I Will Listen

I will listen to my heart
though its song 
may not yet be clear
I will listen
whether this world
loves me or not
I will listen   
I will listen knowing
I shall find love here

Let’s not worry
too much today
do enjoy it all
we’re only here
for a little while
I pray you too
will listen 
and follow your heart
for therein dear friend
you’ll find your smile

Inspired by Joy’s Lovely Poem 

I was tagged by dpdr-belial :D so here’s my selfie ^^ God, I’m so pale xD even after a whole summer of being outta home :o but I kinda like that. IMMA SO GOTH NOW :V I tag sepulcrumfiliorum, music-lover98, the-curve-that-not-everyone-gets, neveranothersunset, myortvaya-devitsa and doctordeathdefying666 ^^