The problem is that some of you guys don’t even realize that you’re at fault. You’ll justify Sana being sidelined in her own story because you, as an audience and as fans, continue to sideline her in the show - in a season she’s the main character of - it’s nothing new to you. But Muslim WoC are angry, because we’ve waited for so long to be represented, we’ve waited for so long for our stories to be told and we’ve waited for so long for people to hear us, and when we were finally given that opportunity, our character (and ourselves by extension) were overshadowed by other characters and their story lines. To be frank, it’s quite disgusting. Especially when a clip about Sana struggling to put herself together, struggling with her faith, her friends, her identity, struggling to just exist without crumbling apart - and yet her entire life is basically glossed over. When all you can talk about is Even and Isak holding hands, you’re consciously choosing to ignore a story of equal relevance and importance in favour of your white male characters - their unique struggles don’t strip them of that privilege. This is fiction, it’s a TV show, and this is how we’re treated; white people’s stories still hold more value than our own, even within our own stories. Our struggles are tokenized and God forbid our sadness begins to interfere with the happiness of your favourites. We’re speaking to a greater issue at hand here. Because, we, as a community, as a group of women of faith, are continuously sidelined in our own stories, and you choosing to ignore our narratives, choosing to gloss over our pain, choosing to strip us of our identities and cultures when they don’t fit into your framework, and then justifying yourself and your characters. No. It’s unjustifiable. 


Katie McGrath's commentary/Katie fawning over Supercorp

1:07 (Kara says she is not Gay) 

Kaite: Laughs Sorry! Laughs  

3:30 (Lena walks into Karas apartment and sees Alex) 

Katie: What is she doing in my bed! Come on! Who’s idea was that? It was mine.

3:40 (Lena goes to ask Kara to the gala) 

Katie: I love you

3:59 (The lip bite)

Katie: Oh!

 Guy: You didn’t know you could do that? 

Katie: I.. di.. eff. so talented 

4:27 (Lena and Supergirl “No such thing as a good Luthor”)

 Katie: Do you remember we played it two different ways?

Guy: Yeah

Katie: There was one other way that was …

Guy: It was a bit too sexy 

Katie: There was a love affair

Guy 2: It was a bit too flirty wasn’t it?

Katie: Laughs. It would be an interesting sideline story but apparently not. That was obviously useless.

6:20 (Clark and Kara visiting Lenas office)

Lady: The chemistry between you that’s undeniable.

Katie: Mhm.. that’s just not something that can be written.. just look at this!

this clip is honestly the most misogynistic piece of shit writing I’ve seen in a long ass while. fuck that. and I don’t care if she “redeems” the girl squad. I don’t care if sara turns out to be okay. this entire clip was a fucking joke, built around showing that girls are bitches to one another and like…. look. I get shit from white girls literally all my life. I do. but this is fiction. a place in which girls in general aren’t even depicted as fully fledged human beings. and you can’t get away with letting all of these female characters go to waste, be demonized, ridiculed and used to be the crux of some dumb love triangle just because “hey I already had a season on girl friendships so let’s fucking go” thats just… fucking lazy…. all she did this season was do wrong by the girls in almost every possible way. the only reason why we had sanoora was for this ? and sana has been sidelined in her entire story throughout just to have a big “wow girls are cunts” moment ? fuck that. and it was already there in s3, with emma and sonja. julie keeps introducing girls characters that are only there to be “bitchy” and “problematic” while her beautiful boys are cute and precious even when they use slurs or something… like she knows how y'all are. she knows she’s good with throwing all her female characters to the wolves and I’m so done… I’m so done…