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oh whoa i didn't know you'd freak out im actually really sorry i had no idea that you'd freak out like that like i figured you'd be upset bc i said wearing the diapers is really creepy but you're disabled i had no idea at all and you don't have to forgive me i'm just sorry for being so mean to you when i didn't know your background or reasons and im sorry you're not a bad person i find adults who wears diapers without needing them weird but i didn't mean to hurt you that badly and im sorry

what you said is never okay to say to anybody,, whether or not they are disabled. you were rude, unjustified, and caused me to have a panic attack, so thank you for that. i wont forgive anyone who goes to peoples inboxes to insult, attack, and hurt them. sending anon hate is gross and uncalled for, if you “didn’t mean to hurt me that badly” why would you send screaming caps letters calling me and everyone who wears diapers because it makes them feel happy and comfortable or because they need to, disgusting and that they need help. you figured i’d be upset so you sent it. you are a bully. i’m glad you’re sorry, i bet you’d feel terrible if someone went into your inbox calling everything you are disgusting (especially if you are sensitive to caps and cursing) and making you break down into a panic attack in public! when half the people in the world already think youre gross and abnormal for regressing! people in the regression community, you know, sometimes need them because it helps them cope with trauma and they cant help it for trauma or disabled reasons, maybe its their comfort item. if they arent doing it for bad reasons like kink, there is NOTHING wrong with them. there are adult diapers which they call pads in the store for a reason, they are for everyone who needs them. some regressors need them because it makes them feel safe and comfortable, and half the time don’t even use them, they just wear them. you don’t know me, you don’t know anyone’s story yet you felt “oh this’ll be fine” to go scream at me in my inbox, in my safe space, for ME being positive about something that’s literally looked down upon enough, without even knowing me, on anon. that is. horrible. you need to rethink your morals. just because you think something is weird, doesnt mean you actively seek out those people to attack, bully, hurt, or upset them. that leads me to believe maybe youre the one who needs help. just because i dont agree with something, or understand it (which you obviously clearly do not), doesnt mean i go to the people who have to do with it to make them feel terrible and insult them. even the words you used were mean and horrible and gross. how can anybody, anybody with a heart ever think to be that unkind to people they don’t even know or understand. 
and dont be mad at me for being “salty” or mad, you ruined my night and made me break down. i have every right to be rude to you, but i’m not going to bother anymore. you aren’t worth wasting my breath on. i’m going to continue to do what i need to do, because you do not have a say in my life and what makes me comfortable and what i can and cannot help.
now get out of my inbox and never come back. i do not want you here.


Finally put these together! Here are all of the toasts (with Kil’jaeden’s commentary tossed in as well, of course) people gave during Blinded Fate’s Roast of Vahndyr ( @doodlejinx ) event.  Y’all did an awesome job on these, I was crying with laughter for basically the entire evening.

vagues w emily

n also the way she talks and holds herself is so elitist and superior i couldn’t Deal with it so i just unfollowed her like she always writes in complete sentences and uses long warm words like she holdin some sorta speech every time she answers an ask

anon: uh how d o i send an ask to someone

her: Sending asks is an integral part of tumblr culture, i’ve found. I think that it’s very important to locate the bubble in someone’s profile and click on it before sending a message. You can select anonymous if you want but try not to send anonymous hate! Unless its to an army haha. Just kidding we have to be respectful to all fandoms. Anonymous hate can tear lives apart, anon. Stay safe.

there are so many white people (thank goodness not all though) who think white people are SO much better than people of colour and its wild. Y'all just look at this interview , in  it richard spencer goes on a rant about how white people built the US (lets totally ignore slave labour, immigrants and whatnot), how white people ‘dont need people of colour’ because white people are so much more advanced than us: basically he’s saying white people are doing US a favour by allowing us to be near them  (thats why I’m so pissed about teachers way too often only teaching their class about european philosophers, poets, scientists etc… its socialised way too many people into wrongly thinking europeans built our world), he even went as far as saying ancient egypt was one of the greatest civilisation our world has ever seen and- wait for it- white people built the pyramids. There is literally no proof to back up the latter statement. If anything its a lot more likely people of colour built them when you take into account egypt is literally in AFRICA and hieroglyphs 99.9 percent of the time only depict black and brown people as oppose to white skinned one…Anyway you guys really needs to watch that interview white supremacists are wild

and also just a sidenote but @ people who think people of colour complaining about representation either in our media or in our schools are just ‘whining’ about nothing, this in a nutshell is why representation is so important to us