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Anneliese Michel

Anneliese Michel is a controversial case, as well as the subject of many fictional accounts of her tragic story, most notably the 2005 courtroom drama The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Sixteen year-old Anneliese Michel had a history of epilepsy and mental illness, for which she had often been treated at a psychiatric hospital. However, in 1973 Michel become suicidal, spurned all religious artifacts, drank her own urine, and began to hear voices. Medicine did nothing to help the girl, who begged her family to bring in a priest because she believed that she was possessed by demons. Though her request was rejected, two local priests secretly began treating her with exorcism rites. Meanwhile, her parents stopped treating her epilepsy and mental disorders. She was dead within a year.

Michel had almost seventy exorcisms performed on her over the course of ten months. She refused to eat, and often talked of dying as a martyr. Many of the attempted exorcisms were recorded:

Anneliese Michel died from emaciation and starvation. Consequently, her parents and the priests responsible were charged with negligent homicide.

Tangled Web

Pairing: J2

Rating: Explicit

Status: finished

Word count: 4 431

Notes: werespider!jared (no transformation), bottom!jensen, top!jared, possessive!jared, bondage, serial killer!jared, barebacking

Summary: Jared is a were spider. He is a serial killer who seeks out the prettiest prey, gives them the fuck of their life and then traps and kills them. It’s compulsive and he needs to hunt and kill. Until he meets Jensen, all he wants to do is take him home and have hardcore, nasty, illegal sex with him. But if he does that he will want to kill him afterwards. Cue Jared fighting his animal attraction, and compulsion to mate with Jensen. Maybe in the end he finally does take Jensen and is able to resist his animal compulsion post orgasm.

My comment: Really interesting fic, this wouldn’t usually be my cup of tea but this was really beautifully written in a captivating and mesmerizing way. Really well done. Highly recommended.

anonymous asked:

Some stories are like that. Then there's that old Kaonite version of it. One the miners used to tell. That it was the other way around. The mech would be possessed first, and slowly being corrupted, driven by madness and desperation. The veritable nail in the coffin would be when the possessed would devour the Energon of another bot. Then the transformation began, ultimately reaching the point of devouring sparks, hence the name.

I… think I like the other version.

That story didn’t mention Dark Energon did it? 

Nort of the Wall festival 2016 - Glasgow, Scotland

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Warm Up Show 25/03/16

Winterfylleth (ENG)

Saor (SCO)

Ashenspire (SCO)

Aloeswood (ENG)

Main Event 26/03/16

Aura Noir (NOR)

Destroyer 666 (AU/UK)

Cult of Fire (CZ)

Necros Christos (GER)

Mourning Beloveth (IRE)

Cruciamentum (ENG)

Wodensthrone  (ENG)

Malthusian (IRE)

Possession (BEL)

Coltsblood (ENG)

Slaughter Messiah (BEL)

Scythian (ENG)

Barshasketh (SCO)

Vacivus (ENG)

Atragon (SCO)

Lunar Mantra (SCO)