hmm I couldn’t figure out some stuff but hey take this anyway! has one other swatch with black nail polish

  • female teen-elder
  • proper morphs, lods, uvs
  • slight seam at ankle

Once I fix the bottom issue I’ll make it a default and probably add more nail polish colors and maybe males too. Just dunno when I’m going to figure out the seam. ;_; It’s caused by the ankle being too high because when I put it at the normal EA height it has a gap and idk why. Idg sims 4 cc.


edit 7/7: fixed categories and gap


Hem + French Seam + Gathers, all for on the skirt of this dress! This fabric is tough to work with, sewing a simple seam causes dozens of pulls to form, which is super frustrating.

But it’s really pretty! So i’m dealing with it! 

We did a pair of nostril piercings for Cassandra a few months ago, and she is healing wonderfully.

She stopped in to have us put a couple of snug fitting anatometal​ rose gold seam rings in her piercings. We love the look of rings in double nostril piercings.

Thanks so much, Cassandra!

Monterey, CA

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suga being surprised at practice by his college gf who lives on the other side of the world who came to watch his last hs volleyball games who he hasn't seen in a year or two? c: (oddly specific haha, also thank you so much you are so sweet!)

Finally got to this one! Sorry for the wait, love!

**Gender specific pronouns uwu**

It would be a blatant lie if Sugawara told himself he wasn’t nervous. He had always been one to try to convince himself that maybe he was stronger than he looked, but everyone, no matter what size they were, or amount of courage they had in their body, was nervous at one point about something. 

The last volleyball games of his high school career, yeah, that’s something to be a bit nervous about.

Everyone had their own methods of coping with stress and anxiety, and to Suga, Asahi’s whole “think of something scarier” idea didn’t seam legit to him, and felt like more of a pain than anything else. With Hinata hurrying off to the bathroom because of his stomach, Tanaka and Nishinoya causing a ruckus in the middle of the hall, and Poor Sawamura trying to calm them all, Sugawara knew that he wouldn’t be at ease of mind until the game had actually started.

Koushi~’ A soft voice called to him in his head, and he stops, leaning his back against the wall and closing his eyes. All at once, the world around him seemed to grow quiet as he focused on his thoughts. The calming sound of her voice, the warm smile and words of reassurance she would give. The mature attitude she gave and the immature ways she had fun with him, everything rushed to him like the wave meeting the shore, and for a moment, he felt his heart rate slow down.

Placing a hand over his chest, his fingers clutch at the fabric of his jersey, the number two wrinkling underneath his grip.

It had been a while since he last saw her, but he didn’t spend a second without her. The day she had told him that she was studying abroad for a while because of her field of education, he could feel his heart crack a bit. He was genuinely happy for her, wanting her to get out and explore the world, be one with the country she was to study at, to remember him, and to come back for him, no matter how selfish his wishes were. 

‘Koushi, it’s only for a couple of years, I promise I’ll come back to be with you again, and who knows? Maybe when I return, we can both study abroad and enjoy each other’s company.’

‘You’re right, ___… I’m so sorry,” he chuckles, shaking his head as he continued to walk her to the gates of the plane she was to board. ‘I must sound like some love sick high school student craving attention huh?’ He was so young, and though he had his new volleyball team to look forward to, what was he going to do without his first love?

‘No.’ Came her straightforward reply. His eyes lit up, and he gazed towards her, his eyes filling with tears. Her image was blurry and the more the tears built up, the further away she seemed to be from him.

“All students boarding flight 256 to Europe please be prepared to leave immediately”

‘You sound like the boy I fell in love with.’

His lips quivered, and the tears soon fell from his eyes. The last words he heard her speak,

‘Wait for me, Koushi.’

And so he did. 

But because of the distance, and because she was already attending school, the need for her grew more urgent, and he almost couldn’t handle the first week without her. Gosh, he felt pathetic, seeing himself so sad without her, though he knew it was going to happen. But picking himself off the ground, he knew that her parting was not a ‘goodbye’.

The years passed and he grew, he became more mature, more responsible. She kept in touch, and he appreciated every moment. The new first years came during his third year of high school, and the friends he made helped fill that small space in his heart that was left alone. He was happy, and even happier that her love for him never failed. 

So when the voice grew louder, calling towards him, he didn’t expect to come face to face with the woman that helped him grow. 

Sugawara-san!” Hinata called out, and the silver haired setter opened his eyes, wiping the small beads of tears from the corners of them and giving a small smile to his team mate, hoping he wasn’t able to see them. “What’s up Hinata? Gotta use the bathroom again?” He chuckles, noticing the excitement and concern on his tiny face. 

No no! There’s a pretty woman calling you! I think she’s here to see you! She looks so cool.


Suga’s eyes widen, and he looks up, turning in the direction where Hinata was pointing.

Sure enough, she was there. Tears streaming down her cheeks, a hand clasped over her mouth, the shock of seeing how much he had grown, evident on her features. He stood there in silence, the once small beads of tears turning into full on droplets, and he sniffs, taking a few slow steps before moving faster, watching as she headed towards him at the same speed, calling out the same name he loved hearing her speak.


Sometimes, dreams really do, come true. And Suga would be more than happy to wait for them.

Somewhere there are mountains trembling at the thought of you-
timing their avalanches to the rise and fall of your chest on the bad days,
hiding in the clouds because being near something so heavenly,
so free,
reminds them of you.

You’re the kind of person that the universe bends at the seams for.

When the rivers run upstream,
we know they must be searching for you.
When the moon goes to sleep,
she dreams of you every time.

I think the sun was always searching for a place to call home until she met you.

So, go.
Shine for your world that worships you.
Show the universe what it means to be whole again.

And don’t forget to shine for you, too.
Show yourself what it means to be whole again.

—  “It’s the universe and it’s yours” By Kelly M

I wake to a crease beneath my hip and leap to my knees

Bleary eyed I smooth my sheets, tugging corners, lifting folds

The troughs and peaks reflect, I think, the patterns of my dreams

Inner lands translated as I walk the seams of beaches

Sculpted by unconscious tumbles, terraformed by wanderings

Topographic wrinkles in my bedsheets map my longings

Where’s a meadow dream for once, a morning without canyon grooves

I long to lie beneath the banyan tree, where if I breathe the leaves will barely move

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Step 1: get close to black tumblr Step 2: get close to kpop black tumblr Step 3: talk sjw and see reactions.

my plan is unraveling at the seams!!!!!

When I met you fall of last year you planted flowers seeds in my heart
I didn’t know it.
But in a few months I could feel them in my chest, and they were in full bloom for you by winter,
But you didn’t know it.
But if you asked me, If I loved you, I’d have a reason why for every petal.
And I’d tell tell you even when there is no more space left for these flowers to blossom,
Even when they pressed hard against my ribcage,
Even when my heart is bursting at the seams,
Even when it hurts to much to bare; to carry your love around in my chest like this
I’d love you still.

And even when you loved me not
I wouldn’t dare pluck a petal from our love.
—  Efflorescence.
Late night headaches keep good men awake. They put shadows in the crevices of the mind, waiting to split it open at its seams. Doubt. Anxiety. Pain. These are the things that are released. And then eyes brighter than day wander in the dark, hoping to find sanity somewhere in the corner of the room. Restless legs roam into a maze of darkness. No direction. No guidance. Just an old friend named Uncertainty. But sleepless nights end at sunrise.
—  NB // Pacing Mindlessly

tell me -
boy with glass in his tongue, boy with forgiveness up his sleeves
boy with honeycomb heart – half wax, caving under heat of me,
half cloying, sickly, sticking, sweet

tell me who you dreamt about Tuesday night in my bed.
i know she didn’t share my name but

good god oh god i am on my knees
praying that she reminds you of me,

not the me who is a broken dam of apologies
or the me who feels so heavy between these sheets
i am praying that in your dreams i am weightless, endearing,
that she is everything i swear i meant to be
i swear i meant to be

you have glass in your fingertips but i -
i am Girlhood, sick and sweet,
there is forgiveness sewn in to my seams.


I know I’ve seen a couple of other people looking for non-feminine women’s underwear, so…These are really fucking nice. They do have a center seam in the back, but unlike some other styles these don’t ride up, they’re really comfortable, and lovely. Also, at least on me, they cover enough leg to keep chub rub from happening.

I found them at Target and they were like $10 a pack.