New evidence for palaeoenvironmental conditions across the Nullarbor Plain.

New research, from a team led by Dr Simon Holford, shows the now arid Nullarbor Plain was full of fast flowing rivers during the Cretaceous period.

But what is the Nullarbor?

The Nullarbor (from the Latin meaning no tree), is the world’s single largest piece of limestone, and is about 200,000 square km in area. The limestone was deposited in a shallow sea, as evidenced by the presence of foraminifera, echinoids, bryozoans, and red algae fossils. The climate of the Nullarbor today is typical of a desert, with temperature reaching up to 48.5 °C during the day, and reaching freezing conditions at night.

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[The Photograph and Australia] Join us at the opening weekend on 4 and 5 July and engage with curators, experts and artists through a range of talks and tours / The story of Australia is told through the art and technology of photography – from the 1840s to the twenty-first century, and chronicles evolving photographic approaches to the people and the land / An Art Gallery of New South Wales touring exhibition / Image: Max Dupain, Australia 1911-1992; Sunbaker 1937, printed early 1970s; Gelatin silver photograph on paper; Purchased 1995. Queensland Art Gallery Foundation; © Estate of Max Dupain

It’s only been 22 years since homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland and yesterday the Irish voted emphatically for marriage equality. Amazing how much progress some countries can make in such a short time.

Meanwhile here in Australia we have a party in government that will not allow it’s parliamentarians to vote freely on the issue, in case too many of them vote in favour of equality. 

Oh and at least one state, sadly the state I live in, has a gay panic defence so heavily entrenched in case law that it has the force of law and allows murder charges to be reduced to manslaughter if you’re a man who believes your male victim was hitting on you. 

Illustrated front cover from The Queenslander, April 16, 1936 (by State Library of Queensland, Australia)

Creator: Unidentified

Location: Queensland; 24.13, 145.65

Description: Caption: Atlantic giant 
A coloured drawing of a beach scene with young couples enjoying the sunshine and a young woman in the foreground sitting on the beach with a parasol. 

Information about State Library of Queensland’s collection: