On Tape
The Pooh Sticks
On Tape

Artist: The Pooh Sticks
Track: On Tape
Album: The Pooh Sticks
Label: Fierce Recordings
Year: 1988

I used to have a huge cassette collection.  I probably still do, in the attic somewhere.  Hell, every once in a while, I’ll even pick up a cool tape at a thrift store, because my truck still plays tapes.

But having something “on tape” isn’t the same as having something. Then again, neither is having it on mp3… for me, anyway.

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gotham panel nycc 2017

take two because i messed it up last time oops

•the whole cast is very large holy shit
•next week includes anubis!!
•ben mckenzie was working on the script for next weeks episode for months, including on his honeymoon with morena!!
•walls are closing in a little for jim, he doesn’t have a lot of allies left
•crystal says sofia definitely HAS feelings for jim, but we’re not quite sure how it’ll play out. crystal wants to know why it’s never acknowledged that him killed her brother
•david LOVES playing the billionaire brat, says there’s more of that to come!! there’s a scene in episode seven we should be looking forward to!! (includes him dancing)
•bruce/selina is in tatters, but a batcat connection could be in the future
•camren says selina is fed up and wants to focus on herself, she couldn’t care less about bruce right now
•sean pertwee is officially “hot alfred”
•we’re going to learn more about alfred’s backstory this year, we’ll see a new side of him and understand why he became a butler
•ben: sean is really pretty
•bullock has lost a lot, he doesn’t know how the new underworld works since he lost all the people he was used to (fish, falcone, maroni). he’s making the safest bets he can because he’s in uncertain waters, but it puts him and harvey on a collision course
•more penguin/trump jokes (per usual). robin says it’s fun playing “the second most crazy politician in america”
•jim gordon is his main adversary this season, almost full circle because that’s where they both started. jim and penguin both don’t want chaos but they both want to control gotham differently
•robin and david love working together, they’ve had more scenes together this season than in the whole show!! oswald is going to quickly figure out that bruce is going to be a thorn in his side
•david says a major theme in gotham this year is CONTROL, and everyone has a different opinion on how to protect the gothamited (bruce’s is the best obviously bc he wins)
•we’ll be seeing lee in episode five, but we won’t recognize her at first glance. she’s changed a lot, and she hasn’t been the same since the virus, but she couldn’t stay away from gotham. she’s going to be a part of the narrows to help people who were hurt during the virus and she’s in a fight club!
•lucius is officially the most sane character in gotham, chris is very excited to help keep thomas wayne’s son safe. he’ll continue to stay involved in helping bruce develop tech
•cory thinks oswald hated ed because he loves him so much. he misses working with robin a lot, but he loved the scene where robin flipped out after he escaped.
•erin says barbara will always be a bit insane, but she came back from the lazarus pit so she’s a little different (a lot more zen, knows martial arts) and ras has her back. she’s still got bits of the barbara in her, but she’s more of a business woman now and she knows she needs her family (tabitha and selina) and she still wants to be on top.
•jessica says that tabitha doesn’t really want to forgive barbara but she understands that she’s stronger with barbara and she needs allies.
•even though barbara and tabitha are the parents of this family, selina’s the one who’s able to calm down a situation.
•solomon grundy arrives this thursday!! drew says it’s butch in there somewhere but he doesn’t remember anything (hence his team up with butch). drew says solomon/ed/lee is the dream team you didn’t know you needed it.
•ben didn’t know that morena’s mom played magenta in a production of rocky horror picture show
•donal used to be an altar boy in rome
•david had an 102 fever when he auditioned for gotham
•robin’s been to the north pole, which cory doesn’t think exists
•sean’s dad knew the real christopher robin (of winnie the pooh fame). they used to play pooh sticks together!!
•camren was legally blind as a child, and she used to have to wear an eyepatch
•erin has a camel tattooed in her toe (camel toe!!) she was drunk when agreeing to it, but it’s small. it’s named falafel!
•drew’s first audition was for days of our lives, he didn’t get the part :(
•chris chalk has seen titanic fifteen times
•ben has NEVER seen titanic. morena says it’s gonna be their next date night.
•cory used to breed gerbils as a child. it was his first experience with pets. his first gerbil was named perdita because he loved 101 dalmations
•chris once pooped his pants when his teacher wouldn’t let him leave during a standardized test. (camren had heard the story before). he got a 98
•crystal wanted to be a race car driver as a kid
•alexander played chief stout in wind in the willows once
•robin says penguins defining scene was the pier with jim gordon, camren says selina’s was when she pushed reggie out a window, sean says when alfred let bruce kill him bc he loved him so much, drew says getting shot in the head
•cory is taking notes from ben on how to be a more mature actor, ben doesn’t know how he did it (he does fewer shirtless scenes!) ben loves the creative experience on the show, says that they’re all a family, he says that it’s unnatural how much they all like each other
•erin’s favorite line is “i’m not crazy i’m free”, camren’s is “the best liars already tell the truth”, morena likes “it’s gotham you should have checked for a pulse”
•morena says lee and barbara have some scenes together, she FINALLY gets to deck barbara. lee doesn’t know about sofia yet!!
•david’s biggest batman influence is the writers!! he also loved the comics and the old series with adam west
•robin says that in gotham anything could happen, and ed and oswald come back into each other’s lives next episode!! oswald has absolutely no idea what’s coming, and there’s a change he never would have expected
•danny immediately knew robin was perfect for the role of the penguin, robin really brought the role to life
•robin says killing someone in gotham is a compliment, it shows someone cares
•sofia and oswald’s relationship will evolve, they finally meet and it’s very cat and mouse, they’re both very strong willed, sofia wants to befriend him for suspicious reasons, and he IDOLIZES her father to figure out if she’s with him or against him
•ivy wills eventually stop taking penguin’s abuse, she won’t stand still and she’s going through a really dark change. there will be a whole new ivy by episode twelve!
•ben says villains are allowed to walk into the gcpd bc the security office is taking a nap
•robin says the penguin gets his time statistics from mr. pen, he’ll know
•penguin knows nothing about ras al ghul, he needs to stop always thinking that he’s on top!! he’s gotta learn about looking at the bigger picture and not to underestimate his enemies!!
•i almost got the front of the line to ask a question but i didn’t :(((
•but i did get really cute photos with david and drew, camren told me i looked nice, and cory waved at me from his car!!

“grass stains and grazed knees”

grass stains
and grazed knees
rope swings
hanging on trees
meeting mates
early in the park
no tea for us as
we’re out ‘til well after dark
sliding down dry grass
on cardboard sheet
morning paper round
bought weekly treats
Friday night table tennis
at the youth club
Saturday left with crisps & pop
at door of the pub
river paddling and
catching crayfish
hiding behind trees
stealing a kiss
summer in the hay barns
hoping farmer don’t see
climbing into gardens
to raid apple trees
arguing and fighting
with elder siblings
thorny bush scratches
and nettle stings
catching frogs and newts
in local brook
night time ritual of
Dr Zeuss books
Cat in the Hat
Green Eggs and Ham
sitting on shop doorways
playing kick the can
making bows & arrows
for cowboys & Indians
summer bike rides
taking pillions
camping out in
neighbours back yard
getting caught smoking
mom’s hand was hard
lads playing football
and picking your side
pooh sticks and
piggy back rides
day trips to seaside
on a charabanc
making a bogie from
planks & an old pram
rope swings
hanging on trees
grass stains and
grazed knees

of bears and wolves

I cling to your hand as we enter the woods,
A vision of mother and child,
I see bears in the shadows,
“There haven’t been any bears for hundreds of years,”
I see wolves instead,
There are sighs in your stride and I skip to keep up.

We’re going to play pooh sticks,
So we collect our weapons of choice,
Handfuls at a time to save distance,
And from the way you frown after every go,
It must look like you’re losing from the place you’re standing,
“It’s too random.”

We walk up a hill from the wrong side,
Your shoes are good for climbing,
But I probably shouldn’t have worn a dress,
You reach the top first and try to reach down a helping hand,
I fumble and we’re both laughing too much,
And my dress is caked in dirt but I can’t say I care.

I don’t question the sticks spilling from the pockets of your jeans,
Or the piles I find under your bed,
The twig that snaps underfoot on the carpet,
It’s getting harder for you to hide them,
But I help you throw the blanket over anyway,
And then you put the kettle on.

“I have something to show you,”
Images of wolves flash before my eyes,
But all that lies before me are sticks,
Organised by length. No; thickness.
With every blink I lose further track of the system,
It must be beyond my comprehension

And you keep arranging and rearranging,
“I think I’ve finished”
But your twitching fingers betray you,
I offer assistance but that only makes you cry,
So I use a finger to collect as many tears as I can,
And I spread them across my own cheeks.

You’re choking and I was never taught the Heimlich,
With a forced smile I hold up a stick,
Look at this, I say, this one’s still got a leaf,
What a pretty shade of green,
Defeated, I throw the stick over my shoulder,
And instead offer you my hand.

My smile is true as I remind you,
There haven’t been any bears for hundreds of years,
“What about wolves?”

Way behind the times…

But I’ve finally gotten around to watching the (UK) ITV series Victoria. Friends may have noticed I have a slight propensity toward things Victorian 😁 I’ve loved the style for as long as I can remember.

As I was watching happened to say “Look at that, why can’t we still dress like that now? It’s so beautiful and elegant,” (including the kilts - I’m ¼th Scottish)

Boyfriends response: “What a load of messing around. And they’d have had people to dress them.”

😧 I give up - way to 💩 all over my dreams.

Bonus: I don’t live far from Harewood House (even closer to Wentworth Woodhouse) where part of the series was filmed and the scene above comes from Blair Castle, where I used to holiday every year as a nipper. I remember playing pooh-sticks on a nearby bridge 😊😊