Hollywood directors/producers/casting directors saying they can’t find the right actor for a role within the demographic called for in the script should be obvious to everyone as bullshit, but I don’t think people really understand exactly how bullshit it is.

When I was holding auditions for The N-Word, I did four days of auditions. I got over three hundred responses for three roles. I ended up auditioning around a hundred of them. This is for a non-paying low-budget webseries pilot. I found amazing actors for the roles. If I, with no casting experience or budget, can make that happen in two weekends, so can people with millions of dollars and months of time.

diversity isn’t putting oppressed people in villainous roles and calling it a day. that’s called stereotyping and furthering of discrimination and prejudice, and by no means do you have to be okay with that kind of treatment. you deserve better than to only see yourself in ugly, undesirable, unempathetic roles.

I had a professor who instead of doing role call the first day she had you write your Roster name, Preferred Name or Nickname, and your pronouns on an index card and then used that for attendance the first day and role call throughout the semester.

If you’re in the education field please do this with your classes. It is so easy and makes a huge different in the lives of queer students and normalizing queer identities.

To Virgo:

Please don’t be offended or feel discouraged by the servant archetype because it’s a very important one. Society tends to look down upon servants to the point where a lot of them aren’t taken seriously. The servant archetype highlights all of your beautiful, positive qualities and your negative ones too, if you’d like me to be honest.

Servants are important. They’re the only ones willing to do the hard work. People say everybody can do a work of a servant because it doesn’t require a lot of “work” but then these same people will actively try not to do it because they’re too weak to do it. You guys are the reason why the world functions. You guys are the only ones strong enough to willingly put down your ego to keep the world going. Some people can’t do that, but you most certainly can, and that’s admirable.

The world would be a mess without you. You have an important role. You can be modest all you want, but you, just like the rest of the signs are extremely important, even if society doesn’t seem to think so.


NCT’s mentor : Kim Doyoung 👨‍🎓

Kaede and Tenko sang a special song for Kaede’s birthday!
'Billions' Will Make TV History With Gender Non-Conforming Star
Asia Kate Dillon says they are here to "change the game."

A nonbinary actor portraying a nonbinary character in a major TV series!

Taylor, they said, is different from other cultural depictions of non-binary and gender non-conforming people in that the character’s storyline didn’t focus on coming out or rejection from their friends and family. Calling the role a “personal breakout,” they said. “Not only is Taylor different from anything we’ve seen on television before, but I am something new, too. I’m here to change the game.”

the only good moment in 6 seasons of this crappy show