Stranger Things Season 2 trailer shot by shot run down

I do not claim or own any of these screenshots all rights to Netflix

aw look at my children doing normal children things can’t wait to see how long that’s going to last 

so, the way that Dungeons and Dragons was sort of the running analogy last season, my guess is that this game is going to be the overlying symbolism for this season.

my boys all back together and happy again can’t wait to see how long that’ll last :’)

so if this is the analogy I’m guessing the “sword” is going to be the key to slaying the monster

again, the dragon probably = the monster

and if so, the fact that Dustin seemingly LOST this game sort of worries me…

case in point

this trailer took approximately 15 seconds to get me to say “oh no”

AS I WAS SAYING (okay so obviously from what we left off on last season and the trailers/ teaser we’ve gotten. we now know this season is going to deal with the aftermath of the Upside Down for Will as well as the entire community as rifts have been opened to other worlds)

so i’m assuming Will’s main arc this season is going to be his struggle with being split between two worlds, and though I understand why they did it I wish we could see more of Will apart from that but oh well)

me too buddy, me too.

and thus, we have our big bad for the season *rubs hands together*

mike he is obviously not okay but thanks for being concerned

correct me if i’m wrong but is that Jonathan’s car? why is he leaving?

sooooo why isn’t Will at school?

stancy break up/ tension possibly? nothing good ever really comes from their meeting in this ally

aw…is this why he wasn’t in school? Joyce obviously knows something is up. (side note: is that Hopper behind them?)

oh come on-

these SOBs again?

so i guess maybe the Upside Down;s bleeding over to our world effect crops too???????

Hopper and Joyce as parents yes please (also Will is not okay)

“I felt it everywhere” wtf is that supposed to mean that’s terrifying

please just let the Byers family live someone give them a break

why do they look so suspect? who are they looking at?

honestly I’m loving the Halloween time theme I can’t wait for the aesthetics they’re going to be implementing

my connection/ insider I have previously hinted to me about a Steve/ kids dynamic that was going to be happening this season, but I’m actually very interested to see where this goes and the relationships that’ll come out of it

again with the aesthetics !!! yes !!! please!!! and !!! thank !!! you !!!

when the scientists are worried, it’s really time to get worried

uuuhhhhh yikes? blood is never a good sign?


ah yes all is probably not well at the Wheeler household 

of course my dork sons all go trick or treating in matching Ghost Busters costumes I love them

it looks like he’s tracking something. buuuuut what?


oooohhhhhh these boys look like they’re crushing on the new giiirrrllll 👀 (mainly Lucas and Dustin? maybe Will I can’t tell) (except for Mike because they really are doing everything they can to bury me in Mileven feels)

I can literally feel her angst radiating off the screen and I have a feeling I’m going to stan her unless the writers use her as a devise to cause tension or rivalry among the boys in which case someone is going to die

“Sometimes I feel like I can still see her” WHY DO THE WRITERS FEEL THE NEED TO HURT ME LIKE THIS GAH I MISS MILEVEN HE EVEN KEPT HER BLANKET FORT UP  (because also it’s important to note that this is the same shirt from the screenshot of them watching the girl walk in. so if Mike goes home and realizes he still misses I’m going to choke)

can’t wait for this to most likely just be a cat jump scare

they’re building something don’t ask me what

if I had to guess I would say some sort of device that picks up on signals from the Upside Down maybe? like some sort of crystal radio?

but why does Mike kind of look like hes going to smash it with the speaker?

new girl seems to be working with them/ part of the group now. but the box opened? idk this part is confusing

-EDIT/ UPDATE THANKS TO @disneyprincesskatherine apparently this is a reference to Ghostbusters! the box is similar to a device they use in the movies to catch ghost (i’m uncultured I’m so sorry). she also speculates this is the capture of the sort of “pet” Dustin gets that Gaten talked about (could also be why there is blood on Dustin’s chair)

okay but where is #4? they’re still in their Halloween costumes so we can assume it’s either the day of or the morning after, though on what looked to be Halloween night in one of the previous screencaps, all 4 were present soooo

more evidence of the world meshing

YOU BEST BELIEVE I SCREAMED OUT LOUD I MISSED THEM (they both looks so good I‘m loving the haircuts) (and is this them breaking into the lab?)

even though this is a gross slimy portal to another dimension, i’m still digging the aesthetics

Will is not okay part 87450507

this is either a drawing of a map of the Upside Down or all connecting tree roots. either way wtf Will?

This time on: OTPs With Unreal Height Differences 

it kind of looks like the same “tree roots” on the ground as there were at the gas station shot so yeah, I think Will was drawing a giant root system

🎶 you’re my daaad, you’re my dad, boogie woogie woogie 🎶

DREAM TEAM (Mike, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce) (also can we laugh at the fact that Mike is armed with a candle holder while he stands next to his sister literally holding a shot gun)

Hop digging my grave for when I finish the season

*cues classic 80′s teen movie party montage*

my girl wildin out (and Steve’s there too I guess)

TELL ME WHO HURT YOU (this is a different outfit from the party though, so it’s not the same scene)

a new weapon? perhaps the “sword”?



everyone in this trailer looks as shook as I feel watching it

Will Is Not Okay: The Saga Continues

same shirt so most likely what he’s experiencing on the other side. I’m almost certain he’s going to play a big role in Eleven being able to come back to the other side

Journey To The Center of the Earth (2008)

well well well, Samwise Gamgee, what’s poppin’

why does Steve have Jonathan’s bat?

as far as I can tell this treck into the Upside Down consists of Mike, Dustin, Joyce, and I can’t tell who the others are 

“ABORT ABORT!!!” (this is a different scene from the one above so I wonder what this is in reference to)

another shot of Will being scared out of his mind, this kid doesn’t ever get a break (though the background looks almost like the lab as opposed to the upside down. I could be wrong)

…well that’s concerning (kind of looks like that giant monster is chasing him)

“If you’re out there, please just give me a sign”

so this looks to be back in the Upside Down equivalent to the classroom where Eleven defeated the Demegorgan. and based on the look on her face and the previous shot above, it seems she JUST woke up




I’m so freaking happy for her return to Mike us

Lord almighty this season looks amazing.

anonymous asked:

Whoa, what happened with pokemon go this week? I'm not in the loop

Alright here’s the quick rundown:

Niantic (the people who made Pokemon GO) was to be holding an event today called Pokemon GO Fest. This is something they’ve been hyping for months - a big get-together in Chicago(?) that was gonna have like, a bunch of cool things. A higher spawn rate and rarer pokemon, tons of pokestops, fest-wide challenges, and even legendary pokemon raids. Needless to say, when tickets were made available, they sold QUICK.

They sold, oh, I believe 20,000 tickets to this festival.

and it crashed big time.

First off, it was taking forever for people to get in - hours in the hot sun. Secondly, everybody was having issues connecting to the game. I mean, imagine getting 20k people together - everyone using their cell phones - and still expecting to get good signal.

So let’s say you got lucky and you logged in. Well, apparently it didn’t work as well as they promised. (I’ve heard the anti-spoofer measures went haywire, but I have no clue if that’s correct or not.) Catch rates were low. Spawn rates pitiful. Pokemon were running. Oh, and the little challenges they set up for people attending? Complete flops, mostly due to the fact people couldn’t connect. And every new challenge, all progress was reset. 

Multiple times the crowd was heard chanting “fix the game!” and “we can’t connect!”

So needless to say, when the CEO of Niantic walked out to greet everyone, he got immediately booed off the stage.

Meanwhile they were supposed to be livestreaming this. Didn’t work. It started late and 95% of the time it was the splash screen.

,,, anyway, eventually they figured out they fucked up. They’re now offering refunds and $100 in pokecoins to all attendees. $100 of pokecoins to 20,000 people. I’m not the best at math but it seems like Niantic just took a hit to the tune of 2 million dollars -on top- of the ticket refunds. Whoops!

Also, if the trainers at the Pokemon GO Fest completed the little challenges put forth by Niantic, they’d unlock little bonuses all around the world, including the possibility for legendaries to appear as raid bosses anywhere in the world. As the fest is now a bust, what’s to come of these bonuses - including legendary pokemon - is unknown.

Anyway it’s a mess.

[as of press time, apparently people are throwing bottles at people on-stage. while i totally understand the frustrations, don’t fucking do that]

Each of the warrior shifters are evaluated on their strengths by Magath this chapter, similar to how Keith Shadis evaluates the 104th trainees. Instead of this happening during a training exercise, it takes place on an actual battlefield. Aside from giving a basic rundown on what each titan is assigned for, it’s explained why each pilot was given their titan…with the exception of Bertolt.

Annie’s fighting skills made her ideal for the all-purpose Female Titan, best for close combat.

Reiner’s dedication to his mission made him suited for the titan meant to take heavy blows and charge headfirst into battle, the Armored Titan.

Marcel’s wit and strength worked well with the smaller-sized and swift Jaw Titan.

Pieck’s intelligence and judgement were needed for the Cart Titan, a titan that isn’t suited as well for fighting like the others and is instead better for longer missions.

Zeke’s strength and throwing skills make the most out of the Beast Titan, with the addition of his royal blood granting him the power to control titans injected with his spinal fluid.

But Bert? 

There’s nothing on the reason behind giving him the Colossal Titan – the “God of Destruction,” according to Magath. What kind of person would the military consider suited for such a role? 

Bert is the only one of the original warrior trio without as much backstory info, like his home life and family. We’re getting a lot about Reiner now, and we already knew a bit about Annie’s background (her relationship with her father) well before the Marley chapters. So I’m wondering if there’s more about Bert we’ve yet to learn that Isayama is planning to tell. Plus, these chapters focus a lot on Reiner, who was closest with Bert. It would be odd for him to not think much about the guy, especially after losing him in such a traumatic way. 

Well if these next chapters show more RBA flashbacks, starting with the attack on Wall Maria from their perspective, that would be a good time to indulge in that info.
Once Upon a Time @ Comic-Con: Season 7's Secret Roles Revealed, a 'Prominent LGBTQ Storyline' and More
Once Upon a Time fans can finally put names to some of Season 7’s mysterious new faces.
By Andy Swift

July 22, 2017

SDCC Panel Rundown

Once Upon a Time fans can finally put names to some of Season 7’s mysterious new faces.

Once Upon a Time: Who Are Lana and Colin Playing in Season 7? And Are Emma/Hook Still Happy? New Details!

Exclusive Comic-Con Portraits From Favorite ShowsLaunch Gallery

The ABC drama’s cast — returning players Lana Parrilla, Colin O’Donoghue and Robert Carlyle, along with new additions Dania Ramirez (Devious Maids), Gabrielle Anwar (Burn Notice) and Andrew J. West (The Walking Dead) and executive producers Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis and David H. Goodman — assembled Saturday for its San Diego Comic-Con panel, where some major secrets were revealed about the upcoming “reboot”“reinterpretation“:

* First things first: Anwar will play the “new wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine” (aka the mother of Ramirez’s “new” Cinderella).

* Mekia Cox is playing Tiana (aka the heroine of The Princess and the Frog).

* English actress Rose Reynolds is playing a new version of Alice “because no one watched the [Wonderland] spinoff,” Kitsis revealed/confessed.

* Adelaide Kane (Reign) is playing Cinderella’s stepsister Drizella, and according to Kitsis, she’s “super wicked.”

* “We had a plan for the original show that ran six seasons — at a point, we felt like it was time for some characters to get some happy endings,” Kitsis said, adding that nothing from the past six seasons will be erased. “We are going to take a few new characters and go on a new journey, and we hope you’ll come along with us.”

* “I’d like to know more about Hook’s mother, which is something we haven’t touched upon much yet,” O’Donoghue said. (Yet, eh?)

* “You’re going to see the same versions of Rumple and Hook and the Queen,” the EPs cleared up. “Henry wants to visit other storybooks with different stories and characters. He falls in love with Cinderella, much like the romance his grandparents had. He gets into some trouble and calls out for help from his family. [Hook, Rumple and Regina] come to his rescue.”

* Regarding exited vets Jennifer Morrison (who will be back for one early epsiode), Ginny Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jared Gilmore, Emilie de Ravin and Rebecca Mader, Horowitz said, “It’s our hope that we’ll be seeing a lot of them pop up from time to time. We miss them as much as you do.”

* Fans were shown the first two scenes of Season 7: Young Henry (played by Gilmore) tells Regina he needs to leave Storybrooke in order to find out what his own story is and where he belongs (after finding hundreds of other books in the sorcerer’s mansion. Did you know there’s a French Snow White? And Italian?”) “How long will you be gone?” Regina asks, to which Henry replies, “As long as it takes.” He then hops on a motorcycle — which August taught him how to ride — before riding off through a portal to a new realm.

* We then see West’s grown-up Henry riding his motorcycle in another realm, “years later,” at which point he accidentally crashes into Cinderella’s carriage. #MeetCute

* “I didn’t know I was auditioning for Cinderella,” Ramirez said. “I loved [the show], so I was super excited.” She got into the audition room, still in her vacation clothes, to see if she had chemistry with West. (Spoiler alert: She did!)

* “I was also on vacation, and I got a call from my agent,” Anwar recalled of her involvement with the show. “I said, ‘Once Upon a Time?’ and my 13-year-old daughter went, ‘What?!’ As I’m talking to my agent, my daughter is grabbing me going, ‘Hook! Hook!’ So I said yes. I didn’t know what I was saying yes to, but I owed it to my daughter.”

* Asked about featuring a “prominent LGBTQ storyline,” Kitsis answered, “I would say that we are planning to do it this year.”

* “I think it would be interesting to see [Hook and Emma having children],” O’Donoghue said. “Hook and Emma love each other, and they’re married, so I think the next logical step would be … to have a baby.”

DC TV Watch at Comic-Con: 'Supergirl' Adds 4 to Cast for Season 3

THR rounds up and breaks down the major announcements, big reveals, new mysteries and more from all of The CW’s DC Comics television panels at Comic-Con.

Welcome to The Hollywood Reporter’s special Comic-Con edition of DC TV Watch, a rundown of all things DC Comics on TV. Each week, we round up the major twists, epic fights, new mysteries and everything else that goes down on The CW’s DC fare. This week, we’re on the scene in San Diego breaking down all the highlights from the Black Lightning, Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl panels. So keep refreshing this page as we update with news and highlights from each panel starting with Supergirl and continuing through with updates from Legends of Tomorrow at 4:10 p.m. PT, Black Lightning at 4:50 p.m., The Flash at 5:10 p.m. and Arrow at 5:50 p.m.

(Season three returns Monday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. on The CW)

The big news: Four new actors have joined Supergirl for season three: Adrian Pasdar (Heroes, Agents of SHIELD), Carl Lumbly (Alias), Yael Grobglas (Jane the Virgin) and Emma Tremblay (Elysium).

What you need to know: Pasdar will play charismatic capitalist Morgan Edge, a ruthless real estate developer who will stop at nothing to get what he wants (and what he feels he deserves). The DC villain’s big plans for National City instantly put him at odds with Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). Lumbly will reprise his Justice League animated character, the classic DC Comics Martian M’yrnn J’onzz, aka J’onn J’onnz’s (David Harewood) father. A pacifist religious leader on Mars, M’yrn pushes his son in unexpected ways. Grobglas will play villain Psi, a psychic who uses people’s own minds against them. Psi’s agenda puts her on Supergirl’s radar, and their meeting will affect the Girl of Steel in surprising ways. And Tremblay will play Ruby, a smart, independently minded National City kid who’s fascinated by Supergirl and ends up in jeopardy because of it.


instarbuckswithdan  asked:

Ellen what theories did he talk about pls gimme a rundown i don't wanna give him more views

-dan and phil making up younow comments 
-phil having a private twitter
-getting married in vegas/japan or having a honeymoon in japan
-a bottle of lube in dan’s suitcase

basically shitty theories that he didnt research and obviously just threw together in order to put dan and phil’s names in the title so he could get views

And the group is complete! So here’s the rundown of the Adventurer’s Guild aspirants who will travel to Freyrskógur to try and end the wolf plague there:

  • Asha, dwarf cleric of Eir, goddess of healing. A noble who left her old life behind in favour for religion for reasons yet unknown. Also super optimistic and an actual ray of sunshine who wants to help those in need and make the world a better place with her deeds. She’s played by @mccreeapologist.
  • Kari, human paladin of Hel, goddess of death. She found to her goddess after her clan was brutally murdered when she was only 10 and now travels the Nine Worlds to spread her lady’s word and get revenge on the men who took her family from her. She’s as gorgeous as she is deadly.
  • Randolf Ingridsson, human ranger, a bastard child who doesn’t know his father and thus took his mother’s name as surname instead. He was part of a military campaign against the shamanistic tribes in the far east, but was heavily wounded during a battle and was either discharged or deserted after that (his player isn’t quite sure about which it is yet). He has a problem with authority and most likely gay af.
  • Tedar, half-giant fighter. We have no idea who he is yet, but we know he’s a champion archetype with the defense fighting style, so I guess he’s the protective big brother type, haha. Or not. I don’t know. His player’s still thinking about his background and personality.
  • Thyra Aleanddare, high elven wizard of the school of necromancy. A bit arrogant, very driven by the ambition to become as powerful as possible and also a big old book nerd. Chaotic neutral, so you know she will fuck you up if you get on her bad side. Also pretty beyond belief, holy shit. She belongs to @loonyloopy.
  • Zafir, half-elven rogue, a former servant of a wealthy family who was treated badly by them and, after a series of very grim events that left her crippled by self-doubt and saw one of her friends dead, found documents that she used to condemn them as criminals. She now steals for a living, but only from the wealthy, and collects evidence to harm corrupt merchants and other rich folks. She belongs to @kellinahasaship.

Also on board is the bard Saga, who the Adventurer’s Guild sent along with the party to make sure they don’t run into more trouble than they signed up for and don’t ruin the reputation of the Guild.

upon returning to cerulean gym, misty is met with a mess….and no money. her sisters have taken their savings with them on their trip and it’s a very lonely start at being a leader of a rundown gym. 

it doesn’t take long for word to spread though (’the forgotten sensational sister!’ ‘the tomboyish mermaid is ready for battle!’) and soon there’s an overwhelming amount of battles waiting her- people want to find her strategy out, they want rematches and even the press are asking for promotions with her. she does her part though and takes each battle as it comes, winning only over about half- a realization hitting that she really hasn’t trained as much as she should have on her travels. it dawns on her that she’s had a lot of fun with her Pokemon and definitely grown closer with them but her actual skills as a trainer haven’t improved as much as she’d like.

so she starts working on just that. it becomes a daily grind, a pattern she forces herself to stick to - wake up, train, push, harder, battle, train. its partly to advance but a big part of her needs some sort of routine now she’s not on the road- the gym is a lot bigger than she remembers it being and time passes very slowly when she’s alone (and it doesn’t help when she gets the call from Brock saying he’s back with ash and out on new adventure)

the hard work pays off though. Once a joke, Cerulean Gym finally starts to become respectable among the league and the public with her leadership…it just eats up what little social life she has- even before leaving, she’d never been one for lots of friends, not really. Where would she find the time now

that’s just an excuse though and soon Tracey helps out there, reminds her she needs to look after herself too- its a tough balance. she makes the effort- visiting ash’s mother every month or so, being sure to check in with old acquaintances and getting her name known better among the gym leader.  she figures out quickly that two pairs of hands are better than one and starts to accept the help of people she’d now consider friends. 

and although the entire thing is not ideal at first -, this is her life and her pride now and she won’t mope about things when she has such amazing opportunities. it’s difficult and hard but she faces it and she works for results- priding herself on not being that person, misty refuses to let a day go by without trying.
'Once Upon a Time' bosses reveal new characters for season 7
Following the news that Once Upon a Time’s upcoming seventh season would feature a new iteration of Cinderella, the OUAT bosses revealed at Comic-Con Saturday that we’ll also be seeing …

July 22, 2017

SDCC Panel Rundown

Following the news that Once Upon a Time‘s upcoming seventh season would feature a new iteration of Cinderella, the OUAT bosses revealed at Comic-Con Saturday that we’ll also be seeing her wicked family — and some other familiar faces from the Disney canon.

As previously announced, Dania Ramirez will play a new iteration of Cinderella, who happens to be Lucy’s mother/Henry’s wife. New series regular Gabrielle Anwar will be playing Cinderella’s evil stepmother Lady Tremaine, while recurring addition Adelaide Kane will play her wicked stepsister Drisella. Recurring adds Rose Reynolds and Mekia Cox will be playing Alice in Wonderland and Tiana, respectively.

To explain exactly what they’re doing next year, the OUAT bosses treated fans to a first look at the opening scenes of season 7. Here’s what we saw: In Storybrooke an indeterminate time after the events of the finale, a young Henry decides to leave home. He’s still the Author and wants to find his own story — it’s not here in this realm. He explains to Regina that when he finished the first book, he returned it to the Sorcerer’s mansion and found other books, including ones that featured French and Italian Snow Whites. So he wants to venture to new realms. Using August’s motorcycle, he throws a magic bean to go to a new land. Regina is surprised that Emma and Snow/Charming are alright with this, but Henry says stubbornness runs in the family. We then find the older Henry in another realm, years later, riding his motorcycle through the woods when he runs into Dania Ramirez’s Cinderella running away in the carriage. She’s thrown from the carriage and knocked out. Henry realizes who she is. Title card. Boom.

While we’ll be seeing new iterations of characters, we will still be seeing the same Hook, Regina, and Rumple we know and love — though it appears they may be under a curse with new identities. In a new trailer screened at the end of the panel, we also saw glimpses of Hook dressed as a cop and Regina (possibly) as a bartender. Here’s the deal: “Henry’s on a new adventure. He left home and he wants to visit other storybooks with different stories and different characters and he obviously falls in love with Cinderella,” executive producer Edward Kitsis said. “He gets into some trouble and he calls out to help from his family, and the three people you see on the stage come to his rescue. It’s really these three and Henry on an epic adventure.” To note: You wouldn’t see the new Cinderella and the old (played by Jessy Schram) at the same time since she’s back in Storybrooke, not in this new realm. Plus: EP Adam Horowitz said it’s likely we’ll some of those

To note: You wouldn’t see the new Cinderella and the old (played by Jessy Schram) at the same time since she’s back in Storybrooke, not in this new realm. Plus, EP Adam Horowitz said it’s likely we’ll see some of those exiting cast members return in some capacity. “It’s our hope that we’ll be seeing a lot of them pop up from time to time during the season. This isn’t the end.”

Though the show is going through a reboot with some new characters, the OUAT bosses promise they’re not erasing the past. “We had a plan for the original show that ran six seasons and at a point, we felt like it was time for characters to get their happy endings,” Kitsis says. “What we’re going to do now is go on a new adventure. If your real fear is we’re going to erase the last six years, we are not… The advice I would give to the characters is never stop fighting for what you believe in and never give up.”

Lana Parrilla had some advice for her character as well: “To never give up,” the actress said. Robert Carlyle’s advice for Rumple, meanwhile: “Be careful with magic beans.”

Colin O’Donoghue didn’t have advice for his character just yet, but he did touch on the possibility of Hook and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) having a child. “They love each other and it’s true love, and they’re married, so the next logical step for them would be to consider whether or not [they should] have a baby,” O’Donoghue teases. The actor also noted he hoped to explore more about Hook’s mother in the future.

In other news from the panel, Kitsis says the show will feature a prominent LGBT character in season 7. “We are planning to do it this year,” he says.

Also screened during the panel was a blooper reel from the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release, which EW has the first public look at below. Once Upon a Time: The Complete Sixth Season will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on August 15.

NHL!Bitty - Origin: From Samwell to Seattle

(I haven’t posted any of my background stuff on how Bitty gets from Samwell to the Schooners, so here’s my bullet point breakdown of how/when/why)

Part I - Hug Check | Part II - Chirping | Part III - Post-Season

- Senior year, Bitty is the first openly gay NCAA captain of any men’s sport. When Samwell wins the Frozen Four, commentators start speculating on him being a draft prospect. Jack isn’t out yet.

- ‘Get Bittle in the NHL’ goes viral as an equality issue and the NHL is under pressure to recruit him, which creates this divisive ‘is he really good enough to play’/’the league is homophobic’ situation among fans and within the NHL.

- Bitty gets a lot of heat from all sides and Jack is really worried about his bf, who is living every coming-out fear Jack’s ever had. The Falcs can’t recruit Bitty because Jack has already disclosed their relationship to management, so Jack can’t protect Bitty.

- Things go downhill quickly after a hacker leaks a series of emails between the Commissioner and several owners, wherein he says an AHL franchise needs to ‘take one for the team’ and recruit Bittle so the NHL won’t have to deal with the ‘problem’ anymore. 

- The league course-corrects hard and is bending over backward to get Bitty to sign off on their official apology, but Bitty is disgusted by the whole process and doesn’t want to participate in the draft just to make the league look better. He isn’t planning to go pro at all, and now he’s hesitant to move to Providence with Jack, concerned that he might accidentally out Jack and land him with the same PR problems. 

- Bitty goes back to Georgia the summer after he graduates. 

- After things calm down a bit, Bitty gets a call from the new Schooners owner, a progressive tech billionaire who hates the NHL commissioner and genuinely wants to sell Bitty on Seattle. Unsure of himself and his relationship, Bitty agrees to the meeting… 

- And surprise! Bitty loves Seattle, the team, the ownership group, the food, everything. Even less of a surprise, the team loves Bitty and offers him a two-year contract with an option for renewal.

- The distance hurts, but it actually makes things easier because the risk of Jack being outed is much less if he’s not sharing an apartment with Bitty.  

- Bitty understands now why Jack needs to prove himself before he comes out, the same way Bitty needs to prove himself now. Jack deserves that buffer, and Bitty can help in his own small way.

- At the same time, after seeing how Bitty was treated Jack doesn’t want to come out until his boyfriend is established enough that he won’t be remembered as ‘that gay hockey player’ or ‘Jack Zimmermann’s boyfriend’. They’re just two dumb boys looking out for each other. They agree to revisit coming out together after Bitty’s two-year contract ends.

- Bitty’s rookie year is a hell of an adjustment, he billets with d-man called Carter Morin who is a year younger than Bitty but still has three pro seasons under his belt. Carter is convinced Bitty will be a target because of his size and sexuality, so he becomes obsessed with teaching Bitty how to ‘defend’ himself. This basically boils down to lessons in ‘how to play dirty and not get caught’.

- During these lessons, Bitty realizes he has a lot of anger he’s not dealing with. He’s pissed about being marginalized by the league, the press that won’t stay out of his and Jack’s business, he’s pissed he can’t publicly be with his boyfriend, he’s furious WBC are planning to picket his first home game. He has years of repressed southern rage and he doesn’t have to play nice to make bad people feel good. Not anymore.

- Off the ice Bitty is a perfect gentleman, does tons of outreach, fundraising, he visits hospitals and coaches day-camps, after that first season he’s a fan favorite, but on the ice Bitty slowly becomes a living embodiment of ‘float like a butterfly, sting like a bee’; he’s a good player, everyone knows it, but now he’s absolutely ruthless and spends his fair share of time in the penalty box, initially for defending himself, later for defending others. 

- During a particularly aggressive Schooners game, a commentator jokingly describes a post-fight Bitty as Bob’s spiritual successor, coining the term ‘Bad Bittle’. Bob is elated, Jack is horrified.

- Bitty ultimately makes friends on the team, builds a following, and becomes an integral part in building Seattle’s fledgling franchise into a championship team.

- Schooners take the cup in Bitty’s second year and Jack is surprisingly okay with his boyfriend getting a ring before him, it means they’re one step closer to being untouchable

- The Falconers dethrone the Schooners the following season and win the championship. Jack and Bitty come out/marry on Jack’s cup day. They don’t wear wedding bands, they wear their cup rings.
'Once Upon a Time' Drops First Two Scenes From Season 7 Premiere at Comic-Con -- Watch!
Colin O'Donoghue, Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle were joined by new series regulars Andrew J. West, Dania Ramirez and Gabrielle Anwar on Saturday.

July 22, 2017

SDCC Panel rundown

Once Upon a Time faced its latest test at Comic-Con panel on Saturday, when it presented its “rebooted” season seven for the fans in San Diego – the first without several of its departed original series regulars.

But things got off to a rocky start when a vocal fan yelled out at the top of the panel, “Why?!,” likely referencing the cast shakeup, which saw the exits of Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas and Emilie de Ravin. Moderator Yvette Nicole Brown shut down the fan, warning the passionate audience that negativity was going to be condoned.

After the hiccup, executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz echoed their remarks at the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, last Saturday, reassuring fans that this new season – which introduces several new actors to the fold – isn’t a redo but “a new adventure” and promising that the last six seasons will “not be erased.”

“It almost feels like we’re starting the show afresh because it’s a new version of the show, so it’s almost like we’re starting over,” said star Colin O’Donoghue, who plays Captain Hook.

Attendees in Ballroom 20 were treated to an exclusive screening of the first two scenes from the season seven premiere, which opens with young Henry (Jared Gilmore) saying goodbye to Regina (Lana Parrilla) as he leaves home – on a new motorcycle (“August taught me how [to ride],” he says to a worried Regina) – in search of new adventures.

In the next scene, it’s “years later” in “another realm,” and we see adult Henry (Andrew J. West) riding through the woods on the same motorcycle, nearly crashing into Cinderella’s (Dania Ramirez) carriage, whom he will later marry and have a daughter with. Oops! Adult Henry takes a look at her glass slippers and it all starts to click: “Cinderella?”

After the screening, O’Donoghue had a gripe about the second scene shown, asking this fair plot question: “Where did Henry get the gas for the motorcycle from?” Kitsis hilariously feigned annoyance, joking that there’s an Exxon in between realms and that it’ll be written into “episode five, thanks to Colin!” “I’ve just got myself fired,” O’Donoghue adorably quipped.

Fans also met three of the new stars, West, Ramirez and Gabrielle Anwar, who plays Lady Tremaine. Though West had a previous relationship with Kitsis and Horowitz through their Freeform show, Dead of Summer, Ramirez and Anwar auditioned.

Kitsis provided more details on how the returning regulars, O’Donoghue, Parrilla and Robert Carlyle, join the fold. “The three people that you see on this stage come to [Henry’s] rescue. It’s really these three and Henry on this epic adventure and that’s Once Upon a Time,” he shared.

Additionally, it was revealed that Mekia Cox will play Princess Tiana; Adelaide Kane will play Drizella, one of Cinderella’s evil stepsisters; Rose Reynolds will play a new version of Alice in Wonderland “since no one watched the spinoff [Once Upon a Time in Wonderland].”

As for plans for a “prominent” LGBTQ storyline, Kitsis promised that it will come sooner, rather than later. “We are planning to do it this year,” he said.

I just need enough of you to dull the pain, just to get me through the night until we’re twins again
‘Once Upon A Time’ Debuts Opening Scene From Season 7 Revamp, Teases LGBTQ Storyline — Comic-Con
The TV lineup at San Diego Comic-Con kicked off with Once Upon A Time in Ballroom 20 with a behind-the-scenes gag reel from season 6, setting the tone of the fantasy-filled panel moderated by The M…
By Dino-Ray Ramos

July 22, 2017

SDCC Panel rundown

The TV lineup at San Diego Comic-Con kicked off with Once Upon A Time in Ballroom 20 with a behind-the-scenes gag reel from season 6, setting the tone of the fantasy-filled panel moderated by The Mayor‘s Yvette Nicole Brown which included new footage and new casting announcements.

‘Marvel’s The Defenders’ Stuns Fans With Debut Episode Screening & New Trailer For Netflix Series…

Brown started off by welcoming a little over half of the creative team and cast including executive producers and show creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis as well as writer David H. Goodman. Cast members Colin O’Donoghue, Lana Parrilla, and Robert Carlyle also took the stage and before Brown dived into questions about the previous season which closed a chapter on the series, an audience member yelled “Why?!” noting their dissatisfaction with the season which some “Oncers” had strong feelings about. An audience member  with noted by a fan yelling “WHY?!”

Brown stepped in saying, “This is not going to be that kind of panel — we are going to be kind and loving to all these people.”

Kitsis chimed in, “It was time for some of these Characters to get their happy endings — we aren’t erasing anything. We are going to take the new characters and go on a new journey. We hope you can go on it with us.”

Of those characters, are new players from the fairytale canon including Mekia Cox as Tiana, Adelaide Kane as the wicked stepsister Drizella, and Rose Reynolds as Alice, to which Kitsis joked, “Since no one watched the spin-off.”

Shortly after Brown welcomed new cast members Dania Ramirez, who plays Cinderella in the upcoming season as well as Older Henry Mills, Andrew J. West as well as Wicked Stepmother Lady Tremaine played by Gabrielle Anwar.

Horowitz and Kitsis treated the audience opening scene of the new season with young Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore) saying good-bye to Regina (Parilla) as he drives through a beam to a new Storybrooke. Fast-forward years later in another realm and we see older Henry riding his motorcycle and has a little fender bender with Cinderella and her carriage — making for a fairytale meet-cute.

For those who are worried that they will never see the first OUAT class in the new season Kitsis says that the new adventure has Henry wanting to visit other Storybrookes and meeting new characters and he calls upon O’Donoghue, Parrilla, and Carlyle’s for help. In addition, Kitsis revealed that they are planning to have their first LGBTQ storyline in the forthcoming season.

The May finale had the citizens of the modern fairytale-infused Storybrooke seeing a happy ending, but then made a flash-forward in time where we saw Lucy introducing herself to an adult Henry as his daughter telling him “Your family needs you,” thus leaving the door open for more story. Hence, the introduction to Cinderella. The new season premieres October 6.