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Can u give me strength... I'm anxiety about a thing I have to do today but ik u can bless me

i’m sorry i’m so late but i’m positive you did amazing please in the future remember the only person stopping you is you you can do anything you’re smart talented hardworking and even if u mess up ur probably cute enough to skate by

you are really capable of anything, please don’t let your fears cloud ur reality of what is possible and for you the sky is the limit you have my strength n energy with u i love u

| 1.3.17 | 5:03pm | Trying out a new layout for the week and attempting calligraphy as shown with the crap ton of whiteout marks. 🤔 Winter break is over and I am back to hectic stuff, but the gifts my friends gave me made my day 😊💗 love them! S/o to @nerd-kid for the socks and @imxuto for the stickers!!

look into your eyes

Summary: Five times Yuri Plisetsky’s eyes had left Otabek helpless, even if he didn’t know it at first. (word count: 2303)

1. and the sky’s the limit

He did not have the natural talent, nor did he have a lot of resources. Compared to the others, the ones with so much more, he was nothing. It felt easy to just give up, leave Russia, and forget about his dream of becoming an ice skater and making his country proud.

And honestly, he was about to do exactly that. Not only was he stuck with students 2-3 years younger than he was, he still keeps getting scolded for not being able to do what they could.

All those thoughts were erased from him when he looks up and sees a boy - probably ten or eleven, at most - do the exercise perfectly, lifting his leg and pointing his toes exactly as the instructor had told. But it wasn’t that that had captivated him.

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