a letter from John Hancock to his wife Dorothy [1783]

"I should have sent you a four rib piece of beef roasted, but I had it taken off the spit and the barge men with myself devour’d the whole that you must be content with the surloin—"

i kinda wanna make it clear that i don’t ship hidekane romantically. it’s a cool ship though. i think i just really like writing about the relationships between characters no matter if i ship them or not. this is mostly like…”if things were different, then maybe i could see hidekane as something that would happen” so this is like a little canon-divergent scenario!

(i feel like i make tsukiyama sound like a bad person in this, but it’s only bc this scenario is really early on so there isn’t any room for all his character development. sorry shuu I promise I love you)

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This is not just being racist about all them foreigners eating squirrels. Oh no. This is an altogether classier kind of racism about all them foreigners eating swans.