aubco27 asked:

Hi Aubrey!!! :D

☀ : something that made you smile today

Something that made me smile was when people gave me candy lol. XD Today was the Fourth of July, and I went to a parade. As the paraders went by, they’d totally ignore me, skip my spot, and go to only the little children to give them candy and stuff; I know that the little kids would probably want it more than me, I used to be those little kids getting candy, and I get that, but T-T who am I kidding I’ll take candy over pamphlets about insurance any day. So, whenever someone actually paid attention to me and gave me candy without my reaching out for it, I’ll admit it made me smile to have someone notice me lol. I think it was more the noticing me than the actual candy that made me smile~

Thanks for asking!!! ^-^ Have a nice day/night!!