The Alt-Right Debacle

What’s delicious and amusing about this is that people are attempting to pin down a lose movement that’s impossible to pin down in any definitive way. What the media and co don’t seem to get is that the ill-defined alt-right has always been a clusterfuck consisting of various nationalist types, conservative breeds, reactionaries, libertarians and other disaffected dreamers. The only unifying factor was/is the anti-establishment/status-quo stance. Even if that were to be clearly explained to them, it would offer little to nothing in the way of counter tactics.

What’s happening here is just the macro level equivalent of it’s social media presence over the last load of years. Tumblr’s a really good example of the pattern at work. Four years back, the number of insubordinate provocateurs with wifi were small enough to tracked and added to masterlists compiled by SJWs. When we weren’t attempting to create our own networks and lists, the snowflakes were busy feeding the machine and doing that work for us. What was once elusive is now so commonplace that a large number of them actively avoid us. It’s one thing to engage with a handful of wolves and another to shit in your own nest by inviting a large pack (better delete everything). Same goes for twitter, only that twitter gave people the added advantage to agitate and ensnare some really nefarious public figures. 

Further confusion generated by journos and politicians who’re too old to appreciate millennial e-faggotry and Japanese folded steel levels of irony. The effect is so incongruous and jarring that they can’t help but investigate further. The world of internet subterfuge is one big trip down the rabbit hole. Curiouser and curiouser. Curiosity also killed the cat, and there’s no going back now.

I know that over the last year or so I’ve complained a fair bit about the emergence of what was really starting to look like Frankenstein’s creature. As an unprepared and immature adolescent gone awol, he’s been running aimlessly throughout then internet, entertaining some really bad advice and batshit ideas, demanding waifus and growing increasingly bitter. Something that had great potential may have turned out to be an unsophisticated mess, but I guess unsophisticated times call for unsophisticated measures. Hold on to your Pepes…

I guess the real question is what comes next. 

[DONALD TRUMP] was, by both his friends’ description and his own, a rambunctious kid who got in trouble a lot and who was a bit of a ruffian. From the youngest age, about age 6 or 7, he pelted the neighbor’s toddler with rocks from across the yard. He pulled the pigtails of a classmate. He got into a physical altercation with one of his teachers, and so he was someone who was kind of a rambunctious kid, even obnoxious by some accounts, and he says that he hasn’t changed since second grade. So that kind of in-your-face provocateur character that we’ve come to see in the campaign is something that traces back very cleanly and consistently to this childhood as kind of a tough kid.
—  Marc Fisher, co-author of Trump Revealed

i knew it i knew it  iw was just saying this !

hillary is gonna try to guilt by association Trump (she was already mentioning Alex Jones and I’m sure she’ll be provided with a regular rogues gallery of federal agents provocateur “fringe elements” who trump never met but who made a blog post saying they like him or something) in order to say something to the effect of the following:

“I, as a good and morally wonderful tolerant person, cannot share a stage with Trump, who is definitely a literal klansman/911 truther/ conspiracy nut/neonazi/fill-in-the-blank-scary-bad. Therefore, I will not sully my pristine reputation by “debating” this monster.”

you watch, the media will already start laying the groundwork for the idea that somehow, a debate between the two major party presidential candidates is some kind of crazy idea and that trump is so uniquely vile that it would actually be dangerous and “irresponsible” for hillary to debate him.

You fucking watch.