The signs as dog breeds

Aries: golden retriever
Taurus: collie
Gemini: husky
Cancer: saint bernard
Leo: chihuahua
Virgo: german shepherd
Libra: beagle
Scorpio: pomeranian
Sagittarius: cocker spaniel
Capricorn: sheltie
Aquarius: pembroke welsh corgi
Pisces: poodle


ok, i got my dad to take some photos! i told him just to pick some ones he liked, and according to him, “They came packaged very well, and look and feel great. Very impressive! It was not easy to take pics with the iPad with the cover on it. They look better in person than in the pics. Very professional.” along with these beautiful cards, you can see the super cool back that @saintjpeg did, and the really stunning box design that @skullbird did based off the card backing!

the good news is that all the colors seem to have come out as intended, which is spectacular! once i have a chance to look over all the cards tomorrow just to make sure theyre all right, ill be able to open preorders, assuming there are no issues. im so very excited!!!! thank you everyone for being patient with me through all the delays… i hope these pictures make up for it!

Mercury in Scorpio often have more than adept memories, where they can recognise the familiar traps and obstacles from their previous experiences. This can lead to the appearance of some kind of paranoia, but actually, it may just be the ability to be prepared and on the lookout. They know how to access their lessons like a “what not to do” guide.