A Whole Generation Later - Kirblog 12/10/16

Doing a quick one by myself for this weekend, I decided to tell the quick, but rather interesting story of my involvement with the recent “Pokémon Generations” series of shorts a whole 7 years later after working on the Anime series! It’s been quite a long journey and I never expected to not only be officially a part of this franchise again, but to be playing THREE characters I never had the chance to audition for originally! On this weekend’s Pokécember Kirblog, I give the quick rundown of how I became involved, the auditioning and recording process and more!

Hear me as Gym Leaders “Burgh” & “Brycen in Pokémon Generations Episode 13: The Uprising!

Hear me as "Colress” from Team Plasma in Pokémon Generations Episode 14: The Frozen World!

okay folks

Since over one thousand of you have followed me since season 1 ended, I’m going to give you the rundown on how things work around here during episode airing times.

First and foremost: I watch episodes live as they air in France. My French oral comprehension is not perfect - and I am definitely rusty since I haven’t had a formal class in months - but I can understand most of what I am hearing. And I react. Loudly.

That means at around 3am EST, this blog will be full of liveblogging and spoilers and will be contain them from here on out. I will tag spoilers for one week after the episode airs. IF YOU DONT WANT SPOILERS, blacklist “ml spoilers” because that’s the only one I’ll be using in this situation. If you’re on mobile, then I suggest just getting the hell out of Dodge.

After the episode there will be rants, mini-essays, gifs, and whatever else I fancy. I know many of you found me because you saw one of my post-episode freakouts/rants. I will post a link to the episode on youtube as soon as I find it.

I’ll reblog this a few times throughout the day.

You have been warned.

Jewel called her moms to tell them the exciting news. And to come up with a plan. When she had moved to the city, she hadn’t been planning to raise a family there. And even though they have the bigger apartment, two kids would soon out grow the space. So she had an idea she wanted to run by them.

“What if we moved to Newcrest? You could build us a cute little house, then when the kids grow up, Demario and I could move back to the city. For now, Skyler can stay at the apartment and take care of it. He’s been very responsible and great with Kimber.”

It was debated much. Equinox was against leaving Skyler all alone in the city, but Jewel didn’t want to lose her apartment. And it wasn’t like he would be alone, he has that club he belongs to. He has plenty of friends. Isabel loved the idea that their little girl would be so close again. Finally, the two of them convinced Equinox that it would be alright.

There’s a certain kind of bond formed when you grow up together like they did. In the backseat of a car, to the sound of guitar riffs. Sharing the scratchy sheets of a bed in rundown motels. Spending every holiday alone, sharing a bowl of cereal …a glass of orange juice too, if they were lucky.

When someone is constantly there for 18 years, you can start to take them for granted. It’s just human nature - you get used to someone taking your dirty clothes in the middle of the night and bribing the night staff with a shy smile, all so you can have clean clothes to put on in the morning.

The moment he realized Dean did that every few nights is the moment Sam was thinking about as he fiddled with the washer that day. The day he met Jessica Moore. She was seven types of gorgeous and five types of pitying on the struggling man.

Three years later, they had their own apartment and knew each other inside and out. She never had to hear him say he loved his brother differently, that he thought about him nearly constantly even though they hadn’t talked in years. Just like she didn’t have to hear him tell her he was leaving. As soon as she realized who had broken into their apartment that night, she knew she had lost Sam Winchester. He may have came back to her, no one can really know for sure, and now no one will.

What she does know for sure, when she checks in on him from time to time, is that his mind is quieter now. She should have known Dean would be the one to calm Sam completely. It was always Dean, and it always will be.

quick rundown of any of my alters u might encounter
me: incredible, awesome, The Best
simon: bitter and tryhard edgy but a big softie
nick: asshole but he Cares abt u
nathem: the baby. too small for this world, too soft
seven: dick
three: dick
phoel: dick
dieu: dick
governor: DOUBLE DICK


…The second scene was the one immediately following, where Eliot talks Hardison down.  The scene had some serious emotional context for the show sure, as it was nice to finally say in text what we felt that relationship had become – brothers.  But it had a second layer.  A very dear friend of mine was in Air Force Combat Search and Rescue right out of high school.  When we were younger, and I was freaking out or insecure or nervous about something, he’d pep talk me.  He’d do that neck grab and tuck my head in, because touching helmets like that, that’s as close as you can get in a combat situation.  "Fucking relax.   Smartest guy I know,“ he’d say, often impatiently.

Well, that friend passed, not long before I wrote that scene.  So I was writing him in that scene. Writing one of the four or so guys who became my brothers, who lived in my house, ate at my mom’s table, sat around bullshitting in the Burger King parking lot for hours every night, who kept me from being a nervous, shy physics geek who never wrote, never performed, never joked.

When I explained that context to Christian and Aldis and Beth, I have to admit I teared up.  And then – and this is why I love them – they dug in on that scene.  They’d already rehearsed and committed to it, but then they really brought something extra. Kane in particular, knew he was playing my brother, and ran over after every take to make sure he was landing it. So know that for every time I say "Fucking Oklahoma…” because of some bone-headed stunt bullshit he did, understand I’ll always love him, and Aldis and Beth, for how they acted that day.

— John Rogers [x]

so good, clean crisp lines mixed with haphazard charm.

Here it comes, 21 days til I turn 26. Let’s be nostalgic, and commemorate all the good a quarter of a century has brought.

For those bitter cold days ahead.

Scotch tastes like history, are the words that flowed from my mouth after my third sip 

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Ash: You should probably put your bandit hat on now. Personally, I- I don’t have one, but I modified this tube sock.

[they put on their ‘hats’]

Kristofferson: We look good.

Ash: Yeah. We do.