“Here’s why I’m happy Sara Lee won. Amanda is a generic, carbon copy of every failed diva there ever was. The WWE Universe has seen a thousand ‘Mandy Roses" and we sure as hell don’t need another one. Sara Lee, like Hunter said, has heart. She connects with the audience, she’s driven and she represents something new. Amanda has nothing new to give; she’d forever be a heel-model that would talk about how good her body looks. Whereas Sara Lee, the sky’s the limit. She could do anything.“

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16. Is it easier for you to write as canon characters or OCs?

(It’s actually way easier for me to write as canons! This blog is my first attempt at really putting effort into my OC’s, normally I don’t really develop a whole lot of them, because my experience in the past is that many original character inserts are either frowned upon or ignored. Plus, I just really like putting my own spin on canon characters! With original characters, you really have to establish them within the universe and make them sound legit before you can work on having them react to stuff around them, and that can always be a bit tricky.

The sky’s the limit with Mario characters, because aside from a few of the deeper plots, they’re blank canvases with very general personalities that you can really play around with! Before I RPed with this blog, I used to primarily RP as Bowser, some of his kids, and a few characters here and there like Peasley, Mario, Major Burrows, etc. Sometimes I miss those days. ;w; )

Bloc + Blur

I received an email the other day. It was from my former tutor at The Manchester College, Alex. He forwarded the email from the creative director of a new creative studio called ‘BLOC + BLUR’. They specialise in film, photography and design for the music industry and were looking for graphic designers to work on paid and unpaid projects, including gig/tour poster artwork, logo design, album artwork, promotional material and more.. Check their website
The director attached the brief that they wanted to use to find the right people to join their team, rather than the typical interview procedure. In that she asked to Produce an A4 poster design, in our own style, using some key Bloc + Blur design elements. Include Bloc + Blur blue and white as the basis for your colour palette. Use our three geometric shapes, which symbolise film (triangle), photography (circle) and design (square). The 'BLOC+BLUR’ text had to remain in capitals and retain the ’+’ sign without any spacing, and can be followed by 'Creative Studio’.
I thought that their blue is quite significant identity element. I was thinking where around I could find that colour. I thought that for anything creative, it is just the sky what is the limit. I found the colour above, while cycling to get some paper stock. I’ve taken a few photographs, played with the shapes and typography and here is the result.
In the end, I won the email, which said that I didn’t win. Well, I’m happy that I could think something else than college stuf for a bit. Quite unfortunate is the fact, that their website doesn’t seem to alive and updated and is still the same, with just a homepage and basic information. They probably chose wrong poster, which didn’t promote them well enough.