I love Rogue One, but one of the funniest things about A New Hope is all the running around that everyone did on the Death Star. So here’s what Rogue One might have been like had there been more running. (Also, I just like the idea of K2 grabbing Jyn and Bodhi–he would do so reluctantly, and Jyn would be pissed about being grabbed. And Chirrut doesn’t need to be carried, he just thought it looked like fun–also he’s about to trip the Deathtrooper.) 

Headcanons about Ryuji and his Piercings! 

Based on this Chart: 

And this screenshot: 

We can obviously tell that Bon has: 

  • Standard Lobe (on each ear) 
  • Orbital (on each ear)

  • Helix (on each ear) 

and (I believe):

  • Rook (on each ear) 

These are obviously canon! 

A personal headcanon of mine (and the only other piercing I can think of Bon having at this point in time)

  • Nipple piercing! 

Originally I just thought that he would only have one nipple pierced - but considering his ear piercings are so symmetrical..maybe he gets them both pierced? (I like him best with just one though <3 )

Later in Life: 

  • I hope he gets a Daith piercing to help with his migraines (that I’m almost 100% certain he has!)
  • I’m also pretty convinced that later in life (when he’s like…I dunno, 18 or something) he’ll get his right eyebrow pierced.

I think he got his piercings for many reasons but none are very deep: 

  • Rebelling (against his parents and society and what not) 
  • to look cool (its the first thing Rin said about him afterall) 
  • to stand out/uphold his image 
  • he probably genuinely enjoys body art such as piercings and tattoos and thought for a long time about what he did want on his body 

(No, I do not think Bon got any of his piercings by losing a bet with Shima.)

I’m also fairly certain he changes his piercings to things he believes would heal him. Like changing the lobe piercings from just the metal to studs (or dangle-y) earrings with specific crystals/stones on them that has specific healing powers. 

For example: 

Because According to this:

Lapis Lazuli helps battle migraines! 

(He would never be caught by anyone other than Konekomaru or Shima wearing dangle-y earrings though!!)

I’m certain he has all different types of healing crystal/stone earrings. He knows how each one helps him and keeps them in a earring box hidden in his drawer. 

Morning Sisterhood!

Another warm day in the Colonies. Pretty soon it will be time for picnics and sunshine.

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Cassian came back for her. Again and again. After Scarif, that complicates things for Jyn, who’s used to running.