The Heaven and Hell Conundrum

Ricky poses a question to Karl:  2 angels are guarding 2 doors.  1 goes to Heaven, 1 goes to Hell.  1 of the angels will only tell the truth and will only tell lies.  If you could only ask one question (addressing both of them at the same time), how do you find out which door they are guarding?

Karl: I can’t just sort of have a feel for the door, to see if there’s any heat?

Then Karl asks if he can look through the keyhole.  Then he wonders how 2 completely different characters could get along:

Karl: Would they be neighbors, would they be that close?

Karl finally comes up with an answer:

Karl: Got some post for God here and it needs to be signed.  Is God in?

Ricky says they would both answer Yes to the question (one of course is lying).

Karl: Look lads, I’m just trying to do a job here.  What am I gonna do with this?

**Of course that’s not the correct answer, so you’ll just have to listen to the audiobook to find out…


I Could Eat A Knob At Night - Karl Pilkington (feat. Ricky Gervais) 

made my me with the help of my very original apple loops


Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, resting on their laurels.

Put that right in the fuckin’ bin, pieceofplasticbollocks.

Welcome to the Karl Pilkington Project - Day 1

Welcome to The Karl Pilkington Project.  My name is Jen and my obsession is Karl.  This blog will feature all things related to Karl as well as some Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant.  Here you will find quotes, definitions, diary entries, insights, monkey news, and much more.  I hope you enjoy…

Ashley: LMFAO HAHAHA Stephen failing to barely finish Karl’s diary entry about a horse not being able to go into a pub anymore as he used to be a regular but the pub is under new management

Ann: Lool! I love when Stephen kicks off with him about never doing anything with his time

Ashley: Whilst he makes videos of himself using an action app

Ashley: on his damn phone

Ann: Lmfao 

jrmswell answers the important questions
  • Q:Minecraft or Terraria?
  • A:Terraria
  • Q:Brié or Stilton?
  • A:Stilton
  • Q:BBC or ITV?
  • A:HA HA HA... Oh, BBC
  • Q:Android or iOS or Windows Phone?
  • A:Android
  • Q:Sonic or Mario?
  • A:Sonic
  • Q:Xbox or PlayStation?
  • A:PC
  • Q:Windows or OSX or Linux Distro?
  • A:Winders
  • Q:North or South
  • A:North, because Yorkshire
  • Q:Change of pace, Artist?
  • A:Sufjan Stevens
  • Q:TV Show?
  • A:Rick and Morty
  • Q:Back we go, shower or bath?
  • A:Bath
  • Q:Colour?
  • A:Orange
  • Q:Podcast
  • A:This is actually a tricky one, Ricky Gervais
  • Q:Radio Station
  • A:BBC Radio 2
  • Q:Come back later for more questions