Persona 5 Futaba English introduction trailer, voice actress interview video - Gematsu

Atlus has released the English voice introduction trailer for Persona 5 character Futaba Sakura, as well as a video interview with her voice actress, Erica Lindbeck.

Here’s Atlus’ rundown of Futaba:

A genius 15 year-old girl with otherworldly calculation and programming skills. Her interpersonal communication is extremely poor through, so she lives life as a shut-in with limited to no human interaction. However, she holds a strong interest in the Phantom Thieves and uses an unexpected method to contact them.

Persona 5 is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in Japan, and will launch in North America and Europe on April 4.

Watch the videos below.

Futaba Introduction Trailer

Erica Lindbeck Interview


Toonami Show Rundown 113 – Gundam Unicorn Announced – 11/26/16

This week, we discuss the announcement of Gundam Unicorn, the Dragon Ball Super dubs, Tom and Jerry reruns, the Toonami comic, and announce that the TOMmys are indeed coming once again. Music: Black Hole Megamix

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Mini Cosplay Tutorial: JJ from Yuri On Ice!!!


  • 2 yards red jogging fleece (from
  • 1 yard black jogging fleece (from
  • 1 red maple leaf patch (from Fabricland, other versions also available at Canadian Michael’s stores)
  • 2 spools of thread at least (I went through an entire black spool of thread while zig-zag stitching all the edges)

Wig: Rufio from Arda Wigs in natural black

Pattern: Jalie 2795 (all sizes)

While I won’t provide an exact step-by-step method of how I sewed my Team Canada jacket, I will give a brief rundown of how I pieced things together. 

First off a quick review of the Jalie pattern. Jalie is a Canadian brand so it might be harder to find outside of Canada. It’s also printed in French first with English underneath so it can sometimes throw you off if you’re not paying attention. This pattern is not exactly for beginners as it was very brief in its instructions and just assumed you had a basic knowledge of sewing/stitches/fabrics already. It did mention how to finish edges which was nice. Also the pattern book is HUGE compared to normal patterns (pictured beside a Simplicity pattern) and also made of actual paper and not flimsy tissue. The only downside was that there was no envelope to keep pieces in after they were cut out. Otherwise the pattern was fairly simple to follow along (I don’t think I even really looked at the instructions half the time) and the sizing was amazingly accurate and the pieces fit together perfectly without having to ease anything.

Things modified from the pattern:

  1. I made the 2 side panels out of contrasting black fabric.
  2. I used black polyester lining for the pocket lining instead of jogging fleece to make it less bulky.
  3. I removed the sleeve cuffs and lengthened the sleeves by 2.5″ and gave them a wide hem.
  4. I removed the horizontal sleeve seam across the bicep.
  5. I removed the pocket welts and just sewed straight pockets.
  6. I removed the waistband and lengthened the jacket by 3.5″ and gave it a wide hem instead.
  7. I added the red/black contrast fabric on the collar matching with the shoulder seams.

Overall it only took me about a day to sew so it shouldn’t be too bad to take on as a weekend project. The most time-consuming part was making the pattern adjustments for the sleeve seams and the waistband/cuffs/collar.

I’ll gladly answer any other construction questions anyone else might have. Just don’t ask “How much did X material cost?” because it’ll probably change every other week due to sales and promotions, shipping, location, available stock, and retailer and who knows how long this post will continue to circulate LOL. 

Also yes, I know that the real Skate Canada jackets are a deeper red (I went with the Olympic Team red instead since that’s what was available at the time) and have black contrast fabric under the arms. Since they only show JJ with that black underarm contrast in literally 2 3 second scenes I decided to go with no underarm contrast like all the other scenes and because I’m lazy.


Did a simple coord.

Coord rundown:
Dress - btssb @btssbarchive
Blouse - AP
Cardigan - offbrand
Tights - offbrand
Accessories - handmade and offbrand
Shoes - bodyline

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anonymous asked:

What body types does each of the signs contribute to? Like what signs are commonly thin or large, etc?

There are a lot of factors that go into how astrology dictates someone’s body type, I basically talk about it in my Physical Appearance post but I’m on mobile so I can rly link it to you.

Basically the rundown of each archetype (what’s most likely by just looking at the signs alone);
Aries: Small, yet robust. Gains muscle quickly.
Taurus: Definitely thicker in body type
Gemini: Thin
Cancer: Plump
Leo: Robust, slim hips in comparison to shoulders
Virgo: Usually on the thinner side
Libra: Can either be curvy or have a square body type
Scorpio: Ranges from thicker and robust to petite and thin
Sagittarius: similar curvedness to Libra, but is robust as fire signs are
Capricorn: Often could be described as ‘big boned’ but not necessarily large or incredibly small
Aquarius: Thin-average proportions
Pisces: Plump, rounder body

Keep in mind that this is just the archetypes on their own, this does not define your body type according to your sun sign.
Body type is often notable in a person’s chart by their ascendant, planets in the first house, and major tight aspects between personal planets.
Jupiter expands and indulges therefore a tight aspect between Jupiter and the ascendant can lead to weight gain and plumpness….
Saturn makes things smaller or boney-er… Mercury makes things thinner and easily changeable… Mars includes masculinity and robustness… Venus includes femininity…. Etc.

Also the elements themselves;
Fire: Leaner robustness
Water: Plumpness
Earth: Thicker robustness
Air: Thinness
(So for example, someone with a lot of air in their chart may not gain weight very easily)

And the modes,
Mutable: Very changeable
Fixed: Difficult to change
Cardinal: Neutral
(People with a lot of mutable energy will be able to transform their body type a lot faster and easier than someone who is very prominently fixed)

“Why is this sign like this body type”
It just is. Also the likely carried out lifestyle or health related reasons of the archetype can make it that way.
For example, Libras CAN be super thin, but they are also super indulgent therefore they are also likely to gain weight.

MANY factors go into body type with astrology.

Anyway, I know you only asked a simple question, but I have to make myself as clear as possible so I don’t start getting comments like “I’m a Pisces and I’m not fat ;((((” because I feel like sometimes people don’t really read into things properly??? Ok I’m done rambling

theperksofbeingacherrybomb  asked:

Tell me about your ocs, any or all of them!


the full rundown on my kiddos can be found here, on my oc page~ I’m just gonna give a quick line or two here about some of my favorites

Étienne: ♫ bastard, assassin, son of a whore, and a marcher ♫

  • dragon age oc // rogue - assassin
  • the dude you want when u want someone dead 
  • master assassin, top level whore, adequate lute player, decent singer
  • technically lord-protector to the inquisitor, sometimes inquisitor depending on the ‘verse
  • polyamorous bisexual
  • romanced Dorian

Garth Hawke: ain’t no fortunate son

  • dragon age oc // rogue - shadow/assassin
  • the dude u want when u want someone terrified 
  • thief, smuggler, and gambling man
  • pansexual
  • red hawke w/ shades of purple
  • dean winchester of thedas
  • romanced Anders 

Jon Cousland: when you play the game of thrones, you win or you drink 

  • dragon age oc // rogue - bard/ranger
  • his mabari is Avagantamos, nicknamed Avvy
  • Romanced Zevran
  • Fathered Kieran (son of him and Morrigan.)
  • Lord-Chancellor of Ferelden
  • the reasonable person to the madness that is @nedsseveredhead‘s ned surana
  • guzzles wine like tomorrow’s a dream

Brynden Stark: fire cannot kill a dragon 

  • skyrim sometimes // saints row other times
  • nord healer/thief | sad irish doctor
  • married to Erik the Slayer | w/ Erik Green & Ben King
  • just really wants a nap and to steal something shiny 

Visenya the Viper: you could be the king but watch the queen conquer

  •  altmer dragonborn, ex-thalmor
  • listener of the dark brotherhood
  • with Nazir & Muiri
  • both a bitter bitch and a better bitch
  • will stab u and everything u love
  • lost an eye
  • hates the thalmor with a vengeance 

and ofc there’s more over on my oc page, but these guys are some of my favorites~

Had so much fun doing karaoke at #hummingbirdglasgow for winter ILD!

Outfit Rundown:
Flower crown: NebulaXcrafts (#etsyfind)
Veil: DeigratiaDeogratias (#etsy)
Collar: Videnoir (#etsyshop)
Necklace: Alchemy England
Blouse: Soufflé Song
OP: Baroque
Tights: eBay
Boots: Demonia

#goth #gothgoth #gothiclolita #blondegoth #gothgirl #alt #alternative #egl #eglcommunity #lolitafashion #jfashion #coord #coordinate #ild #internationallolitaday

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anonymous asked:

Fav Ryan Thing: For the longest time he was just the sweet, smart, rundown dad type and lately there's been more of a confidant, brash, daddy feel and I for one am 1000% on board with this

YEEEES i agree with this i’m glad to see him being a lot more confident 

Further Delay of Activity

…due to surgery.

Yeah, you read that right.Unfortunately…

Let me first give you the short rundown of what’s gonna happen. I’ll explain more about it all under a read more then for those interested/worried.

I was at the ER yesterday (5.12.) due to being called in upon them receiving my MRI pictures from friday (2.12.). They wanted better pictures - and sadly the overly long wait for the machine to be free caused me to sit there a whooping 7 hours with a needle in my arm. Unpleassant.

I was then told I’d need surgery, and that we’d aim for it for next week tuesday (13.12.), but during the course of this day while I was trying to move appointments and make everything work out, I got two more calls asking me to come sooner as they had a spot.

Now, as it stands, I will be getting surgery tomorow (7.12.) starting at 9:00 roughly CET and lasting about 4-5 hours. Afterwards, I’ll spend the night in the ICU, meaning no internet access whatsoever. Not that it’s likely I’d have been able to do anything anyhow, what with narcosis wearing off and whatnot. I’ll then have to stay at least 4 - 5 days on top of that, but I may have internet that time.

So, in short: Due to Surgery, activity on here will be nonexistant tomorrow December 7 and then only a maybe afterwards. I’m hopeful I’ll be around, but can’t promise anything. So to be on the safe side let me say Activity is not guaranteed following December 8. Don’t worry - the Advent Calendar Doors will still go up to be claimed. Just the posts may be delayed…

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anonymous asked:

(Diff anon) I kinda get that vibe too at points. It's almost to where, if I were to pull the character AWAY from Sonic and ask for opinions or an assessment on said character alone, you start to notice who actually could give a valid rundown of the character and who just sees them as Sonic's "X". (I get this with characters like Tails or Amy. It feels like people only see Tails as a "cute lil' brother/sidekick" only. And I wonder if people know Amy's character OUTSIDE of her crush on Sonic)

Exactly. Which is doubly annoying for me personally since I prefer most of the other characters over Sonic. And I’ve been noticing this a lot in the case of Sonic Boom.

There have been a few episodes in the series that have been criticised by fans for how poorly the other characters treat Sonic, often for weak reasons or setups, and that’s fair enough, because that is a reasonable complaint.

However, there have been some fans who don’t even seem to dislike these episodes for the weak execution. Rather, they just flat-out hate the mere concept of the other characters getting angry with Sonic at all, as if Sonic is some sort of special snowflake that you can never get annoyed with no matter the scenario or justification.

The same thing happened with Lost World. The execution with Tails getting mad at Sonic definitely could have been better, make no mistake, but some fans hated it JUST because of the mere hypothesis of Sonic being painted in a less-than-perfect light.

And due to the admittedly less-than-stellar execution of these examples, they have caused the fans in question to use them as proof that Sonic should never ever be in the wrong. -_-

A Han Solo Story casting call the Modal Nodes & The Max Rebo band would appreciate!

A Han Solo Story casting call the Modal Nodes & The Max Rebo band would appreciate!

External image

We recently received word that the untitled young Han Solo film has been casting a lot of various roles. One of the more interesting lists of characters needed to populate Han Solo’s universe pertains to the attempt to grab up a lot of musicians for various sequences in the movie. They’re looking for skilled musicians for all kinds of instruments. Here is the rundown: Bass Guitar Acoustic Guitar…

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…The second scene was the one immediately following, where Eliot talks Hardison down.  The scene had some serious emotional context for the show sure, as it was nice to finally say in text what we felt that relationship had become – brothers.  But it had a second layer.  A very dear friend of mine was in Air Force Combat Search and Rescue right out of high school.  When we were younger, and I was freaking out or insecure or nervous about something, he’d pep talk me.  He’d do that neck grab and tuck my head in, because touching helmets like that, that’s as close as you can get in a combat situation.  "Fucking relax.   Smartest guy I know,“ he’d say, often impatiently.

Well, that friend passed, not long before I wrote that scene.  So I was writing him in that scene. Writing one of the four or so guys who became my brothers, who lived in my house, ate at my mom’s table, sat around bullshitting in the Burger King parking lot for hours every night, who kept me from being a nervous, shy physics geek who never wrote, never performed, never joked.

When I explained that context to Christian and Aldis and Beth, I have to admit I teared up.  And then – and this is why I love them – they dug in on that scene.  They’d already rehearsed and committed to it, but then they really brought something extra. Kane in particular, knew he was playing my brother, and ran over after every take to make sure he was landing it. So know that for every time I say "Fucking Oklahoma…” because of some bone-headed stunt bullshit he did, understand I’ll always love him, and Aldis and Beth, for how they acted that day.

— John Rogers [x]