Never drawn a srs comic in my liiiife. Guess I shouldn´t think too hard about this, everything about it. Who knew this was harder than shit posting.

Been feelin real bad bout my drawings for a bit, and I don´t think I really know how to pace something. Good to know, see you tomorrow class

File got corrupted twice and keept saving over the wrong versions *FFFF*

So I am doing a little unfollowing to clean up my dash and as such I need some new blogs to follow. I would appreciate if you boost this as well so I can find some people to follow.

Please reblog if you post/reblog a lot of:
> Overwatch
> McGenji
> Genji Shimada
> Hanzo Shimada
> Reaper / Gabriel Reyes
> Jesse McCree
> Roadrat
> Junkrat

Please if you post mass amounts of McHanzo, I already have too much on my dash. I am not looking for more. I will not check likes.

If you post a lot of:

> Star Wars

I will not follow you I am sorry.