Who will take whose side?

Now that 2CT is officially confirmed, there is going to be a huge clash between the two. Our!Ciel took his supposedly dead brother’s identity while real!Ciel came back from the dead and ready to royally screw his brother. As the lies are about to be exposed, there are inevitably going to be people who will go against him. However, since this story is centered around our!Ciel, I’m positive there will be more people on his side, as real!Ciel’s true nature becomes more apparent and many feel indebted to our!Ciel.

For this reason, it seems like this plot twist is meant to bring his allies closer instead of pushing them away like usual, developing our!Ciel’s character. There are clearly many people who care about him, and it’s time for our!Ciel to see their value in his life. It might even be the key to solve this problem, by showing real!Ciel that his younger twin is still Ciel Phantomhive to them.

Sebastian Michaelis

He is contractually bound to his master, making it impossible to betray him until the contract is fulfilled. He finds our!Ciel too entertaining to leave him (although having another Ciel in his life might be a double pain in the ass xD) and there is also no incentive for him to do so if real!Ciel is a Bizarre Doll. Unless real!Ciel manipulates our!Ciel to make him give up on revenge, Sebastian will stay by our!Ciel’s side.

The servants

They were personally recruited by our!Ciel and he freed them from their suffering. They are happy with their current lives and will therefore continue to serve him. Judging from their reactions from the last chapter, they were cautious against real!Ciel and seemed to view him as dangerous.


Unlike the more recent servants, Tanaka has served the Phantomhives for generations and known the young masters since they were born. He may serve either depending on who he thinks is the rightful heir. However, I doubt he’s happy knowing there is going to be a conflict between the twins, so he might serve as a good mediator between the two.

The Midfords

As they are close relatives to the Phantomhives, they won’t be any less shocked about the twin. While I doubt they will be pleased when they find out our!Ciel has been lying to them, especially their young lady whom real!Ciel was originally betrothed to for the past 3-4 years, I’m not sure how quick they will leave his side. Our!Ciel has been proven to be reliable for most part and treat Lizzy well.

On the other hand, real!Ciel might play the victim card to get on their good side and have his fiancee back. Paula’s words also concerned me as it sounded as if this might have actually been the case right before real!Ciel showed up in front of our!Ciel. This would also explain the Midford parents’ absence despite Lizzy’s disappearance. I hope they won’t trust him so easily at any rate.

Soma Asman Kadar

He is the only witness of the attack at the townhouse and he also clearly saw the person who shot him. If real!Ciel wore an eyepatch to mislead him, he might have thought it was our!Ciel in all his shock and grief. However, Soma is very clever and perceptive, so hopefully he will realize that his enemy is in fact our!Ciel’s enemy. I think he will be a valuable ally to our!Ciel since he wants to avenge Agni and promised himself to be his protector.

Sieglinde Sullivan

Her first knowledge of this ruckus came from Soma, so at first she would go along with his words and later investigate it. According to this post, her knowledge of the contract mark will be vital in telling the twins apart. She also trusts our!Ciel, so I’m sure she will be his ally at any rate.

The Queen

I think she is one of the few people who will oppose our!Ciel. The Queen never trusts her Watchdog much to begin with. According to @midnight-in-town (go check her posts!), she might be behind the Blue Sect to start her own Bizarre Doll experiments and real!Ciel would be the new faithful Watchdog. For this reason, Sieglinde might unfortunately be forced to support her interests despite siding with our!Ciel. I would like to see her outsmart the Queen in that case.

“Hello? Um, yes, I signed up to read about a suspicious fortune teller and illegal blood transfusions, and instead I received a long lost twin and a dead butler and, honestly, I don’t know what to do with them…”

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Is it possible if Aurora Society is still exist after Campania arc? Everyone is talking about UT, Tanaka, and even Victoria who might be the antagonist this time but is it possible if Viscount Druitt was involve in this arc? He's a doctor (tho it's said he didn't do medical and prefer occultism, but there's a chance he change his way) and was there when UT reveals his seceret. He being unconscious might be an act.

Hello! Well, considering how I see comic relief in Kuro in general, I definitely think that there might be more to Druitt than him being an apparently clueless clown, but I’m not so sure about him being involved in this arc because of whom seems to be the likeliest villain for me for now (Brown + the Queen).

It’s still possible that he might be involved, until we learn of the entire truth and see for ourselves, but to be honest I just am not considering him so          much because I don’t see any direct hint of his involvement for now.

Now, about the Aurora society…

I personally believe that, since Stoker was its founder and he died, the Aurora society basically crumbled with the incident on the Campania and I don’t think it still has any activity, besides UT still experimenting for the BD project (but he was just using Stoker and the Aurora society anyway, so it’s not like he really depended no them).


Both Stoker and UT talked about other people who were interested by UT’s BD project during the Campania arc,

  • the Osiris company for Stoker
  • and “those eccentric fellows” by UT

And to this day, while Ciel thought it might have been a dummy company, there is a possibility that this company is actually real and I keep on wondering if the Blue Sect of this arc might not have a link to that possibly real Osiris company.

Sorry to ramble, but things are a little complicated at this point for the following reason: 

…UT triggering the Campania accident was because “these eccentric fellows” were interested by whether or not his Bizarre Dolls would make for “the best military animals”.
However, whether “these eccentric fellows” are the Osiris company or UT meant some other people (and the Osiris company was in fact a dummy company all along so that Stoker wouldn’t question anything), that isn’t impossible to say for now. 

Finally, in ch105 Diedrich said about the Undertaker…

And I explained before that maybe the reason he traveled are linked to “these eccentric fellows” who are looking to acquire “the best military animals”, probably to go at war and even to go at war against Queen Victoria (since she only learnt about the BDs post Weston arc, so UT can’t have meant her in ch60). 


  • I think the Aurora society died with Stoker and, while I think Druitt is more than he acts like, I’m not sure that he’s involved in the current arc
  • I can’t be sure whether or not the Osiris company is real
    • maybe it is and they were indeed involved with the Aurora society
    • maybe it is and they have a link to Bravat’s blue sect
    • maybe it isn’t and as Ciel thought, it was just a dummy company that UT made up so that Stoker wouldn’t question the trip to America
  • Finally, about UT’s eccentric fellows being interested by the BD project:
    • maybe they were from the Osiris company
    • maybe they weren’t and UT was referring to some people (who aren’t Victoria) who are looking to acquire military weapons [x]

Sorry that it seems so complicated. ^^” I hope it helps, even if just a little. 

Have a nice day Anon. :)

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I dont want to claim this, but someone said that in a chapter I cant remember, that Undertaker wasn't giving that potion to our ciel, he was giving it to the real ciel, possibly to keep Sebastian away. I would link to the original poster but you have blocked :( shouldn't be hard to find in the tags though

I’m sure you mean chapter 108 where Undertaker was giving some liquid to one of the Ciels. 

Yeah, I, too, think by now that this was the twin rather than our Ciel. But since I think that UT isn’t supporting that sect I could imagine that he was trying to delay the twin’s ‘awakening’ while working on his own plans.

BTW, you couldn’t send the link because links can’t be send through the messaging system here on Tumblr. I haven’t blocked anyone (yet). ;)

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The stories fans make up based on a few set pics is astounding! I know there was a huge backlash directed at Colin after JMo made her decision & I'd like to think that, personally, they did end things on friendly terms. but I think that the drama that ensued showed them that maybe they should be more prudent about their on-set interactions, all the negativity that was directed at Colin came a certain sect of the CS fandom that should not be giving more ammunition to feed their delusions!

I don’t know who made up those speculations or what section they came from. I guess people will see whatever they want to see and believe whatever they choose, and anything they see (or don’t see) for them will be a “proof” for what they already believe to be a fact.

I don’t know how they parted ways, but I don’t see a reason why there should be any bad blood between them. I do believe that the behavior of certain “fans” can influence the way they behave on set or also in social media, but I have no idea if that is the case here.

Bottom line, any negativity directed at any of them can never be justified or even tolerated, and it’s not one tad better, just because it comes from CSers instead of SQers.

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Heey :) I would like to hear your opinion about the possible connection between UT and othello; friends, accomplices, rivals... Btw thank you for always giving nice and clever explainations!!

Hello and thank you very much for reading and for the nice words, Anon! ^3^

About UT and Othello, well…

…I think that they knew each other and that they worked together (like with Grell in this arc) for the last case that got Othello to come to the human world, almost 50 years ago. 

As a result, it seems pretty obvious that the reason Othello was introduced in the first place was to give us info about UT (how he was like 50 years ago, why he deserted…) which could as a result…

So I see them as just ex-colleagues (since UT deserted) for now. :) I hope it answers your question.

Have a nice day Anon and thanks again for the nice words!

types of leftists on tumblr

  • meme commies
  • black bloc antifa
  • theorists with anxiety
  • queer anarchists
  • liberals with Radical Aesthetic™
  • “that sounds right but i’ve never read anything on this and i don’t intend to start now”
  • debate squad (aka #TheDiscourse)
  • tankies
  • tankie lite - like a tankie but just for one specific nation or leader
  • text-post leftists
  • trans lesbians (just like all of them, they have their own sect of leftist thought and it’s being trans and liking girls)
  • depressed punk antifa
  • satellite leftist (all their mutuals are commies so they just sorta go with it)
  • feds
  • Bravat: You know what this is, Earl Phantomhive? It's a white flag, and you may as well start waving it now!
  • Ciel: The only thing I'll be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother!
  • Lizzy:
  • Edward:
  • Grell:
  • Othello:
  • Sebastian: Good lord.
Recap post for Kuroshitsuji theories about ch129/onwards

I’m pretty sure that I haven’t written that much for Kuroshitsuji in a while and I reblogged a lot of great posts too, so here is an organized list of theories about what’s going on with the current arc in my opinion.

Please keep in mind that I (we) could be wrong and that every theory (mine especially) is only valid until we get more canon content next month. This recap post is mainly for people who have trouble keeping up with the amount of different Kuro theories on my blog ever since last week:

General analysis about ch129:

 About the 2CT:

Theories about Lizzie’s situation and what she might do from now on:

Theories about the Undertaker: is he or not the one who brought back the twin?

Again, these are just theories and I consider mine in particular to always have a one month validity (renewable sometimes haha), so always keep in mind that there is a good possibility some of them might not be accurate. Also please try to check this post before asking about the subjects listed above. :3

I might edit this post and add more links in case it makes it easier to search for subjects you want to read about!

Every time I see white supremacists touting norse gods as their great white hetero pantheon I think of the fact that Freyr, Freya’s brother, probably had a sect of gay men who served as his priestesses and that one line in the Ynglingasaga where the gods are like “Yeah ok Mr. Big Shot Odin, King of the Gods, isn’t it true that practice women’s sorcery and have participated in rituals where you sleep with other men.” and Odin’s like “LMAO I mean yeah but remember I am 10x wiser than all you and can kick all your asses and you, Loki, are at LEAST as bi as I am and that’s not even bringing up the horse thing.” 

And all the gods are like “I mean that’s fair.” 


Aaaaaa thanks so much @taoshay !!!  I don’t think I ever could x-x especially with sweet people like you reminding me of my Mac love! I hope you have a lovely day as well (and Deacon too ;D) ♥

Ciel vs his twin and the true vengeful intent

This is purely theoretical seeing as we’re not even sure that the person who tried to kill Soma is Ciel’s twin but, assuming it is in fact the Twin and that he’s after revenge against his own brother for what happened four years ago, I’m wondering if Yana’s purpose in having the twins confronting each other precisely in this arc isn’t because it’s finally time for our!Ciel to reflect on himself and several choices that he made ever since their parents’ death.

What I mean by that is that if Soma’s shooter is in fact the Twin…

…then you can feel his dead cold anger and vengeful intent through the violence of the attack against both Soma and Agni.
Even if Agni was ultimately killed by the other man, if the Twin is Lord Sirius then Lord Polaris, as his butler and Agni’s killer, is obeying him anyway, so if ch126/127 were all about the Twin’s revenge, then you can just see how angry he is at his brother, which is why Agni was killed so violently.

And that’s precisely where the Twin could be different from our!Ciel, if that’s indeed him.

After all, we don’t know exactly what the Twin’s existence could have been like during these last 4 years and we don’t even know what he currently is (BD-like? still alive?), but what’s certain is that he wasn’t surrounded by what was left of his family all this time, unlike our!Ciel.

And that’s the thing, our!Ciel pretends that he only cares about revenge, that it’s the only reason he is still alive and I don’t doubt that he actually really believes it deep inside, but at the same time, Soma is right when he says…

…that Ciel is aware of the love around him, but that he refuses to accept it.

However, if the shooter of ch126/127 is Ciel’s Twin, then he wasn’t as lucky as Ciel during the last 4 years: from being sacrificed to being… revived/cared after by the blue sect, he didn’t get to be looked after by Lizzie, he didn’t get to meet the same people as his brother who cared about our!Ciel even if he always pushed them away…
So maybe that’s why his vengeful and murderous intent is greater than our!Ciel at this moment.

Because sure, our!Ciel believes he only lives for his revenge and he pushes people away because he’s indeed terrified of being happy, but at least he knows that he has people caring about him, which is not his twin’s case at all.

So if the two brothers indeed face each other in this arc, I’m thinking it might make Ciel realize that Soma is right when he says that Ciel only keeps trying to be alone with his revenge, but he definitely can’t manage to be doing that as well as his brother, since his brother truly has no one at all to divert his mind from revenge.

You could say that it’s as if Ciel’s twin would be revenge personified, because that’s truly all that he really cares about, whereas our!Ciel, despite inwardly believing that he only cares about revenge, might be lying to himself because “the love around him” ended up having an effect on him after all. 

We already had hints before that our!Ciel was more selfless than he thought + that he lied to himself during the previous arc when he said…

…because he endangered his life more than once trying to protect Lizzie (amongst other things).

So facing his twin might be what will trigger more development for Ciel, because it might force him to realize that if he truly was only living for revenge (without a care of anything besides that), then he would be a lot more like how his brother currently acts.

Not to confound, I don’t think Ciel will ever stop wishing for revenge, but reflecting back on all the choices that he made ever since his parents’ death is an important part of his character development, and maybe facing his twin is the only way to trigger that (besides the involvement of Soma and possibly Lizzie in his everyday life).

Finally, if the twin really is all about revenge (as I believe he could be) then…

…Lizzie is probably used (or going to be used) as a way to hurt our!Ciel as well, just like it was supposed to go with Soma and Agni.
Maybe the twin intends on making Ciel experience what it feels like to really be alone, like himself was ever since he was sacrificed on the altar, while Ciel managed to escape and stole his identity.

Obviously though, Lizzie probably doesn’t know about that part (and about Soma and Agni being attacked) and she stays with the twin because she’s confused about his revival (?) and pained at the thought of our!Ciel lying for the last 4 years. However, there is a strong possibility that the twin doesn’t care at all and she’s nothing but a pawn in order to get to our!Ciel and hurt him. 

TL;DR character development and self reflection for our!Ciel is probably a sure thing in case the one who almost shot Soma is indeed his twin and he’s looking for revenge against our!Ciel for everything that happened 4 years ago.