pokemon go team leader hcs

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  • demisexual
  • doesn’t understand pop culture references
  • so pretty holy shit…… probably exfoliates their skin………. can u imagine……. them w their hair down before bed………. im so  w e a k
  • light sleeper/falls asleep easily anywhere
  • huge softy for their team but doesn’t look like it because they have a rbf (resting bitch face)
  • “¿sabes que es lo más bonito de mis ojos? el reflejo de los tuyos” “c'est quoi, ton problème”
  • “are you a boy or girl” “i’m mystic’s leader” “but what’s in your pants” “wisdom”
  • grew up pretty sheltered from pokemon, but picked up quickly on how to properly care for them and how to manage a team once they began


  • born in minnesota but grew up in canada
  • sends minnesota memes in the group chat, everyone is sick of him
  • “look at these minnesota memes, ey” “spark… mr basura head… you grew up in canada wys” “um, i’m american, candela :/“
  • he wont let go of minnesota but he defends bagged milk
  • gets blanche to believe that canadians do in fact own reindeers,,,, if hollandaise and kinder eggs can exist so can reindeer pets
  • blanche scoffs at the little french he knows and tries to correct him a lot when he uses it but he waves them off usually
  • the straights flock to him
  • thirdwheels everyone, everywhere
  • calls himself the spark meinster, the big cheese, talks about himself in third person
  • has nicknames for the other two: candelle (he sings adele songs in front of her) and blanch (blanche’s nose scrnches up real bad at this)
  • his family is pro organic so he goes out to eat fast food with his friends to spite them
  • his family are also scientologists pass it on
    • “listen to me cabeza de basurero you’re living in a house of lies” “how can lies be real if our eyes aren’t real”


  • fluent in spanish from both spain and republica dominicana
  • has a slight lisp sounding out a’s, s’s, and ñ’s
  • the gays flock to her
  • everyone loves her… mystic members love her… they’d let her take over any gyms she wanted anytime……..
  • not the mcedgelord that valor wanted but the team leader that valor needed all along
  • only has a nickname for blanche and it’s güero but would no doubt use terms of endearment just for them
  • spark gets nothing because he doesn’t deserve something lasting
  • spark: call me something elegant in spanish, to seal our friendship :”“) / 
    candela: looks into the camera
  • “baboso… PENDEJO……. ;^*” “babie ;0″
  • grew up with pokemon in the family. just, always there. there’s always a pokemon running around the house or helping out with chores or something thanks to her siblings and parents
Hamilsquad x Reader Modern!Au

Words: 1010

Warnings: nothing?

Request: none

A/N: this has kind of a bad ending but I’m just gonna go for it.

You groaned softly as you started to wake up, sitting up looking around to find your clock. You looked to your left to see big, red, numbers flash 2:28 a.m. You groaned even more. Throwing yourself back down onto your bed, you hoped the squeaking sound of it wouldn’t wake up your roommates, not that it has before. 

 Your roommates could be the loudest people in the world, the loudest sleepers, but the heaviest ones also. You could quite possibly shoot a bullet into the wall right now, and they wouldn’t notice. 

 As you tossed and turned, finding an impossible position to sleep in that was comfortable, it seemed to get warmer and warmer in your room. Until it got unbearable. 

You stood up and walked to your closet, only to find long sleeves and winter clothes, as it was winter. You slightly considered turning down the heat, but the boys would probably kill you. You frowned as there were three– maybe four –other possibilities that weren’t the best. All equally as bad. 

 First, you wandered off into Lafayettes room, opening his drawers until you found his beloved tank tops. You pulled out a plain blue one with a black lining. It would do. 

 Next, Alexanders room. You grabbed some socks from his top drawer, finding some money. You stuffed that in your bra for safe-keeping. You organised it the way you found it, hoping he wouldn’t notice. 

 After that, Johns room. And John was probably the messiest person you knew. He had old magazines on the floor and food by his bed, you went to his closet and took one pair off a hanger that held his shorts. Not bothering to waste the time looking in his messy drawers. 

 You walked into your room and changed into everything, but it was still too hot in there to sleep. You resulted to the couch. And, after a while of struggling, and trying every hairdo you knew to keep your hair from sticking to your neck– you wondered into Herclues’ room. You snatched his grey beanie off of his dresser and put it on, stuffing your hair inside of it. You probably could of stolen an entire outfit from only one of the boys, but ‘share the love’ right? 

 On your way out, you got a glimpse of his clock, it read; 3:15 a.m. Great. Again, you got to the couch, and layed down, you pulled the beanie down over your eyes and nose to block out the light go tomorrow sun, or the lights that the boys turned on. Whichever came first. It took a while, but, eventually you fell asleep.

After rummaging through his drawers, Hamilton sighed and walked into the hall, bumping into John, “Did you take them?” They both asked, simultaneously, then giving eachother weird looks.

 "Did I take what?“ John asked. 

 "My socks! Your always taking my stuff, so why not now?" 

 "I didn’t take your socks! If anything I would take…” John trailed off for a bit, before asking, “Did you take my shorts?" 

 "What? No! Why would I?" 

 Lafayette walked out, shirtless, "Have you seen my debardeur (tanktop)? You know, ze bleu one?” Both boys shook their heads, and then an aggravated sigh made its way towards them, belonging to Hercules, “Where’d you put it?" 

The three of them narrowed their eyes in confused, Hercules frowned, "My beanie? Come on, guys! I have to get to work!” A soft mumble interrupted the boys semi-argument, they all snapped their heads towards the living room. They followed the sound to the L-shaped couch, where your head was smushed into the bottom cusion, dressed in all their attire. 

Hamilton smirked, not saying a word. Lafayette giggiled slightly at the sight of you in Hercules’ beanie, now covering your entire face. 

 There were moments of silence, before John stepped forward. In an instant, he jumped onto you, yelling, “RISE AND SHINE, SUNSHINE!” You squinted your eyes, “John, get off of me before I rip your intestines out and use them as a jumping rope." 

 Johns smile was plastered on his face as he wrapped his arms around your stomach, "No, you wouldn’t! You love me too much! You’re even wearing my shorts!" 

 "And my beanie,” Hercules cut in. 

 "And my debardeur,“ Lafayette said. 

 "And my socks,” Hamilton laughed. 

 You let out an inaudible murmur into the couch, before John picked you up. “John! Let me down! I can’t even see where you’re taking me!” He continued walking and then set you down in a kitchen chair, before walking over to the fridge. 

 You took off “your” beanie, seeing the smiles on the boys’ faces, just when Hercules thought you were going to give it to him, you re-adjusted it on your head before letting your hair fall down. “Do you want to tell us why you’re dressed in our clothes?” Hamilton asked, walking into the pantry. 

 "It was too hot,“ you whined. 

 "Why didn’t you turn the heat down?" 

 "I thought you guys would yell at me." 

 Lafayette looked confused, "Why would we yell at you? You only wanted to turn ze heat down…" 

 "Probably because it’s the middle of winter." 

 Hercules patted you on the shoulder, before taking his beanie, "Don’t be afraid to do it, it’s fine. We do have heated blankets." 

 You tried to snatch the beanie back but Hercules walked off, putting his jacket on, "I’m leaving for work! Bye, guys!" 

 "Bye!” You all called as he walked out, you slightly wanted to cover your ears at how loud they were. “What time is it?” You questioned. 

Lafayette looked at the clock above the doorframe, “8:23, why?” Five hours. That’s it. That’s all. Your face dropped and you stood up, “I’m going to bed. And I’m keeping your clothes." 

 Now very angry, you stomped into your room, closing the door behind you. And locking it, so the boys couldn’t interrupt again. "Frickin’ boys gotta wake me up at eight a.m., frickin’, frickin’, frickin’…” You threw yourself into your bed and closed your eyes, yet again, falling asleep.


yay! first imagine! please tell me anything Im doing wrong (specifically typos if you spot one because i suck) but thank you for reading!

INFJ Thoughts

I haven’t been able to go to sleep for the past while because when I wasn’t living with my bf I would always fall asleep listening to a podcast or show, now that we sleep in the same bed I’ve been having to fall asleep on my own, and it’s just been absolute torture xD

I don’t know if anyone can relate, maybe it’s an INFJ thing, maybe it’s an anxiety thing, or both, but literally every night it’s like I’m laying down and thinking about something and then my mind works its way around to the most depressing thoughts in the entire world. Like last night I was playing out this scenario of like what I would say on facebook if my bf died… like okayyyyyyy a little morbid, Kerri! My INTJ bf always says he has trouble falling asleep (I’m sure INTJs will relate) because he hates the idea of losing control of his mind/body, and I used to be such a good sleeper but now I’m staying up way later than him and it’s horrible.

And maybe I’m just an ISFP who has anxiety (still trying to figure out my type), cause literally I hate going to sleep because it’s so incredibly boring, and I feel like I didn’t do enough or have enough entertainment during the day so I’ll put off sleep until the last possible moment. But now I can’t really do that cause my bf is in the same bed. So now I’m just left with this crazy brain and these horrible thoughts. No fun! Hoping I can fix it soon. It’s really unpleasant. I love spending bedtime with my bf but I may have to start going to bed earlier when I’m actually tired, cause he goes to bed late and I think that’s why I’m getting all fucked up. We’ll see, lol. Just really unnerved that literally every night I have these terrible thoughts and feelings. :( no good!

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It was the middle of the night, but Emma had awoken from a nightmare. Neal's arms were already around her, but she turned in their bed to face him and buried her head in the crook of his neck. (ofyellowbugs)

Neal had been sleeping when he felt Emma shift next to him. He’d always been a fairly light sleeper and when he felt her bury her head in the crook of his neck, he opened his eyes and glanced at her. “You alright, babe?” He murmured softly.


Turning the key, I started the ignition and began the drive to where I last saw my boy. Driving through the town of Harris took me to a corner of my mind long since hidden. One of unleashed magical moments, lust and reckless abandon. Mostly though, one of lost love, and fragmented pieces of a dream. I began my ascent up the escarpment gripping the steering wheel with white knuckled sheer determination. Traveling a winding dirt road worn in all the right places, familiar still after twenty-one years. The same way the ragged cover of a photo album becomes committed to memory as much as the faded images within its pages.
He was an infant when I gave him away. This petit parcel of future hope in a hospital issued sleeper, wrapped in a baby blue blanket. A future that was slipping from my hands. He encompassed features of both his father and I. Even at one week, he resembled me. I felt comfort that he shared my chubby little nose and dimpled chin. A small solace, that anywhere he went, there would always be a piece of me within him. As the nurse took him from my arms, I clung instead to the idea that I would never really be leaving him behind. The reality was; I did abandon him. That day I cast aside any chance of love, everyday since growing emptier inside.
It was a six-week affair of intense passion, carrying us like a tornado, leaving destruction in its aftermath. Gabriel was my professor and a married man almost twice my age, while I was a university student working on my degree. He was uninterested in leaving his comfortable life, nor was I in the position to raise a child. Two years after the birth, I tried to connect, but social services denied my request as it was a legal and closed adoption. All I could do was wait and see if he ever made an attempt to find me. Years passed, my life on hold and unable to move forward. My ability to love being consumed by this innate desire to reunite with my child. Walking through bus stations, grocery stores, amusement parks, always seeking out a child that resembled me.
It was a grey, rainy morning when the phone rang one week ago. “May I speak with Anita Regan please”, the voice said. “Speaking” I replied, as I cleared evenings sleep from my throat. I was told that my son, now named Simon, was interested in meeting me in person. My body became warm, my heart raced uncontrollably. “Was this really happening?”, I thought to myself. Life coursed through my veins, and I felt as though my heart was beating for the first time.
I pulled into the parking lot of the escarpment viewing area. From here you could see all of Harris, its University, Hospital, and winding road leading up the mountains edge. The day I left town I visited this place, although today felt different. I felt alive.
Exiting the car, I noticed a young man sitting on the bench. With brown hair and a profile with sturdy masculine edges. Wearing ripped jeans and sweatshirt, much like I would have done at his age. Holding a photo in hand, he rubbed his fingers along its edges. Just then he looked up, turned my way, and began walking over. Glancing at the photo and then back up at me, he said “Are you Anita Regan?” in a strong voice with a slight tremble. “Yes Simon…. I am.” I said as I moved closer, unsure of how he would receive me. His eyes held compassion within their hazel gaze. I longed to run my hand on the line of his chin and feel the dimple that resembled mine so perfectly, but refrained from doing so. “Well then”, he said smiling. “We have a lot of catching up to do, don’t we?” He appeared confident just like his father, holding out his arms to embrace me. We held each other for several minutes as tears ran down my cheeks. We were starting our relationship together much the same way it ended when I let him go. I held a baby boy in my arms years ago, but today a young man holds me in his. In his face there was the same promise and hope for a future, yet this time it was a future we could share together.


František Kobliha - Kosmická Vize (Cosmic Vision), 1945.

I too pass from the Night,
I stay a while away, O Night, but I return to you again, and love you.
Why should I be afraid to trust myself to you?
I am not afraid - I have been well brought forward by you;
I love the rich running day, but I do not desert her in whom I lay so long,
I know not how I came of you, and I know not where I go with you -
but I know I came well, and shall go well.
Walt Whitman - The Sleepers, “Leaves of Grass”, 1900.

Galran Sleeper Agent Keith headcanons:

  • Half Galran Half Altean, the Empire programmed a subroutine for him to find The Blue Lion and they need Altean psychic for that
  • Dropped on Earth looking like a ten years old kid but only the scientists and druids that worked on him know how old he really is
  • Finds out he is a sleeper agent because the colony that helped him after the wormhole incident has a device to check for Galran spy
  • Keith doesn’t believe it until he’s driving away from the angry mob in Red and the lion sorta purr to calm him down, that she still loves him and trusts him despite knowing from the get go
  • It didn’t calm him down
  • For earth months hiding that fact until one day when the voltron squad resupply in a friendly planet, Keith hears the signal specified for sleeper agents to come back to their base and give all the information regarding the planet they’re staying at
  • It wasn’t for him, but it still affects Keith badly as he fights the order
  • Shiro carries him to the castleship, where the signal still reach and he’s in agony for another 5 full minutes
  • After the signal disappears Keith realizes the Galran must be planning an invasion to that planet and insists on turning back
  • They turn back to the planet and lo the Galran are attacking
  • After saving the planet Keith have to explain to the other paladins that… he knows about the sleeper agent because he’s one of them
  • Paladins cuddle pile to calm Keith
  • They hide it from Allura until Keith is ready to tell her and then this happened

We All Breathed The Mountain Air…Man

Thanks again Mudfoot for creating such a painful good time!