About the Bound Hero Banner...

I think this banner is my favorite so far, and here’s why :

What everyone sees:

What I see:

Minerva is doing her best :’)

Pixel art of Patton’s logo! @thatsthat24

This is my first time attempting art, so any feedback would be appreciated.

I’m going to be doing the other logos as well, so let me know if you want to be tagged in them when they’re done! ^_^

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Kevin said nothing for a minute, as if debating how much he trusted Jeremy with, then only said, “I have a backliner for you. Do you have room on next year’s line-up?”

It wasn’t the answer Jeremy was expecting. Kevin walked Jeremy out of earshot of the Foxes before explaining. Jeremy’s smile was long-gone by the time Kevin finished his pitch. Jeremy gestured expansively—between them, past Kevin at the court, and up over his head at the stands. Neil’s first thought was he was refusing whatever truths Kevin was giving him. Then Kevin gave one of his rare real smiles, and Jeremy gave his shoulder a hard squeeze.

                         jeremy knox x kevin day requested by @z0mbiegansey