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hmmmmm ever since you left North America the four queens of gay music- bridgit, carly, gaga, and britney - have released or will be releasing new music.......


That’s not how you play the game. You don’t just blurt out the right answer.
—  Sansa Stark in a nutshell, ladies and gentlemen. This is how she’s survived so long in King’s Landing. This is why she’s going to become a major player in the game. This is how she’ll outlive most of the other characters in King’s Landing. Sansa is not stupid. She is not “useless” or any other insult you can throw at her. She has learned quickly what it takes to survive in King’s Landing, even when the result of that lesson was her father’s head on a spike. She’s learned that she needs to lie to survive. She needs to spin stories and hide the truth and pretend you’re far more innocent and naive than you truly are. Sansa has some serious power brewing, and has since she swore that Robb would give her Joffrey’s head. She is not a force to be ignored, and anyone who thinks she’s weak or useless needs to sit down and reassess their view of this girl who’s been robbed of the life she used to know, who has come out of the other side with winter in her bones waiting to swallow the Lannisters whole.

Sansa had always heard, that love was a surer route to the people’s loyalty, than fear. If I am ever Queen, I’ll make them love me.