All Along [10]

Wow! You guys have permission to travel here and kick the crap out of my laptop. I actually posted this chapter two days ago- TWO. 2. T-W-O. My laptop I guess just didn’t post it, I’m assuming because it died halfway through posting. I haven’t had Internet access so I haven’t been able to check the status of AA10, though you can imagine my surprise upon finding out there is nothing to be noted, because it didn’t post. :’) Well, here you are…. Love you all.

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For all people that enjoy TV Shows. Return Dates

Faking it: August 31

Grey’s Anatomy: September 24

Scandal: September 24

How To Get Away With Murder: September 24

Once Upon a Time: September 27

Agents Of Shield: September 29

The Flash: October 5

Arrow: October 6

Supernatural: October 6

The Vampire Diaries: October 8

The Originals: October 8

Reign: October 9

The Walking Dead: October 11

Supergirl: October 26

Grimm: October 30

The Royals (E!): November 15

Shameless (US): January 17