re. The Rook

If I could n o t with the Myfanwy/Shantay shippy feelings that’d be Great

How fucking domestic of a closing scene though holy fuck.

Overall I rather enjoyed it, the moments of dry humour were on point. Could have done with a bit of fleshing out to make the characters feel more like characters and less like waystations in the pursuit of the killer, and a bit slowpaced for the huge exposition dump at the end. Interesting worldbuilding and a kinda cool POV format that probably carries better over text than over audio, as it would get distracting at points. A bit heavyhanded with the foreshadowing, and the double fakeout with regards to the identity of the perpetrator had me rolling my eyes (I mean, saw that one coming from a mile away). Good balance of lighthearted and gritty urban fantasy, and overall a well-done first novel.

“the way is to climb
the way is to lie still
and let the moon do its work on your body

and then to rise
through forests and oceans of lives
and through the way of the black rocks, splitting, wide,
and flow
ten thousand miles.”

well, i’ve had enough,
wasting my body, my life
i’ll come away, come away from the shallows

but can this sullen child,
as bound as the ox that i ride,
climb to the heart of the white wind, singing, high,
and blow
through my frozen eyes?


                                                                                                            Are you with me ?
                                                                                                                                               All the way.