I’m so impressed with the Shedd Aquarium right now. Starting July 1 (and going for… forever), they’re giving free admission to families and individuals with EBT cards, essentially removing one of the biggest barriers to access for a lot of people. Taking a family of four to the Shedd and just getting basic admission costs almost a hundred dollars (and that’s the basic admission with a Chicago resident discount). For many families, that’s an impossible luxury- but now so many more folks are going to be able to visit.
'Iconic' And 'Loveable': Remembering An Elderly Lungfish Named 'Granddad'
Chicago's Shedd Aquarium released an obituary of more than 1,000 words for the recently departed 4-foot-long fish. It had arrived before the 1933 World's Fair, and was seen by some 104 million guests.

This is a very touching story about a wonderful creature. As I was at the Shedd Aquarium within the last 84 years, I probably saw Granddad without realizing it.

My wife and I are both jealous of the couple who got married with Granddad as a witness.

Also, don’t miss the picture of him in his younger days:

Godspeed, Granddad!

This is Granddad, the Shedd Aquarium’s super old Australian lungfish (no seriously, he’s been at the aquarium for more than eighty years and he was probably in his twenties when he got here), and it’s about the most charming picture of a fish I’ve ever seen. Look at that winsome smile!


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Something about the Author. Facts and Pictures about Authors and Illustrators of Books for Young People, Volume 15, by Anne Commire, w/ Agnes Garrett (Associate Editor), Helga McCue and Linda Shedd (Assistant Editors), Adele Sarkissian (Consultant), Gale Research Book Tower, Detroit, MI, 1979