Lmao it still boggles my mind that in all the popular and progressive Media™ ive seen recently Jake Peralta is the only dude who confesses his romantic feelings with zero attitude of expectation or entitlement and completely puts the person he’s confessing to’s emotional agency as the priority over his own disappointment

Y'all it’s not that hard to write baseline respect of autonomy into your male character’s interactions with the women they love

27 Things I've Learned From My Favorite Books, PT.1

Today is my birthday. I am 27 years old and I am having a crisis. I am not who I thought I would be at 27. I have not done the things I thought I would do by the age of 27. And, I’m still reading the same kinds of books that I read 7 years ago at 20. Am I the same person I was 7 years ago? Have  I not evolved, have I not changed? More importantly…is it time to grow up? Should I be reading more serious books? Should I put down my fantasy worlds, my YA books and my romance novels and finally submit myself to lit? Non fiction, history books?

It took me a few days, but the answer is HELL NO. My books are real books and they are age appropriate. Why? Because, I learn from them. Because, they’ve changed me. BECAUSE I LOVE THEM.   

Below is part 1 of the 27 Things I’ve Learned From My Favorite Books:

1. It’s never too late to make it right. From Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

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After abandoning Harry and Hermione in the worst possible moment when they needed each other more than ever, Ron came back with a vengeance, saving Harry’s life, taking out horcruxes, fighting in a major battle and winning the girl. If Ron can come back from his selfish actions, who is to say that I can’t? 

2. Never too old for love. From Anne Elliot in Persuasion 

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It’s been a long time since I’ve had a boyfriend, had strong feelings for another person or even held someone’s hand. Sometimes I feel like it will never happen. Then I think of Ann Elliot in Jane Austen’s final book Persuasion. She was well and truly on the shelf. A spinster who at the ripe old age of 27 rekindled a love that she had ruined and got her happily ever after.

3. Never be afraid to try new things. From The Night Huntress series 

This is a little bit different than the rest. I won One Foot in the Grave the second book in the Night Huntress series by Jeanine frost in a Facebook competition held by the publisher. I had never read fantasy or paranormal romance and thought vampires were stupid. Then I got this book in the mail and I consumed it. When I say consumed I mean I recently found my copy and both the back and front covers are missing. I read it so many times it began falling apart. From there I discovered my undying love for urban fantasy and kick ass girls in high heeled boots who are deadly as their boyfriends, if not more so. If I hadn’t been willing to try this book, which at the time was completely different from anything i’d ever read, I would have missed out on the great loves of my life.

4. Sometimes the thing that makes you weird is the thing that makes you stronger. From Cat in One Foot in the Grave

Cat is an anomaly half vampire, half human. Unheard of. It makes her an outcast, neither human nor vamp and no one knows what to do with her.  But, do you know what Cat is? A half breed! It means that she is as fast, as strong and as fierce as any vampire but is not an animated corpse. She gets the supernatural skill but still gets to eat, and breathe and watch the sunrise. I love that, because my loud personality, my inability to be embarrassed, my brutal honesty are the things that make me stand out, gives those people who don’t like me a clear reason not to, but it also makes me strong, makes me able to adapt and roll with the punches. Being a little odd can be an asset.

5. Sure, you could get even or you could forgive and have an enriching life. From Captain Wentworth in Persuasion 

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When Captain Wentworth returns to upper cross he has one thing in mind, to show Anne Elliot everything that she’s been missing. He wants to flaunt the fact that she was wrong about him and that he was so much better than she thought all those years ago when she broke their engagement.  But, after a few days in her presence, after seeing her strength, her kindness and talking to her and remember her keen mind, he can’t hold on to the anger any longer. He needs to forgive and allow himself to love her. And you know, I absolutely believe they lived happily ever after because of it.


6. One great friend can make all the difference.  From Ron and Harry

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There are people who hate Ron Weasley. People who think he shouldn’t have gotten the girl and that blows my mind. Because, when I think of Ron I think of the boy with the big family, who had inadequacy issues and still took the most famous boy in their world under his wing. I think of him not going home with his siblings to stay behind at Hogwarts so Harry wouldn’t be alone. I think about him believing somewhere in his heart that the girl he loved was into his best friend and coming back an saving Harry anyway. I think about the dark tunnels he walked into, the spiders he faced, the trolls he fought and the best game of chess ever played all in service to his Bff. What’s funny is that I don’t aspire to be Harry and have such friends. I aspire to be Ron Weasley who is so much better in the books.

7. Sometimes actions speak louder than words. From Aristotle in Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

This will be difficult without spoiling the plot. But, towards the end of the book the question of how Aristotle truly feels is on the forefront of his mind. But, what I love most about this book is that halfway through, way before he asks himself the question, he takes an amazing action that puts himself at risk. That action answers all the questions and doubts whirling inside of him more incredibly than any words ever could. 

8. You don’t have to settle, no matter the circumstances. From Lizzie Bennet in Pride & Prejudice

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Let’s face it, Ms. Elizabeth should have accepted Mr.   She just should have. She was 1 of 5 daughters in a world where she couldn’t work, in a town where the men were scarce and she had younger sisters who were sixteen years old and already on the marriage mart. There was a great chance that she wouldn’t get a second proposal. And, when she did get a second proposal from someone as rich as Mr. Darcy who was socially her superior she absolutely should have accepted. But she didn’t, because she wanted to to be happy. She wanted to be respected and respect her spouse. She wanted the truest love and she risked everything until she got it. 

9. Letting people in is the scariest thing you can do, but it could change your life. From Kate Daniels in Magic Shifts

When the Kate Daniels series begins, she’s alone. Not just alone, but lonely and grieving. She has to be alone and has to keep herself secret simply because of her heritage because the man who is her father who will come looking for her one day and when he finds her, he will kill her and lay waste to her life. So, she keeps to herself as not to take anyone down in the cross fire. But, as the series continues she gets a best friend, a badass teen protégé, an adopted daughter and one of the most amazing men in books as the love of her life. Is she afraid for them constantly? Yea. But, they’ve all proven themselves strong, capable and deadly enough to walk into an unbreakable prison to break her out. 

10. If You Don’t fuck up where’s your halo? From Keith Richards in Life.

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Keith Richards has been addicted to heroin, he’s watched the woman he loved almost die in a wreck while carrying his first child, he’s fallen out of trees, he’s had his girlfriend’s lover shoot himself in his bed, he’s been in love with his best friends girl, he’s had his best friend sleep with his girl, his been banned from France, put on the USA’s watch list and has been in rehab several times and he is one of the greatest guitar players and song writers of all time. By all rights, Keith Richards should be dead, but be was alive to write Life one of my favorite memoirs and to make me cry during a performance of one of my favorite songs Happy in 2015. He’s not perfect, he’s fucked up but he’s alive and has done some amazing things with his life. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes it’s how we come back from those mistakes that matter.

11. Sometimes you just have to hold on to what you love. Percy Jackson in the Mark of Athena.

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If you haven’t read this book, skip this one.

At the end of mark of Athena, the heroes win. At least, they think they win until the villain while falling into Tartarus makes one last play and wraps her web around Annabeth’s leg and begins to pull the daughter of Athena into Tartarus, the hell of the titans. The unsafest place for a demigod to be. Quick thinking Percy grabs her hand. He holds on for as long as he can. Until he realizes there’s no use, she’s going to fall. So he makes a quick choice. He knows that the prophecy calls for the doors to be opened from inside of Tartarus. He knows that the girl he loves is going to fall and he knows that he doesn’t let go of the wall he will fall with her. So, he gives his friends instructions to meet him on the other side, then e holds on to Annabeth’s and together they fall into hell. I love this scene, one because it proves once and for all that Percy Jackson is THE hero.( sorry Jason grace) and, it shows thy when you love something or someone you hold on to them no matter what it takes. Especially when that person makes you better, especially when you know that together you are unstoppable.


12. Don’t be the fantasy, be the real. Remington “Riptide” Tate in real.

When Brooke meets Remy, the MMA fighter that every girl wants she wants run away, hook up with her fantasy guy and have an adventure. Remy refuses to sleep with her, because he doesn’t want to be her one night stand, that steamy story she tells her friends, a night of adventure. He wants to be her adventure, her guy, the one she says goodnight to every night. He wants to be her real.

To Be Continued…

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Real shit p2.

Another thing I’ve noticed…

Hollywood movies catered to men are always explicitly violent. Xmen, spiderman, Avengers exc. This teaches boys to use force and aggression to feel good enough to attract women.

Women on the other hand have sappy soap operas and badly written love stories to live up to. These sad money suckers are mainly written by men…sometimes the same men that write the action films..sometimes written by gay men who make women look like depressed fools out of their self hatred. They write women as fragile victims who are miss treated by men, but still have to forgive them because their life would have less spark and adventure without them.

The point I’m trying to make is this..

1. writers in Hollywood are semi responsible for abusive relationships because the aggressive man is the best and he will only choose the coy female.

2. If the women is not silent or subservient in nature, she will never be worthy enough for a strong man. ( meanwhile, a real strong man wouldn’t have to worry about a women’s intelligence or if he is taller then her, nor would he fight other men )

* this is messed up*

I thought movie makers were artists and feminists? Instead they are putting humans in small stereotypical boxes just so people can live out their sadistic and delusional fantasies.

The brainwashing has gotten so good that even some “cool girls” “liberals” and feminists are consumed by them. ( watch any indie film or music video about a semi artistic/ self destructive hipster guy who “has to find himself ” while he treats his gf like crap.

* the women aren’t any better either in that department*

Ex: the hipster girls that says “ I am into love, Buddhism and romance but they ghost the nice guy that they’ve been dating for months because they "fear love and commitment” and would rather shack up with another guy because he’s in a band.

Lol I know I got into a big rant but it’s just what I’ve noticed about our messed up society. You don’t have to read or believe. It’s my one woman opinion. I think I just have some angst about not fitting in with the gender binaries of this world, so I have become more observant through loneliness. I feel like the lonelier you are, the more you see the real world and the relations within it.

Oh and my gender pronoun is alien.

REAL TALK: Why does everyone over the age of 25 ask about your relationship status when they see you for the first time in a long time, instead of asking about other life updates?

You know, even as a young English literature student, I still got:   Knightley was the *real* hero of the Jane Austen books, not Darcy.

Unlike Darcy, Knightley never had to learn to be good and polite in the first place. He was, instinctively, a decent person. He always was. He didn’t need a woman (like Darcy did) to make him realize so. 

Darcy bitched about silly spinster girls at a dance party who wasted his time. Knightley never would have.   

And, in the most powerful scene of that novel, Knightley  called out Emma for how horrible she was to Miss Bates. Even though he was, as we learned later, quite madly, in love with Emma. 

But, despite his feelings, he still had to tell her: “Stop being a spoiled brat and act like a decent fucking human being for once.”  

That’s why Mr Knightley is one of the greatest heroes in literature.  His morality.
If Jane Austen Got Feedback From Some Guy In A Writing Workshop
Just a couple notes.
By Shannon Reed

Dear Jane,

I don’t usually read chick lit, but I didn’t hate reading this draft of your novel, which you’re calling Pride and Prejudice. I really liked the part where Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle went on a road trip, which reminded me of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (also about a road trip — check it out!). Anyway, good job. I do have a couple of notes to share, in the spirit of constructive criticism.

So, a big question I have is “Why?” Why does Elizabeth do the things she does? Why does Mr. Darcy do the things he does? Why does Mrs. Bennet do the things she does? Have you read Hamlet? I feel like you could really learn something from how Shakespeare (the author) has Hamlet tell readers why he’s doing the things he does.

Another problem I noticed: Mr. Wickham (great name, by the way, evoking both a strong but flexible plant, and an earthly, bestial pig) is in the army, but you don’t make use of that. What if Mr. Wickham, instead of just being sort of a scoundrel (Again: why?), is a scoundrel because he’s suffering from his experiences in the war? (Which war, btw?) That way he could tell Elizabeth about it, and we would be able to see that she’s not just an independent young woman, but also a really good listener. He could tell some jokes, too, to liven up the mood, and show that Elizabeth has a good sense of humor. This could be the middle section of the book, like five or six chapters in there.

Also, why five sisters? How about just two? Combine Jane and Kitty. Or, better, make one of the sisters a brother (named “Jim,” maybe?), and then he could be the narrator who mentions his sisters from time to time! Like Hamlet!

While I’m on the sisters, is it just me, or does everyone treat Kitty really badly? Personally, I want to say “Huzzah!” to Kitty, and it’s annoying that everyone else — literally everyone else — wants to hold her back. Even you, I think— and, sorry, don’t mean to hit too close to home here, but… I’m just saying that I would totally court Kitty. She’s got a great sense of humor. But anyway, if you change her to Jim, problem solved!

A few other concerns: Mrs. Bennett is annoying, and you don’t have any people of color. Also, there aren’t a lot of men in this book. Only about the same number as there are women. I was thinking that what you could do is have Mrs. Bennett be dying, but give her a black best friend. Like Othello? (Have you read it? It’s also by Shakespeare, fwiw.) The Othello character could be her butler, maybe? There you go: three problems solved. You’re welcome!

I don’t know if you noticed this, but there’s a lot about hair ribbons here. Did you mean to do that? Maybe you could develop them into a kind of motif throughout, the way Shakespeare uses a skull in Hamlet? Maybe, when Mrs. Bennet is dying, she could ask to hold a hair ribbon? And Othello the butler could bring it to her, and tell her a story, or, better yet, get Wickham in there to tell her about the war. Oh! Perfect: just have Wickham, Jim and Othello talk about the war, while Mrs. Bennet lies unconscious in the background, holding a ribbon.

What do you think about Jim, Othello, and Wickham: Brothers in Arms as a title instead of Pride and Prejudice?

Anyway, while this isn’t something I would pick up on my own to read, I still enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Thanks for letting me take a look, and let me know if you need any more help with it.

Keep writing!

eveningflares  asked:

soup and klosh :)

Soup: Comfort food?

I know I already answered this, but also pesto. I love pesto. And fresh tomatoes! And also tacos.

Klosh: If you could go back to any three eras what would they be?

Let’s see…. the 600s or so, to see the Library of Alexandria. I admit to being curious about the Regency era (mostly I want to have tea with Jane Austen, let’s be real) and… I think actually post-WWII time would be really interesting?

Let’s be real

Am I the only one that thinks Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is going to result in a SHIT TON of Infernal Devices videos? I mean come on - 


in gorgeous period clothing

and killer fight scenes 

PLUS it even has Douglas Booth, THEE Will Herondale