Republicans are blaming their override of Obama's veto...on Obama.

Help me understand, Lord.  Please help me understand.  Before I give y’all any of the details, let me say this is just high fuckery of the grandest order and I can’t make sense of it.  General rundown of the situation real quick:

Congress:  Here’s a bill.  Let’s pass it!

Obama:  That bill is terrible.  Let me get out this veto pen real quick.

Congress:  NO!  We’re overriding you for the first time in 8 years because this is GOOD LEGISLATION.

Obama:  OK. Whatever. I hate most of you anyway.  IDK.

Media:  Wow that legislation is reaaaallllly shitty and I can’t believe they did that.

Republicans in Congress:  Well.  Obama really should have told us how shitty it was because then we wouldn’t have vetoed it.

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Ain’t we all grown?  Can’t we all read?  Did you not dream up the bill, pass the bill, and then override Obama’s veto of the bill?  You trynna tell me you did ALL THAT without ever thinking of the consequences of the bill?  Get out of my entire face.  Can we just redo all of Washington?  They obviously, clearly, and most certainly ain’t shit.

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Quick update on the pregame side of things and a renewed shout out for guest posts.

OK, Here is a rundown of what is going on in October to get ready for NaNoWriMo2016:

Mondays are plot builders where I present specific questions to think about to start building your world.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are reserved for guest posts so there are plenty of spaces if you want one. So far we have

  • The Art and Science of Write Ins
  • Need a NaNo plot? Borrow one
  • A guest post on world building (no title yet)

Thursdays are Throwback posts I queued up from the archives.

Fridays are original posts (October is worldbuilding this time around.)

  • A world not unlike our own
  • Why does your world need to exist?
  • What does your world need to exist?
  • Who does your world need to exist?

More is in the works, and I would love to hear from anyone interested in doing a pregame guest post or something for November as well. Let me know.


==> Scavenge

While Chicago was probably a safe place to have a base for the resistance considering The Ones Above Us consider it to be a rundown, abandoned town, it sure made it that much harder to find supplies. Thus, Davis found himself scavenging for scraps more often than he would like. 

Armed with nothing but some old swords in his Sylladex, Davis headed out of his hiding place: an abandoned building that used to be some sort of department store where he holed himself up and built a tiny bunker with the essentials. He still had food and water to last him a good month, but he didn’t like waiting until the last minute to find something he needed. 

“Aight, I’ll be back, Lux. You keep a good watch over the place while I’m gone,” he said, glancing at a crow who was perched over a broken street lamp, he merely cawed at his direction when Davis spoke. The rest of the murder was scattered about, around the building. They left and came back pretty often. Sometimes it worried Davis as it might alert The Ones Above Us that something fishy was going around these parts. But then again, crows rarely follow humans around, preferring to avoid them so maybe it was actually a blessing. 

He headed out, taking a good look at his surroundings before he got too far from his building. There was an empty building nearby he wanted to check out as he knew it used to be a large chain store. There should be some stuff in there he can probably bring back, like non-perishables, medicine and even random junk that he can probably play with and make into something useful.

Or maybe he’ll be able to find a dress and then finally meet that one blogger in the pit for a princess rap battle. 

He had no idea who that blogger was, but she sure was charismatic and funny, so that made her interesting to Davis. That and he probably had incredibly low standards when it comes to making friends just because currently he doesn’t have that many. Other than his murder, and that one group of people he hung out with for a while before he made his way to Chicago. 

Either way, she was fun and he kind of wished he could meet her in person. However that probably wasn’t going to happen in any time soon, and he had things to do, as well as places to be. The chain store was a good twelve miles away so he had some walking to do. 


…The second scene was the one immediately following, where Eliot talks Hardison down.  The scene had some serious emotional context for the show sure, as it was nice to finally say in text what we felt that relationship had become – brothers.  But it had a second layer.  A very dear friend of mine was in Air Force Combat Search and Rescue right out of high school.  When we were younger, and I was freaking out or insecure or nervous about something, he’d pep talk me.  He’d do that neck grab and tuck my head in, because touching helmets like that, that’s as close as you can get in a combat situation.  "Fucking relax.   Smartest guy I know,“ he’d say, often impatiently.

Well, that friend passed, not long before I wrote that scene.  So I was writing him in that scene. Writing one of the four or so guys who became my brothers, who lived in my house, ate at my mom’s table, sat around bullshitting in the Burger King parking lot for hours every night, who kept me from being a nervous, shy physics geek who never wrote, never performed, never joked.

When I explained that context to Christian and Aldis and Beth, I have to admit I teared up.  And then – and this is why I love them – they dug in on that scene.  They’d already rehearsed and committed to it, but then they really brought something extra. Kane in particular, knew he was playing my brother, and ran over after every take to make sure he was landing it. So know that for every time I say "Fucking Oklahoma…” because of some bone-headed stunt bullshit he did, understand I’ll always love him, and Aldis and Beth, for how they acted that day.

— John Rogers [x]

so good, clean crisp lines mixed with haphazard charm.

Here it comes, 21 days til I turn 26. Let’s be nostalgic, and commemorate all the good a quarter of a century has brought.

For those bitter cold days ahead.

Scotch tastes like history, are the words that flowed from my mouth after my third sip 

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Ash: You should probably put your bandit hat on now. Personally, I- I don’t have one, but I modified this tube sock.

[they put on their ‘hats’]

Kristofferson: We look good.

Ash: Yeah. We do.


We have not! requested & fulfilled, bb - I really, really loved this bit, so thanks for giving me an excuse to gif it.

Does anyone else have a favorite bit or highlight from The Rundown Job?

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The Rundown: 3 years, 9 months & 2 years, 4 months


I used to write these sort of updates all the time. I’d make a list of your weights and heights and milestones. I wanted a record all of the ways you were growing and changing month over month.

But for the past six months or more, I haven’t written a post like this. Your changes have come so fast I’ve barely had time to register them. Every day I wake up to two children who are taller, smarter, more animated than the day before. I come home from work and I swear you’ve grown while I was away. I curl up next to you at bedtime and try to imagine how it used to feel to hold you as a baby. Those little round bellies and chubby arm rolls have turned into long, skinny legs and feet that outgrow shoes at an alarming rate.

Every season, as I go through your closets and pack away the things you’ll never wear again, I do it with a lump in my throat. Sometimes, I cave to my own hang-ups, and squeeze you into a favorite t-shirt that should have been abandoned months ago…even though your belly hangs out and it’s tight in the arms. I just want one more day of seeing you run around in that silly piece of clothing you once wore daily.

I don’t know exactly how much either of you weigh or how tall you are now. I do know that the top of Everly’s head comes up to my hip and my arms grow tired while carrying Arlo much quicker than they did even a few months ago .  Arlo, your hair has grown long enough to fall in your eyes. I’m the only one left who thinks it shouldn’t be cut, but I’m standing my ground on that one. Everly, you’ve reached the age where you will patiently let me braid your hair or put it up in little buns. You love to admire my handiwork in the mirror when I’m done.

Everly, you are so full of reason and inquiry. You make up the best songs. You have a great sense of humor and above all, you continue to make me so proud with the way you have empathy for others. You share beautifully and like to make gifts for your loved ones. You are sometimes bossy, often stubborn and a born leader. I watch as every where you go, others are drawn to your energy and confidence. Your spirited nature will no doubt be a challenge to our parenting at times as you grow, but know that it is also one of the things I most admire in you.

 Arlo, you bring pure joy to our world. You are rarely in a hurry but love to speed around the house on your balance bike. You are quiet and content except when you get your heart broken, which is fairly often. You go with the flow, are comfortable to just be, and most happy when you are surrounded by cars and trucks and toy motorcycles. You are not a rough and tumble kid. You are thoughtful and purposeful, affectionate and silly. When I lay down with you at night, you reach out and slowly rub the back of my arms. I can tell, already, that your goodness will make waves in this world.

I’ve stopped counting all the words the two of you say and tracking all of the milestones you’re reaching, because I know you are right where you are supposed to be. We are in no hurry to rush either of you into formal education right now. We are introducing letter, color, and shape identification through lots and lots of book reading. We are being protective of these early childhood years. You will learn all about writing and reading and counting soon enough, but for now, our greatest focus on learning is around the art of adventure and play.

You are both just great kids. We love being your parents. Keep up the good work, you’ve already got this whole childhood thing down pat.