Mos Def x Trombone Shorty x Lenny Kravitz - Ain’t My Fault


Gulf Aid All-Stars ft Mos Def, Lenny Kravitz & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Ain’t My Fault

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of it’s founding and with that occasion, the current members were left to consider the sort of soul-searching questions that every institution should ask themselves. in the case, of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, the questions they asked themselves were how do they make a uniquely 20th century art form connect to 21st century audiences? And how do they continue to pay homage to the genre’s legendary artists? The answer was pretty simple – spend the next 50 years looking forward. Their forthcoming album That’s It! does this by having the band play original compositions for the first time in their history, and based on the material that i’ve heard the band sounds truly liberated. 

Just as they announced a week-long residency at the McKittrick Hotel to celebrate the release of the new album, the band released the next single from the album, “Rattlin’ Bones.” The track shuffles and swings in the classic Dixieland fashion, all while telling a humorous but also kind of frightening story of coming across skeletons rising from the cemetery on St. James Day, and walking about restlessly. You can almost hear bone rattling upon bone …


Türchen Nr. 23


“he creeps along hallways and kisses the back of your neck with a chilly night breeze, passing through the walls and the floorboards to find you. his old gramophone sits in the attic, waiting to be heard…”

(a convenient followup 8tracks playlist of my favourite creepy spooky and positively ghostly 1930s jazz age sounds with “The Headless Horseman” by Kay Starr being my top favourite song of this mix)

[ tracklist ]

Nightmare - Artie Shaw & His New Music  |  Boogie Woogie Man - The Brian Sisters  |  Harmonic Avenger - L.Pierre  |  Music to be Murdered By (Remastered) - Jeff Alexander  |  Rattlin’ Bones - Preservation Hall Jazz Band  |  Power of Persuasion - Oneohtrix Point Never  |  Skeletons in the Closet - Louis Armstrong  |  What’s He Building in There - Tom Waits  |  The Nightmare - Cab Calloway  |  The Headless Horseman - Kay Starr  |  Gloomy Sunday - Artie Shaw  |  The Gentle Hum of Anxiety - Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross  |  Don’t Rock the Boat - Skeewiff feat. The Charioteers  |  The Grief that Does Not Speak - L.Pierre  |  Mood Indigo - Duke Ellington  |  The Ghost of Smokey Joe - Cab Calloway  |  All You are Going to Want to Do is Get Back There - The Caretaker  |  The Boogie Man - Todd Rollins  |  Ghost of Stephan Foster - Squirrel Nut Zippers  |  Deadpost - Cities Last Broadcast  |  Complete Ballroom Music used for “The Shining” - Stanley Kubrick

l i s t e n  h e r e

Bands I saw in the last 4 days
  1. July Talk
  2. Beats Antique
  3. Boyfriend
  4. Zhu
  5. Flatbush Zombies
  6. Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  7. Bleachers
  8. Paul Oakenfold
  9. Flux Pavilion
  10. Beirut
  11. Portugal. The Man
  12. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  13. Dada Life
  14. Chromeo
  15. Ludacris
  16. Billy Talent
  17. Passion Pit
  18. Bassnectar
  19. String Cheese Incident
  20. Alice Cooper
  21. Weezer
  22. Missy Elliott
  23. Kid Cudi
  24. Hozier
  25. Tiesto
  26. STS9
  27. Black Keys
  28. Kendrick Lamar
  29. Skrillex
  30. Diplo
  31. Tycho

31 shows lost in the mountains high on life not having a care in the world. 31 reasons I’m so nostalgic today. 31 reasons I’m already planning next year’s Pembie in my head. 

IMG_5501 by marysmyth(NOLA13) ️
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Tornado Brass Band at Preservation Hall. Preservation Hall is a famous jazz hall located in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisana. There are nightly concerts with various bands. The bands of Preservation Hall typically perform jazz in the New Orleans style. It’s a pretty grotty place (despite all its fame) and there are very few places to sit. Because of limited seating, crowds typically begin lining up well in advance of a performance. There are no reservations and the lines can be very long. A large portion of the audience must stand in back, behind a limited number of benches, chairs, and floor cushions. The hall is not cleared forcibly between sets and an audience member can expect to stand in the dark with little or no view of the musicians for one set, stand with a good view for the next set, and find a seat for a third set. There is no dance floor, no food & no drinks are served. All the focus is on the music. The origins of musical performances at Preservation Hall go back to the start of the 1960s & the opening of an art gallery. At that time, many older jazz musicians were employed only minimally & so the owner of the gallery arranged for some of them to play for tips to help draw in potential customers to the gallery. More people began coming for the music than the art.


Video has emerged of Dawes frontman Taylor Goldsmith leading an all-star group of musicians in a Bob Dylan tribute jam this past Sunday at the Newport Folk Festival on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Dylan famously “going electric” at the festival.

Among those joining Goldsmith were Robyn Hitchcock, Hozier, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, and members of First Aid Kit and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band.

Though Dylan himself didn’t make an appearance, Al Kooper—original “Like a Rolling Stone” keyboardist—did, as did the very same Fender Stratocaster that Dylan played at Newport in ’65.

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Newport Folk Festival wraps up with celebration of Dylan


Newport Folk Festival wraps up with celebration of Dylan

Gillian Welch, Dawes, Robyn Hitchcock and others closed out the Newport Folk Festival with a celebration of Bob Dylan and the moment he went electric there 50 years ago.The lineup was secret until the musicians took the stage Sunday.Al Kooper, who performed on July 25, 1965, with Dylan, was among those who played. Others included David Rawlings, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Hozier.Some of the musicians played the guitar Dylan used in his 1965 performance. The owner of the Indianapolis Colts paid nearly $1 million for it in 2013 and loaned it to the festival for the occasion.Organizers said Dylan had been invited.James Taylor played a surprise set on Saturday, while My Morning Jacket played unannounced on Friday, before backing Roger Waters.