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All I’ve ever wanted is for someone to save me.

Body Evolution through the years
She is beautiful no matter what size she is.
And she loves herself and she is happy and healthy.


For the anon who asked for process shots :)
(I didn’t actually take process shots along the way, but luckily I did this on a thousand different layers so I could just go back and hide some of them)

Quick explanation of some of the steps:

  • I created nebulas/clouds with a rough-edged brush, then blended out the edges.
  • Stars were sometimes hand-drawn but mainly done with the droplet airbrush tool (this is one of my favourite tools in Mangastudio <3) Duplicating a layer, gaussian-blurring it, and then setting the layer to ‘add glow’ is a nice way to get a glowing effect.
  • I added textures to the nebulas/clouds mainly by making a new overlay layer and lightly brushing on light blue/pink using a rough chalky brush.
  • I also used overlay layers to increase the contrast and change the colours, using the soft airbrush + light blues to lighten parts of the picture and dark blues/purples to darken parts of the picture.
They told me I couldn’t. That’s why I did.

Wow, I love it, incredible dress …

I WANT IT !!!!!