Marco Polo title sequence

creation by The Mill 

Marco Polo, series based on a true story in Kublai Khan’s court in Thirteen century China. The creative team at Mill wanted to visually represent the metaphors of the show with themes of greed, betrayal, sexual intrigue & rivalry by contrasting them with various images of beauty, grace, and authenticity. Important note on the last image: in the drop hides an ‘easter egg’, a skull !

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curtsies** I am in love with your love of King Lear! Not many people are familiar with it or have taken a liking to it. It was assigned during my grade nine year instead of Romeo and Juliet. It was a whirlwind romance... and here I am, ten years later, still completely smitten. Love the play and I love that you are in love with it~~

*Curtsies* I think Lear is a play most people kind of grow into, unless they’re like me and evidently you and were basically born 80 years old. But at the same time I think a lot of people get put off by it without reading it because they think, “Oh, it’s a play about a grumpy old man.” And it is a play about a grumpy old man. But it’s also a play about his ambitious scheming daughters and the moral war of their young husbands and the deadly sibling rivalry between Gloucester’s sons. It’s an epic drama and a scathing black comedy and almost a piece for theatre of cruelty as you slowly watch two older men fall into madness and despair after the sheer horrors their children force them to witness. It’s about God and fate and passion and fear and earth-shaking cosmic chaos and for the love of the Bard I wish people didn’t get totally the wrong idea of it before ever reading it.

If you’ve never read King Lear, forget everything you think know about it. Take a deep breath and take the plunge. Be prepared to drown in your feelings.

Fun Roller Derby Romance AU Prompt // Darcy Lewis/? 

 “ After being dumped by her live-in boyfriend, who she had supported through college, Darcy is tricked into trying out for the local roller derby team by her BFF Jane–the SHIELD Slammers. At the tryouts hilarity ensues when she leaves her mark on some of the hunky men in the inline hockey team practicing on the next rink over. But she makes it, impresses Peggy and Natasha, the tough leaders of the team. The rivalry between the hockey team and the roller derby team is legendary and fraternizing is out of the question, but why is it so hard? (hint : she’s not the only one, the others are just better at keeping secrets)“

Basically, you can do whatever you want with that prompt! All the ships yeah!)

ok but consider the following:

candela and blanche literally have the biggest rivalry but are also in deep undying love with one another. blanche shows up with like 86 new pokemon and candela just pulls out a fucking cp one million rattata and they both try to one-up each other in their areas of expertise but really they just want to impress each other. literally the sapphic icons of the pokemon world.

spark was that level four douche in high school who screamed “ha gay” at everything but mellowed out as he grew up. he tries to be a good leader to his team but is kinda too aloof and will disappear for weeks and come back with countless hatched pokemon that he nicknames and keeps forever. went through a gay awakening at some point during his youth and embodies the tender achillean aesthetic and isn’t even lowkey about it.

the members of all three teams wonder how their leaders keep their positions when they’re all literally too gay to function.

Kurobas Week - Day 2: Rivalries

Those two are obviously not concerned. ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧

Translation here since I left it in Japanese :3

Aomine : That pass was for me !

Kise : No, for me !

*on Midorin’s sheet : School Grades*

Mukkun : Kurochin, I have Maiubou. Want some ?

Kuroko : Yes, thank you.

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How would a gymnastics AU work? Like Scepter 4 and Homra are two rival gyms whose top gymnasts always tie(oh and the gyms always tie for team awards too), like Homra tends to be better at the more power based events like floor, pommel horse and vault, while Scepter 4 tends to win rings, parallel pars and high bar(but like, Andy's the exception to that, he's really shitty at the more delicate things) and maybe some of Scepter4 branch off into rhythmic gymnastics for fun on occasion.

Just imagine the epic gymnastics rivalry between Munakata and Mikoto, Munakata cannot abide by Homra’s crude way of performing that shows no sense of artistry whatsoever and Mikoto just wants Munakata to shut up and stop lecturing him on artistry. Munakata probably wants all of his people to wear like fancy sparkly outfits too, the kind more suited for women’s gymnastics than men’s, because Munakata is all about accuracy and spectacle. Maybe he watched the Olympics one day as a small adorable child and was captivated by the gymnastics team, he decided that one day he would run his own gym and shape the world of gymnastics to his will. Mikoto just started a gym because Kusanagi inherited it from his uncle and Totsuka was super into gymnastics at the time (despite having weak ankles that made it difficult for him to ever be a decent gymnast) and somehow Mikoto ended up being surrounded by dudes who really wanted to learn gymnastics from him and he was like eh, why not. The Homra guys are definitely the big muscle-bound gymnastic types, they excel at a lot of the power-based events though Scepter 4 gives them a run for their money sometimes – like vault, Homra has a lot of strong guys who can put a lot of power into their vaults but the Scepter 4 guys while not as strong are a bit more agile and can do fancier moves in mid-air.

Originally Yata and Fushimi join the Homra gym together and Yata’s like this tiny flying powerhouse, he’s probably great at the vault and the pommel horse (despite his short legs). Fushimi’s better at things like the parallel bars and high bar, which Homra doesn’t really specialize in. Yata thinks it’s cool because that means Homra needs Fushimi, like he’s their best at those events but Fushimi doesn’t like it because he’s not very good at all at some of Homra’s best events. Also his floor routines are really delicate and seem more like the type of routines female gymnasts do and he feels like the Homra guys are mocking him for it (in addition, Fushimi secretly loves doing rhythmic gymnastics, he’s a master at using tools after all). Munakata spots Fushimi practicing his rhythmic gymnastics routine in secret at an unaffiliated gym one day and tries to recruit him on the spot. Fushimi joins Scepter 4 and of course he ruins things with Yata because that’s kinda what Fushimi does. Maybe even though Fushimi’s best events are the bars he convinces Munakata to train him in vault because that’s Yata’s best event and this way they can complete against each other. (Then in the big competition upstart gym Jungle tries to sabotage Homra by breaking Totsuka’s ankles and destroying Homra’s morale, in order to help defeat them Fushimi has to do a super dangerous vault that he sticks but he injures himself in the process. Fushimi’s sacrifice gives Yata the resolve to do the best vault of his life though and Homra and Scepter 4 end up tying for first place.)  

Just a PSA

I know I reblog a lot of jokes on here teasing Team Mystic and Team Instinct, but I’m not serious! Do not misconstrue my humor for sincerity! Don’t be rude to other teams! Friendly rivalry is good and well but do not be a bully!


I'll Admit it to Everyone But Myself

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by Romi8675309

Keith and Lance have been locked in this rivalry since they first became a part of Voltron. But is there something more to it? Pidge seems to think so. So does Hunk. In fact, everyone but them can see that their feelings aren’t just friendly rivals.

Question is, will they figure it out too late?

Words: 1716, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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A 4-fight highlight of one of the most entertaining rivalries in muay Thai history. Dekkers vs Coban