What are the top 10 books that gave you a book hangover???

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Whats your favorite fanfictions for the voltron fandom? I have way too many on my to-read list, but you can never run out of good recommendations ╰(◕ᗜ◕)╯

Admin R(achel)’s Fic List:

Fair warning all my fic recs are going to be just klance fics sorry not sorry  and I’m really bad at summaries but I promise all of these are great

Of course I can’t not mention the holy grail of Klance fics Dirty Laundry You’ve probably read it already, but in case you haven’t it’s a good read despite all the discourse and chaos that is the fic’s own fandom. In Our Garden of Eden It’s a nice and cute fic based of the greek au drawn by @yaboybokuto I highly suggest you check out the art too its quality™ I Think I Found Myself A Cheerleader Lance is a bubblegum pop male cheerleader. Keith is a straight A, golf kid who hates the social hierarchy of their school. This fic is really well written, but fair warning there is shei//th in it. basically keith is crush mad hard on shiro who’s his teacher″> Camp Lake Altea Camp AU where Lance is a conselor and just wants Keith to love him Sweet Quiznak  Lance is seriously injured, and tells Hunk that if he doesn’t make it tell Keith he’d hit that. Slight v slight angst Lord knows I can’t handle angst″ Cheeky Lance misses kissing someone and Keith is annoyed enough to give him some sugar. In English, Please Lance sweet talks Keith in spanish and Keith ask Pidge to make him a translator. Also trans male Lance! Coffee Shops During Christmas   Keith just wants to work on his writing in the comfort of his favorite spot in a coffee shop, but as the shop becomes more popular (thanks to Shiro working there) Lance starts to sit at Keith’s table. Look Alive Sunshine Keith just wants coffee aND FOR THE FREAKING BARISTA (lance) TO GET HIS NAME CORRECT. When I’m Without You (I’m Something Weak) THIS FIC CHANGED MY LIFE OMG ITS GREAT! NO SPOILERS FOR THIS ONE Shut Up & Dance, Pretty Boy Prom AU Keith just wants to tell Lance how he feels and Lance can’t stop thinking about Keith and how he wants to dance with him Hetero Oh this fic makes he giggle. The gang plays never have I ever after Lance finds “alien wine” and Pidge has a device to ensures people tell the truth. tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love 10/10 I love this fic it’s great. Keith needs money for school so he gets a job at a beach resort. The first night all the employees throw a party to celebrate him getting the job and Keith gets too drunk to remember much. The next morning he meets Lance. For a second time. Klance Week fic Collection So I originally just wanted to recommend the first one but the other’s are also quality™

a href=“ Icy Embrace  Smut with story™ Keith just recently broke up with Lance and Lance is heart broken. Shiro sends the two of them into a ice cave and they get trapped, Keith begins to freeze and Lance remembers body heat is the quickest way to warm someone ;)

Admin A(va)’s Fic List: Dirty Laundry,  Of course Blueprints  Basically everyone has tattoos that are symbolic of their soulmate. Keith and Lance share matching ones (of course) but Lance is oblivious and poor Keith is dying on the inside. The writing’s pretty good and the premise is adorable. Secret Ingredients Keith and Lance are rival bakers andd just go about learning their feelings for one another. Again, pleasing writing and there can never be enough klance fluff in my life. I think there might’ve been smut near the end (last time i read) but I just skipped it?? It was cute and fine till then. (Admin R: Ava’s not down for smut.) My Youth Is Yours Lance get de-aged into an infant and bonds with Keith, who becomes super protective. Adorable and fluffy, and an added bonus: complete with nice writing tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love Admin R already explained this one but really it’s a good read.


Islamic State. ISIS. ISIL. Daesh. It’s scary, and it’s always in the news.

Part of my job as a reporter covering the Middle East for the Guardian is to report on the atrocities the group carries out on a regular basis, from the murders and killings of journalists and activists, to the large-scale atrocities against Christians and minorities, the suicide bombings and the destruction of cultural heritage in Syria and Iraq.

But ISIS isn’t the existential threat it is made out to be. The group is in retreat, losing the territory on which it has built its fictional state. To defeat the group, we must understand its roots and how it came to exist, first inside an Iraq torn apart by the American invasion, and then in a Syria destroyed in a revolution turned civil war, and how disenfranchisement and the tyrannical rule of Arab despots plunged the region into the self-immolation it is currently experiencing.

So here are a few books about ISIS that help shed some light on the birth and evolution of this nihilistic terror group. I believe we can defeat fear through understanding.

The world is divided into people who sit on the floor and those who sit on chairs. In a classic study of human posture around the world, the anthropologist Gordon W. Hewes identified no fewer than a hundred common sitting positions. “At least a fourth of mankind habitually takes the load off its feet by crouching in a deep squat, both at rest and at work,” he observed. Deep squatting is favored by people in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, but sitting cross-legged on the floor is almost as common. Many South Asians cook, dine, work, and relax in that position. Certain Native American tribes in the Southwest, as well as Melanesians, customarily sit on the floor with legs stretched straight out or crossed at the ankles. Sitting with the legs folded to one side—Lawrence’s position above—is described by Hewes as a predominantly female posture in many tribal societies.
The diversity of different postures around the world could be caused by differences in climate, dress, or lifestyle. Cold or damp floors would discourage kneeling and squatting and might lead people to seek raised alternatives; tight clothing would tend to inhibit deep squatting and cross-legged sitting; nomadic peoples would be less likely to use furniture than urban societies; and so on. But cause and effect does not explain why folding stools originated in ancient Egypt, a region with a warm, dry climate. Or why the Japanese and Koreans, who have cold winters, both traditionally sat on floor mats. Or why the nomadic Mongols traveled with collapsible furniture, while the equally nomadic Bedouins did not.
—  “Sitting Up” from Paris Review

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I’m laughing I thought I was super unorganised because I’m doing this Japanese lit course this term and I don’t even know what I’m meant to have read so I emailed the professor like ‘um is there a reading list’ and her reply was all like 'I’m so impressed by your initiative and your enthusiasm! I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!’ Like ok love you?

dear self,

your prelim tomorrow has three possible outcomes. the first is that you pass. this is likely, although not guaranteed. if you pass, you will have proven to your readers that you read and understood the prelim reading list. it is a marker of your ability to learn a specific canon of your subfield.  it is an accomplishment. however, it is possible you’re not going to pass this prelim. that’s okay. this summer has been hard. the questions aren’t predictable. you’re tired, and it took you a long time to figure out how you read and learn best this summer.

the second possible outcome (and the one that is most likely, rationally) is that you receive a conditional pass. that means that one of your essays was fine, and one was weak. that’s okay, as well. if you get a conditional pass, you’ll have a conversation with the chair of the exam about your answer and what went wrong. then, you’ll have a week to rewrite the essay with notes. it will have to be strong, and you’ll have to put a lot of work into it, while balancing other things happening in your life. that’s a-okay. you can handle it.

the third possible outcome feels like the worst, and it is definitely the scariest. it’s also somewhat unlikely, albeit it feels pretty dang likely right now. you could fail the prelim exam. there’s a whole list of reasons why you might fail. it was a hard summer. a lot of personal things came up. you also weren’t as dedicated to studying this as you hoped to be. it happens. no excuse changes that if you fail, you have to take the prelim exam again next summer–and that is okay. if you do, you know how to study now. you’ll be more confident in the material. you can plan ahead. it’s important to remember that you probably won’t fail tomorrow, that people fail the prelims very rarely, but it’s equally important to remember that failing doesn’t change anything you’ve worked for this year.

here are some facts:

  • you are the second youngest person in your cohort. you are younger than most of the entering first years. you came straight out of undergrad, from a small school where few students think of pursuing a graduate school, and you made it to one of the top five schools in your field. 
  • you have been working all year to prove you belong here. there’s no ‘proving’ anything anymore. you won a prestigious fellowship last year. you passed the hardest class you’ve ever taken in your life, after failing most of the exams. you finally started a real research project, with real IRB credentials. you’re fluent in the conversations people have about theorists now. 
  • you’ve grown a lot personally this year. you’re not afraid to tell people when their language or their mannerisms are isolating. you call out jargon for jargon’s sake. you point out practices that keep people like you from making it to graduate school in the first place. you’re so much more confident than when you came here.
  • failing this exam, getting a conditional pass, or any of the possible outcomes doesn’t have an effect on any of this at all. these facts will still exist. you’re still going to be okay. tomorrow is exactly the 365th day you’ve been here, and you’re going to celebrate no matter how you think you did. it’s going to be fine.


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have you read the genyatta fic "Module: PERSONA"? it's about zenyatta undergoing a "human disguise" for a certain amount of time that he has left.. it's super cute, especially his actions towards certain things and genji helping him through it ;w; it's an ongoing fic btw!


Time Magazine Lists Their Top 50 Video Games of All-Time

Time Magazine Lists Their Top 50 Video Games of All-Time

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Time, the well established and respected magazine, have listed their 50 greatest video games of all-time. While no list is perfect, Time’s countdown does include many of the most beloved video games. As always, many Nintendo games made the cut. The top ten are below, but you can read the whole list here. Do you agree with the rankings? Tell us below. 10. World of Warcraft 9. The Oregon Trail 8.…

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Illinois mayor appoints failed censor to town library board #1yrago

Peter writes, “Is a public library’s board of trustees any place for a would-be book censor? The town of Downers Grove, Illinois is about to find out.”

Downers Grove South High School to attempt to force the removal of James W. Bennett’s Blue Star Rapture from the approved reading list. In a joint statement, the two called the book “vile” and said that “it violates conservative DuPage County community standards.” Following the recommendation of the district’s ad hoc Instructional Materials Reconsideration Committee, however, the School Board voted unanimously to retain the novel.

The incident seems to have been forgotten until last week, when his nomination to the Library Board came to light in the days before the Village Council’s vote and Kathleen DiCola, a trustee who is stepping down after 20 years of service, reminded the community. In an open letter, DiCola asked residents to speak out:

Library trustees grounded in our First Amendment rights have protected the freedom to read for all the citizens of Downers Grove. Ask the council not to appoint Art Jaros – who attempted to ban books, putting his personal ideology above others’ First Amendment rights — to an irrevocable, 6-year term on our library board.

I’ve been reading a lot lately and recently decided to keep track of what I’m reading, so in a shocking twist of events I did something useful while procrastinating today.

I now have a reading list which I update weekly (I’m aiming to read a book every week, or every two weeks if it’s very long) and I have what I’m currently reading on my sidebar, as well as the link to the reading page! There’s not much there now as I only started counting from last week, but keep an eye on it if you want recs or if you want to see if we have any common books to discuss!


L E W I S P A S T E L - masterpost: famous snapchat
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Hello, earthlings! Today I’ll post something different from the focus of the lewispastel: a list of the snapchat of some famous. I found the users on this site () so all credits for them, but if you want the snapchat to someone I didn’t just look at the google - if you can’t find so it’s possible that the person doesn’t have. I hope you enjoy it and find all you want. If you want to order more masterposts (or tips, resources, anything) just come here. To view the list, click ‘read more’. 

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The Eater of Books!: Review: Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

“There are not nearly enough stories in YA that are heavily based in magical realism, at least in the last ten years or so. Magical realism isn’t just fantasy or paranormal aspects; it’s the combination of realistic elements with surreal or magical elements, in which the surreal or magical elements don’t seem surprising or out of place. What comes to mind when I hear the words "magical realism” is Gabriel García Márquez, who wrote some masterpieces in magical realism. This story is a fairy tale retelling, set in an enchanted modern-day Brooklyn, following a young girl who is meant to be something extraordinary.“

Sound like you might like it? Add Vassa in the Night to your reading list!

In the sequel to our sleeper hit which prompted a few to ask “Where are the women?” we decided to take matters seriously and address the blatant (but unintentional) inequalities.

The fact that the big four classical theorists in sociology were all men is telling. Although social theorist Harriet Martineau was writing before Durkeim and Weber were even born, those were dark times for egalitarianism. Even up to the 40s or 50s, when the likes of Beauvoir started writing, a woman’s objective was still to marry into a good family. There were huge constraints on education, and Beauvoir herself caused conflict within her family when she wanted to become a teacher rather than marry.

We challenge anyone to question the intellect of the second sex after reading all of these following. [Note: i) sharing does not imply endorsement, ii) while some of the following are not typically labeled sociologists, their efforts in contributing to the scientific study of society renders them worthy.]

In case anybody is wondering, our favourite contemporary sociologist is Sharon Zukin, who happens to be a woman. And while we are at the name-dropping, we are very fond of Arlie Hochschild as well. We highly recommend that you locate their works on JSTOR, or go out to buy their books.

FINALLY I am able make one of these and show you the latest stories that have caught my attention :D I have more fic recs here if you wanna check them out, but from now on I will start updating this post with newer works. Check out all of these writers if you haven’t already (:

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9 Books To Read If You Loved The Broadway Musical ‘Hamilton’
Fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda's hit Broadway musical, Hamilton, were devastated when Miranda, who played the role of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, and several of the other original cast members made their final performance in mid-July. But all theater lovers know that the show must go on and luckily you can still enjoy the Founding Fathers’ escapades on and off stage.

2. War of Two: Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and the Duel that Stunned the Nation by John Sedgwick

Miranda’s Hamilton is held together by the thread Aaron Burr offers as he flits in and out of the political scene, seeking success of his own and continually being overlooked for Hamilton. The resulting rivalry is the focus of Sedgwick’s investigative biography of the two men so crucial to the trajectory of the young nation. What would motivate these two men to risk their lives and the fate of the country? Sedgwick argues that Hamilton saw Burr as a threat to the stability of the nation – and his actions after Hamilton’s death seem to prove just that.

3.  Washington’s Immortals: The Untold Story of an Elite Regiment Who Changed the Course of the Revolution by Patrick K. O’Donnell

Just over a month after the Continental Congress declared independence from Britain, the success of the revolution fell into the hands of a single regiment. Known as the “Immortal 400,” these men orchestrated several rear guard attacks that allowed General George Washington to evacuate his troops during the disastrous Battle of Brooklyn. Two hundred and fifty-six of these men were killed during the battle and today their final resting place is a mass grave marked only by an unassuming rusted sign. Military historian Patrick K. O’Donnell brings the actions of these heroic men to the forefront of the narrative of the American Revolution and offers them the recognition they have been denied for over two centuries.

check out the rest of the list!