If you’re in the Bay Area for the holidays, stop by Wingtip the day after Christmas, say hi to me and my mom (yes, my mom is helping) and pick up a little holiday gift for yourself at our special sale. We’ll be offering hand-made squares at significant discounts, and Wingtip will be kicking off their annual “Risk/Reward” sale. No guarantee that Willie Mays will show up to play stickball, but we’ll see what we can do…


Put This On Pocket Squares: Fall/Winter 2013

We’ve just added two dozen beautiful new squares to our shop for fall and winter. There are English silks, vintage wools, Indian cotton and so much more. I think this is the best group of squares we’ve ever released.

View the new collection here… and if you buy two or more pieces from our new collection today, and we’ll give you ten dollars off with the coupon “NEWNEW.”

I hope all you Bay Area PTO readers will stop into Wingtip on Wednesday. We’ll have a couple hundred handmade pocket squares for sale at crazy prices, plus Wingtip will be kicking off their annual sale. Should be a lot of fun, and a great place to spend that Christmas check from grandma. And it’s just a couple blocks from Montgomery BART, in the shade of the Transamerica Pyramid. No guarantee that 80s Willie Brown will be there, but we’d love it if he showed.


New Square Alert: Rayon!

I spent about six months gathering vintage rayon yardage for the latest round of Put This On Gentlemen’s Association pocket squares. I went to fabric shows, trawled online and bought everything wonderful I could find.
 We ended up with dozens of designs from the 1940s and 50s.

I just posted the first twenty of these designs in our Etsy shop. Some are already all gone, but you can take a look at them all here.

Pictures are starting to roll in of this month’s Gentlemen’s Association pocket squares. Navy blue with a floral theme - perfect for spring.

Incidentally, I’m north of Los Angeles now, where I just went on an epic fabric spending spree with a favorite vintage dealer. I’m coming home with almost a hundred yards of rayon from the 1940s and 50s. Should be a beautiful round coming up.

If you’d like to join the club (or sign up a special someone as a gift), you can get on board here.


Four New PTO Squares

We used plaid cotton for the last round of Put This On Gentlemen’s Association pocket squares. A few were left over, and I thought members might like to grab an extra colorway, and non-members might like to get in on the action, so I’ve posted them in our Etsy shop. I decided to give them a bargain price, as well - the plaids are $45, and the striped one is $35.

I’m always grateful to hear from Gentlemen’s Association members. Here’s a shot of our latest square, via Squalor to Baller (a blog worth reading if you don’t already). This fabric I brought over from London in my luggage the last time I was there. I had to buy a roller cart to carry it, but it was worth it.

The next round is something I just picked up in San Francisco, an Italian cotton that sincerely feels like silk. Spent a pretty penny on it, but I think you’re worth it ;).

The new PTO pocket squares are arriving in the mailboxes of Gentlemen’s Association members. Here’s a shot from David Klueger. Thanks, David!

This is one of two fabrics that I purchased from a vintage dealer and costume designer here in the Southern California. She’d bartered for them from the stock of a film studio’s costume department many years before, and believed them to have been in stock at the studio since the 30s or so.

Our next round of squares goes out August first. You can sign up now at Memberly. Sign up for a year, and you’ll get a white Irish linen square with your first shipment - and your squares will cost less than $40 each.


Our thanks to everyone who stopped by our sale at Wingtip in San Francisco on Boxing Day. My mother and I had a great time meeting dozens of PTO fans, and almost everyone went home with a pocket square (or two, or three, or four).

If you’re in the Bay Area, and you haven’t visited Wingtip, you owe yourself a trip. The building is the former Bank of Italy, right under the TransAmerica Pyramid. There’s one vault full of neckties and one full of mirrors for custom clothing… it’s a really gorgeous space. I even got a great haircut from the in-house barber, Joe Roberts, while I was there.

Besides the sales floor (which is huge), there’s two beautiful floors of private club upstairs where the bank’s executive offices used to be. There’s a cigar room and a Scotch bar and a wine cave and a boardroom… it’s a sight to see. The coolest part is that your club dues can be spent in the store. So it’s sort of half private club, half customer loyalty program.

Lots of folks have been emailing asking if they can get in on the action other than in-person. At the moment, the answer’s no - we can’t run a web business at sample sale prices. If you want to get in on the PTO pocket square action, join the Gentlemen’s Association.

Sometimes in shopping for the PTO Gentlemen’s Association, we find ourselves with a bit of fabric that’s not quite long enough or has a bit of extra length. I’ve been making these little gems up into squares, and we’re listing one a week or so as (often extremely) limited editions. Above is this week’s: purple wool, with a gorgeous and very subtle floral overprint. A lovely compliment to navy, orange and green. While supplies last.

Fall is Coming

Just picked up the first few of our next round of Put This On Gentlemen’s Association pocket squares. English silk; distinctly autumnal.

There’s still a week to sign up for this round. Our squares are quite literally hand-made; cut by hand and sewn by hand in Los Angeles. Because our manufacture is in-house, and we have no retail partners, we’re able to offer them for dramatically less than you’d pay in a fine men’s store.

If you want to join us, or give a membership as a gift, you can do so here.

Free Pocket Square: Ends Friday

Our Gentlemen’s Association is a subscription pocket square service. The first week of every even-numbered month, you’ll open your mailbox and find a handmade pocket square made from special textiles from around the world. They might be Liberty of London William Morris prints, like the one above, or rayon from the 1940s, silk from an Italian mill or Japanese cotton from before the war. They’re hand-cut and the edges meticulously hand-rolled in our atelier in Los Angeles.

If you sign up right now, your first shipment (which goes out the first of June), will include a free pocket square. Sign up for one delivery and you’ll get two squares. Sign up for three deliveries and you’ll get four squares. And since we already include a free white Irish linen square when you sign up for a year - you’ll get a total of eight squares.

Here’s the catch: this deal ends Friday, when orders close for our June shipment. If you want to get in on this deal, use this link and sign up today.