I did tempo mile repeats this morning, in -4 degrees Celcius, the sky was clear blue and they felt AMAZING. Despite not having done any tempo training for two months or so and running much less recently I ran them 5 sec per km faster than eight weeks ago, at ease. During my cool down I met an old couple; the woman proudly told me about how her husband has been running for 42 years, used to run Marathons, still runs twice a week at 80 years of age now and doesn’t have to swallow a single pill. He was very modest about it but she seemed so proud which was so CUTE! It was also very inspirational and motivational to hear :)
Part of my lunch afterwards was rye bread topped with avocado and roasted chickpeas- soooooo good!!

Psst. I’m running tomorrow morning, and I’m terrified of the new Zombies 5k Training workout. Week 3 is gonna kick my sorry butt.

The Dreaded Workout:
5 min walk
5 min run
1 min run, 1 min walk, 10 knee lefts (repeat five times)
8 min free form run
2 min stretching
8 min free form run

The longest I’ve run solid so far has been maybe 2.5 min? Soooooo yeah. Whose bright idea was it to jump from 30 second runs to 5 min????

Hill repeats and quote of the day:

“Ann sucked air with deep, shuddering gasps. The final push up Hope Pass was agony, but she kept reminding herself that ever since the time Carl cursed her out, no one had beaten her on a big climb… Ann developed into such a relentless mountain goat that hills became her favorite place to drop the hammer and leave the competition behind.” -Born to Run


7 gorgeous miles done!!!!

It felt like spring out there 52° and sunny, so I decided to go for a long run and enjoy this gorgeous day. I did a bunch of squats yesterday so I couldn’t push to hard, but I’m super happy with my pace anyway.

Also I found some hills to run which makes me emensly happy, especially since the trails are a swamp right now so I won’t be on them for a while. Now its time for some yoga then pancakes lol, I hope your all having an amazing day!!!

Thats 31.73 miles for the year!!!!!
Happy running everyone!!!!

Her Admirer

Request: So i saw that requests are open so I was wondering if you could do a Newt one with prompts 18,24,25,26, & 89 And if you could, let the reader be Minho’s little sister and also Gally’s best-friend and Newt being in-love with her Also, maybe if the reader is a runner and all that, same as Minho. Thank youu❣️


  • 18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.” 
  • 24. “Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”
  • 25. “When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”
  • 26. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”
  • 89. “You’re the best part of me.” 

Warnings: none

You jumped on Gally’s back, messing around in the early morning. You had just eaten breakfast with the Gladers, and were supposed to be packing a backpack for today’s run through the Maze. 

“Y/N, get off me!” Gally laughed as you giggled.

You pretended to think.”Nah, I’m good. Maybe you can run for me and I can just be look out.”

Gally rolled his eyes playfully before unhooking his arms from underneath your legs. You landed on your feet, sending him a playful glare. You two continued to tease one another while you returned to packing your bag.

Standing afar was Newt, however. He watched, leaning against a post. “I shouldn’t be in love with you,” he sighed to himself, gazing at you.

“You really need to stop being a creep by staring at my sister.” Minho nudged Newt playfully. “But seriously, shank, go for it. You know I gave you my blessing long ago. Make a move.”

Newt sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know, Min. She makes me nervous.”

“Ah, young love. Gotta hate it.” Minho dramatically sighed.

Newt couldn’t help but grin at his sarcastic remark. But he quickly thought it over, and today would be the day he confessed to you.

“Seriously, Newt, go up to her before we head out in the Maze.”

Newt nodded. Gally had finally left her side, so this was the perfect moment. He began walking over to you, going over what he wanted to say. Though as he got closer and closer to you, he forgot more and more.

“Hey, Newt,” you grinned at him. 

“Uh, hey, Y/N.”

“What’s up?”

Newt paused, but then just spoke his mind. “I love you. And I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.

Your eyes went wide. He spoke so quickly. His accent didn’t help either, but you understood exactly what he said. You dropped your backpack, too.

“What… I… When did you… Again?” You couldn’t formulate words, they were all jumbled. 

“Uh, when I first met you and Minho, I knew I was in love… It sounds stupid, but ti’s true. Though I made myself stop because you were Minho’s younger sister, he would never let some slinthead like myself be with you… But I’ve been holding myself back for so long, that I grew to love you even more without realizing it. You’re the best part of me, Y/N.”

Newt stopped for a moment. He looked at you, but your mouth was hanging open. That made him more nervous. His hands were already sweating, and now they were sweating even more along with his armpits. But he continued.

“I’ve learned that when you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then! And I have admired you for so long, Y/N. You make everything better for me. You make the bad go away.”

Newt was done speaking. You were shocked beyond belief, and didn’t know what to say just yet. But Newt couldn’t handle the silence at all. It was killing him. So he began to walk away.

“I’ll, uh, see you around.” He turned around, but now you stopped him. A smirk rested on your lips.

Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?” You bit your lip.

Newt flipped around, confused.

“Because just maybe… possibly… I love you, too.”

Newt’s face lit up. It illuminated with happiness. He couldn’t believe it. He was so happy that he ran closer to you and picked you up. Once setting you down, he crushed his lips to yours.

“Want to make us official? Boyfriend and girlfriend?”

You bit your lip and nodded. You two kissed again, both happy as ever.

“I’ll see you once I’m back. I’ve got to go. I love you, Newt.”

“Be safe. See you around dinner time. I love you.”

With that, you hugged and kissed one more time before picking up your pack and going into the Maze with your brother. As soon as you were gone, all the Gladers started teasing Newt, which only made him blush.


Thursday things 🏃🏼‍♀️💦🌈

• woke up early and went on a run! It looked clear but after about 5 minutes started POURING lol!

• the first pic is from the very beginning of my run, the second is from the end, and then the next two were during the run! So much wet hehe!

• I was drenched when I got home!

• now I’m sipping on coffee, and watching Criminal Minds, and relaxing for the morning.

• I work today at 3, and I’m so fucking anxious about it. Today I’m supposed to be sitting down and talking with john AND alisha and talking about some stuff. And with how things have felt at work with alisha, I’m pretty sure it’ll go something like “I’m done with you/i don’t want to be your ‘friend’ or be in your life” from her. She’s just been pretty distant and cold for some time now and that’s my fear of the ~talk~

• but regardless, I guess I’ll have an answer on how things will be from now on; if that’s what she says, then I just have to move on. If she says something else, explains something I didn’t know or idk, things are just talked out well, then that’s how things will go. Either way, life will just have to go on.

• second to last day working with john and I’m so sad about it.

I hope today is at least an okay day, it doesn’t have to be great, I just want it to be manageable.


Since Dylan worked on Teen Wolf, you had spent a lot of time hanging around the set. It resulted in you becoming really good friends with Holland.

Holland and her boyfriend, Max, were planning on taking a cute little vacation and go to the beach.

You had said you thought it sounded like fun. You also mentioned that you and Dylan hadn’t done anything like that but you really wanted to.

At that, she invited you and Dylan to join them.

You talked it over with Dylan. At first, you were both hesitant. You were both worried about the privacy of the beach and fearful of intruding on the couple’s getaway. Eventually, you discussed all the details with Holland and you both agreed to join them.

The ride started off awkward-at least for you. 

Dylan and Holland obviously knew Max, but it was your first time meeting him. Everyone else was joking around, reminiscing about their times together when Max’s character was still on the show. 

Dylan, sensing your discomfort, put his hand over yours, gently rubbing his thumb against your skin. With ease, he changes the conversation to a topic that would work well for everyone in the car. 

You finally arrive at the beach. As promised, it’s a pretty deserted beach. You can see a few people milling around, but they’re all stretched along the coast that they won’t bother your group.

You pick a spot, lay down your blankets and set up umbrellas.

Dylan, Max, and you decide to jump in the water. Holland hangs back and starts tanning. You’re only in the water for a little before you get out and join Holland while the guys throw around a ball.

Eventually the guys take a break and lay down.

Holland and Max surprisingly quickly take to some PDA. They start with some friendly kisses, but it doesn’t take long for it to escalate to a full-on make out session with Max and Holland pawing for each other in more ways than one.

You and Dylan easily becoming uncomfortable with their level of affection. Using only a glance at one another, you both choose to escape into the water. 

Once you’re deep enough in the water that only your heads are visible, Dylan grabs your arm, pulling you in close.

You wrap your legs around Dylan’s waist. His lower body becomes your base. His veiny arms and hands hold you tightly against him so you don’t float away. You use your arms be what keeps the two of you balanced against the water’s flow.

You sneak a quick peck, but that’s as far as it goes for the two of you.

You guys weren’t big on PDA. You loved each other wholly, but you wanted to keep your intimate moments private. 

It’s not like you two were disgusted by PDA, you just knew it wasn’t for you. Plus, with Dylan’s career, his desire for privacy was amplified.

So, as far away as you were from Max and Holland, you commented, “I can’t believe they did that.”

He chuckles, “They really went for it.”

“Honestly! They didn’t even wait for us to move!”

Holland and Max eventually stop sucking face and the four of you head to the hotel. They decide to go out and eat, leaving you and Dylan behind.

“I’m really glad we went on this trip,” you say to Dylan, flopping on the bed. “I hope you’re having fun too.”

“Yeah, of course. I’m really glad we left too. I think today’s been great.”

“Good, I’m glad. Hey, wanna order some pizza?”

“Yes, that sounds like a brilliant idea.”

There’s a slight pause, both of you just looking at each other, both wanting to say something but holding it back.

“Are you upset we don’t do things more publicly?” Dylan asks.

You hesitate before replying, “At first I thought it was because of me. But then I realized there was a lot more going on.”

“Babe, I’m sorry. I didn’t know-”

“You’re asking because of Holland and Max?” you question.

“Well…sort of…”

“Dyl, I am very happy with our relationship. I love you so much. I don’t need to be shoving my tongue down your throat in front of a bunch of people. Trust me.”

Gratefully, he says, “I love you so much Y/N. I think you’re the most beautiful person. Not just in appearance. Your mind too. The way you care about things, the way you smile, the way you process things. You’re smart and funny and I would do anything for you.”

You smile, tilt your head, and say, “I love you too babe. Always will.” 

He slides up on top of you on the bed. He stops when his beautiful brown eyes look straight into yours and plants a mind-numbing, body-tingling kiss on you. 

Doubling up

Prompt: Could you write one where Alby wants gladers to double up for the night since it’s super cold and all the guys are trying to get you to double up with them You chose the quiet greenie (Thomas) because he is the only one not pressuring you and all the Gladers are like “What the shuck, why the greenie!?” And the reader and Thomas end up cuddling because of how cold it is and just a ton of fluff.
Warnings: Fluff


“Aright, shanks, listen up! This is the coldest night we’ve had since I can remember, and we can’t let people sleep outside. But we don’t have enough beds, so you’re all gonna have to pick a friend and buddy up for the night!” Alby yelled over the chatter of the Gladers, but at this everyone fell silent.

“Is that all clear?” Alby asked, but Gally piped up almost instantly. “Who’s Y/N sharing with?”

That triggered a surge of activity. All of a sudden, fifty or so boys were surrounding you, yelling at you. “Slim it!” You protested, but it was drowned out by the boys.

Who were you going to pick? There was no one - no one - who you could stand being with for an entire night. Your eyes flicked around rapidly, sparing barely a second on each boy before moving on. Alby was trying to say something, but you couldn’t make it out. “SLIM IT!” You yelled again, and eventually everyone fell silent once more.

“I’m gonna shucking choose, okay? So you can quit doing those puppy eyes, Clint, there’s no way in hell that I’m doubling up with you.” You said firmly, and Clint scowled and folded his arms sulkily.

You scanned the boys once more, and eventually your eyes landed on a boy you didn’t recognise, standing a little way back from the crowd. Wait - you did recognise him. It was the Greenie from yesterday… what was his name? Timmy? Tom? Oh, that was it. Thomas.

You took a deep breath and let it out. “Okay, I’ll share with Thomas.” The Greenie looked up in surprise, and your eyes briefly met before he was hidden by the crowd of boys. “Why would you share with the Greenie? That’s shucking stupid.” One thousand protests echoed in your ears, but you shoved through them until you reached Thomas. “Is that alright? You’re the only one not pressuring me.” You muttered so that only he could hear. He smiled slightly at you, sending a wave of warmth through you. “That’s fine.”


The two of you wasted no time in diving into bed. It was so cold, you couldn’t spend another second out in the punishing air. “You go this end, I can go there.” You offered, and Thomas nodded.

But within ten minutes, you were regretting this decision. You were shivering, and needed more warmth if you were ever going to sleep. You knee that Thomas was still lying awake, and acted without really knowing what you were doing.

You shuffled around until you and Thomas were both facing the same way. “I’m sorry - it’s so cold.” You whispered, and Thomas smiled again, getting rid of any awkwardness. “It’s fine. I’m freezing too.” The two of you lay like that for a second, and then you felt his arms wrap around you.

Strangely, you didn’t mind. It was definitely warmer, that was for sure. You felt him rest his head against yours.

The two of you settled down, you still firmly in Thomas’s embrace. “I’m glad I chose you.” You whispered, and you felt Thomas smile against the back of your head. “I’m glad you did, too.” He replied, and you finally closed your eyes.

Maybe you would get some sleep after all.