be honest, you were kind of dreading this whole thing, since you knew today Bucky would be join the three you. But you promised yourself not to let his presence bother you.

Unfortunately, as said before, the man frowns too much. As he steps down the porch, greeting Steve and Sam, he immediately stopped in his tracks as your face came in view.

“What is she doing here?” The words fall out of his mouth like pure venom, and that made you pull a brow. Damn, even though he means nothing to you, it stings.

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shy tabi

#militarytabi // Day 111
tabi talking about his ex who is also the girl he wrote Act Like Nothing’s Wrong for

I almost forgot what it felt like to be held by a man who softened himself for me; a man who unveiled his vulnerabilities, invested himself emotionally into me and confidently left himself open - whilst still making me feel physically protected. His grip reminds me of his overall strength but the softness of his hugs reminds me that my heart is forever safe in his hands.

One night after a long rehearsal, Ford ends up crashing at the Haus because they have an early practice the next morning and she doesn’t want to be late. She wakes up to find someone has tucked a big soft quilt around her and there’s a coffee cup waiting for her on the kitchen counter, and the frogs walk with her to practice and when she gets back to the Haus to grab her stuff and head to rehearsal, she finds out Bitty made her a lunch because he knows how hectic her schedule is and someone (probably Lardo) snuck some drama and hockey themed stickers into her bulletjournal so she can mark her practices and rehearsals, and Holster had sent her a link to a pump up playlist he made on spotify and Ransom had printed out a nice colour coded schedule of their rehearsals and games for the month from the handwritten one she and Lardo had finished two days ago

anonymous asked:

ok everyone headcanons evan as being like the blushing uwu "c-connor" stereotype after they first kiss but. have they seen the bootleg. he like inhales zoe's face

YA I AGREE ENTIRELY but as far as the zoe thing is concerned i think u should also keep in mind that zoe and connor r two completely diff people and that the situation was drastically different from how most first kisses go, considering evan was overwhelmed with emotion after waxing poetic to zoe thru connor