Imagine having a casual conversation with Brynjolf after a tough job

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Being Guildmaster for the thieves of Skyrim was rarely an easy task, but if there was one perk (besides the gold) that made the life easier, it was the moments after a job when Brynjolf and you sat at the Ragged Flagon together, either deep in conversation or deep in a profound, comfortable silence.

Brynjolf’s voice was arguably the reason you even got tangled with the Guild in the first place. Nothing he said ever sounded harsh or unpleasant. He could be delivering news of a dragon army attacking Riften and it’d still sound relaxing. It was even nicer to hear when he was praising you for a job well done.

“I still cannot believe you were able to rob that jewel right off his neck.” Brynjolf shook his head as he sat with a bottle of ale on his right hand.
You lightly crossed your arms, “A custom-made gift from the Jarl and two hundred gold from Delvin in one night? I can definitely believe it.” Leaning back, you shot a small smirk Delvin Mallory’s way, shaking the pouch of coins you had won after he bet you couldn’t pull off a theft like that. Delvin snorted and shook his head in disbelief from his seat across the tavern.

“Things have really been looking up. I’ve been hearing whispers from time to time about heists we apparently pulled off. Did you know we stole the high king’s crown?” Brynjolf took a sip of his ale.

“That’s a good thing. That means the people know we’re back and better than ever.” You took a bite of a sweet roll, a mischievous glint in your eye.
“As they should. We’ve gotten back on our feet, regained our hold in Skyrim, and we may even need a second vault to stash all the new treasure coming in,” Brynjolf tapped the ale bottle lightly, “all thanks to you.”

You shrugged, “I do what I have to, but just because I’m the Guildmaster doesn’t mean our success is all my doing.”

“You exposed Mercer Frey’s treachery, returned the Skeleton Key to Nocturnal, and took on countless jobs all over the province. I’d say most of this,” he gestured to the Flagon’s rather pleasant patrons, “is your doing.”

“Don’t sell yourself short, Brynjolf. You and Karliah helped put an end to Mercer, and you’ve been a great help, keeping the Guild running while I’m off… adventuring.”

“I’d never sell myself short; you know that. Just accept the praise, alright?”

You smiled, “Fine, but you’d better not start paying me random tributes- you know how often I get stopped on the road by thieves who want to pay me?”  

Brynjolf chuckled, “Sounds like you don’t enjoy the extra gold.”

You put a hand on your chest, “Oh no, I like the gold, but I gotta admit, I still expect them to ask me for all my money.”
“That’s the perk of being Guildmaster. Every thief sees you as their leader- which you are, I suppose. No one with a bit of sense would cross the Guildmaster of the Thieve’s Guild, but any thief with business sense knows that the Guildmaster would be a useful friend to have.”

“So… they’re, what, bribing me?”
“I wouldn’t call it ‘bribing’. Giving you an incentive to keep an eye out for your friends, more like.”

“So I’m accepting friend bribes, now?”

Brynjolf just made a face that clearly said “You said it, not me”. You just stuck your tongue out at him and kept eating your sweet roll. This earned another chuckle from Brynjolf, and you both finished your drinks in a nice silence.

“You know, those two get along too well, Delvin.”
“Ah, you jealous, Vex? Of which one?”
“I’d be careful, Mallory, otherwise you’ll get an up close and personal look at my boot in your face.”
“Come on, now. You and Tonilia are so hostile whenever I bring up those two. Why can’t I ever get a little love?”
“When you stop getting ‘firs’ and ‘furs’ confused. That’s right- I still haven’t forgotten that heist.”
“… Forget I said anything.”

“Ugh! It stinks down here!” I muttered.

Marcurio laughed. “They don’t call it The Ratway for nothing!”

We went down the steps and entered the tunnel. It smelled of fishy river water and mold. 

“Hold up!” yelled a voice nearby. “You don’t belong here.”

A moment later two men large men stepped out of the shadows with weapons drawn, blocking our way.

“Give us all your gold!” sneered the second man. 

Seconds later, the two men laid sprawled across the damp stone floor. 

We tried our best to keep straight of the twisting tunnels that ran through the Ratway, yet we found ourselves having to double back several times.  I had lost track of how long we had been wandering underneath Riften.

“I don’t think we’ve gone through this door,” Marcurio remarked for the third time. I pushed it open. He was right - the door opened up into a carvernous room that held a lake. Across the lake was a loading dock and, beyond that, I could see several people casually sitting and talking. Was this some sort of meeting place?

“We found it,” whispered Marcurio.

“Found what?”

“The Ragged Flagon. It’s where the Thieves Guild like to hangout here in Riften. I’d only heard about it, of course.”

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched us make our way around the lake. “Let me do the talking,” whispered Marcurio. 

The sentry was a surly-looking behemoth of a man. He eyed us suspiciously as we approached him. “You don’t belong here,” he said, giving me a hard look.

“Etienne owes us a favor,” replied Marcurio. 

“Oh, he does, does he?” he chuckled.

“We helped him escape from the Thalmor.”

Dirge thought for a second. “Etienne did mention something like that when he arrived a couple of days ago. We had been wondering where he had disappeared to for such a long time. Wouldn’t really say what happened, though.”

“He was being tortured by the Thalmor. He was barely alive when we found him. I gave him a glass dagger for protection once we made it out.”

Dirge nodded approvingly. “I’ve seen that dagger. Nice piece. Etienne isn’t here, though. He’s on a job.”

“We’re looking for an old man that’s been hiding in the Warrens. It’s why one the Guild members was being tortured. Have you seen this man around?”

Dirge glanced at the both of us. After a few seconds, he relaxed. “Yeah, I think I know who you mean. He’s paid good money for nobody to know he’s down here, but I guess I can tell you.”