Does he see what I see?
Does he feel what I feel?

Lauren Wiley - 25th Anniversary US Tour
Sandra Turley - Broadway 2002
Samantha Hill - Broadway Revival 2014
AJ Callaghan - London 2011
Leanne Dobinson - London 2008
Samantha Dorsey - London 2013
Ali Ewoldt - Broadway Revival 2007
Regan Thiel - US Tour 2000
Katie Hall - International Tour 2011


Sufjan Stevens - Coachella - Full Set

If you missed the Age of Adz tour (which is one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to) make sure to catch Suf’s full and first Coachella set as he revives his 2011 tour complete with Icarus wings, balloon suit, back up dancers, smashing banjo, and a 20 minute Impossible Soul remix. COUCHELLA MVP

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Your Daily Dose of Mumford and Sons 2/6/14 features pictures of the boys and a video plus download of This Train is Bound for Glory from the Railroad Revival Tour in 2011. We also have the acceptance speeches and performances from the 2013 and 2011 Brit Awards posted. Go check it out!