So like, I love all sorts of animals, but I always found myself scared of Owls. I never really knew why, but I think it settled in when I watched The Secret of NIMH, because the Great Owl TERRIFIED me as a kid. Like, even now, watching this scene I get tense at some parts.

He’s not even a villain, never does anything malicious. But dang, this scene was good at building him up to be spooky.


a few commissions for @confetti-curls-n-cork​ for his wonderful story Smell a Rat and boy is it a good one. This is one of the few that you sit down to read and don’t get up until the end (or in this case, the cliffhangers). As can be seen, the story follows those two gentlemen rodents agents on an incredible case mystery, murder, and justice; think Mission Impossible by the way of The Secret of Nihm.

Synopsis:  Floyd Colby and Milo Pitman are two of the best agents that MI6 have at their disposal, but when the death of no less than three different officers in the highest-ranking “Delta” team suddenly hurls them into the big leagues, Floyd and Milo must rely on their wits and each other to survive against a murky world of tiny, rodent espionage.

Now I know 98% of my followers come for my Zootopia stuff, however, this is not, but don’t let that turn you away. If you’re looking for something to read over the summer, which I know many of you are, and take a break from the monotony of WildeHopps romcoms, then I highly recommend adding this story to your reading list.

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i’m an odd one

I am 20 years old, and i know about odd animated films.
journey to watership down, 
Gumby and pokey,
Harold and the purple crayon,
Country mouse and city mouse, 
Secret of NIHM
Plague Dogs
The ANIMATED Hobbit movie

Don Bluth is just one of my favorite animators, anything animated by him and generally i know of it…
And the guy why animated Plague Dogs, cant remember his name though..



The Secret of NIHM

Don Bluth


★★★ out of 5

I did not grow up watching this movie, but I have seen other of Don Bluth’s more infamous works.  Most people find this to be the best Bluth film to date, which is interesting because it was his first.  It’s a pretty good animated film with some really beautiful visuals.  Definitely ahead of it’s time when it was created and it’s the best storyline in a Bluth film for sure.  It’s a bit deeper versus something like Rock-A-Doodle or Pebble and the Penguin (which don’t get me wrong, I loved those films growing up).  Very nicely done film.