Summer With Kylo

It’s summer again! So Tiny Kylo has a whole list of things he wants to try to do! Reply or send an ask with which numbers you want to see and he’ll be posting them throughout the summer! You can see some of his summer activities last year right here!

And if you want Hux, Phasma, or the beans to participate, just let me know!

Under the cut so I don’t take up too much of your dash :)

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PREAMBLE TIME. Ok so! Here’s the deal. I actually write these recaps while I watch the show — a lot of pausing for ~thoughts breaks~ of course, but everything is recorded in the moment. My Realtime Recapping process is what gives these their charming (“charming”) and not at all chaotic live-blog quality. It’s funtimes!

Where this system cracks into pieces, however, is in episodes like this.

In the dual interests of honesty of feeling and my own sanity, I haven’t done any substantial revisions on what I wrote before the events of act 5. So what you are about to experience is a journey by my side as I blithely skip headlong into tragedy, while you keep ducking your head to hide the look on your face. “Hey, is something wrong?” Past Me asks, so innocent. “Oh, it’s alright,” you say, smiling back with eyes full of pity. “Let’s…. let’s just keep going.”

(Also this recap is long as heck, but it’s owed. This is an elegy.)

Previously on Vikings: Fraternity President Ragnar Lothbrok, fresh off his semester abroad in England, tries to arrange a spring break trip to Paris. Meanwhile, Athelstan can’t decide on the direction of his religion major, signs on to TA for Advanced Paganism despite having already declared a Pre-Modern Christianity focus.

Season 3, Episode 6: “Born Again”

Oh man please tell me this episode title means Athelstan is gonna rediscover Jesus and fabulously NERD OUT about it and make everyone uncomfortable, because that would be a dream. You know how much I stan for Actual Saint Athelstan. [Ed. note: oh my god Past Me is going to destroy us all]

Anyway, the show: Athelstan has made a working model of the River Seine! Best TA. Ragnar tries to play Pooh Sticks in the mini river with no other players and no bridge. Together they work on a model of the fortified city of Paris.

um, C+ effort guys

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46. Loss

Pairings: Bucky x reader

Reader gender: female

Warnings: Death, mentions of Cancer.

Word count: 927

Bucky and the rest of the team, were well aware of your mother’s sickness. She had been diagnosed with terminal Cancer a few months back, and you were uneasy. She was doing well. She hadn’t been feeling the main effects of the drugs, or any pain for that matter. Your father had passed away a few years prior, in a major car accident. It was a traumatic experience for you and your mother. You refused to let her give up so easily. 

You sighed gently, leaning on the window from the window seat. You had been dealing with your emotions well. But the team were waiting for you to snap. Even if your mother did seem to be doing better, she had terminal Cancer. But you didn’t want to believe it. If she was seeming to do better each day then she was getting better, right? You wouldn’t let your brain, and the doctors to change your view on your mother’s health. 

The silence was interrupted by the ringing of your mobile, you pulled it sharply out of your jeans pocket.

“Hello?” you  answered your voice croaked from the disuse of your voice. 

“Miss (l/n)?”


“Miss (l/n), this is Doctor Sharles from your mother’s ward. We just wanted to let you know that she is requesting your presence. She says it’s urgent.” the male voice replied politely. 

“I’m on my way.” you couldn’t leave your mother waiting. You wouldn’t. Hanging up the phone, you made your way through to the elevator, and headed down to the ground floor. 

*  *  *  *  *

You were now sat in your mother’s private room, her hand clutched gently in your grip. She smiled weakly at you. 

“I need to tell you, Y/N.” she paused to cough gently. “You were our golden child.”

“Ma, you don’t have to-” she cut you off by continuing her explanation.

“You shone. Me and your father, couldn’t have hoped for a better girl. You’ll always be our little princess. Nothing could ever change that. I never really told you before, but, me and your father were, we were extremely proud of you.” you wiped away the tears that fell down your rosy cheeks. “And that boy, the one with the metal arm. You’re going to marry him, Y/N. He’s the one for you. The way he looks at you and the way you look at him. That’s how I looked at your father when we were kids.” 

You swallowed the thick lump in your throat, taking a deep breath. “I love you, baby. So does your father. But I need to go now.” you shook your head rapidly. “It’s my time, baby. Your father’s waiting for me. You’re all grown up. I have no purpose here any more.” you couldn’t speak, you knew where this was going and you didn’t like it. “I love you, baby.” 

“I-I love you too, Ma.” it was a second, in that second your world came crashing down, the Machine was beeping furiously. You were screaming desperately for a nurse. You weren’t ready for you mother to leave you, but then again, who was? The doctors and nurses flooded the room. 

You couldn’t stay there. 

So you ran. 

You ran.

*  *  *  *  *

Bucky was walking around. He had been trying to locate you, but in the end decided on the fact, you weren’t there. It was quiet, everyone was off doing their own thing, and Bucky was actually enjoying the silence. That was until the phone rang. 

“Hello?” Bucky questioned, slightly annoyed at the interrupting call. But that annoyance was short lived. 

“Hello, Mr Barnes? This is Nurse Cray. Mrs Y/N has just passed away.” Bucky froze, not fully because of the shocking news, but partly due to you. Where were you? Did you know?

“Mr Barnes. This is a devastating shock I know. But Miss Y/N was here, she ran off, and we can’t get a hold of her.” without responding, Bucky hung up the phone and he ran. He had a sense of where you were going to be. Not knowing what you would do. 

He ran.

*  *  *  *  *

He moved quickly through the forest. Making his way to the little wild bridge. It was secluded, and few knew about the bridge. You had grown up very close to the bridge, you had told Bucky stories of how you would come out with your father and play pooh sticks. 

As he emerged from the trees, there you were. You were sat on the ground, your legs hanging through the stone bars of the bridge. Even from where he stood, he could hear your continuous sobbing. It pained him to see you so upset. 

Moving towards you, he did the only thing he could do. He sat beside you and pulled you into his lap. Watching intently as you curled towards him. 

He knew in that moment, that no matter what he would help you through this, and he would protect you with his life. 

Love in Panem Presents: Worst Quest Ever

by @thesnowyangelwriter

Happy Valentines Day everyone! Let’s take a break from all that smut (wink wink) for some cute fluff!!



“Bounce, bounce, bounce!” Prim cheered, as she bounced down the hill. “Look at me Katniss! I’m Tigger! Hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo!”

Katniss dragged herself and Peeta, in pursuit of the 4-year-old, Winnie-the-Pooh enthusiast. “This is… The. WORST. Quest. EVER!” Peeta exclaimed tiredly, before dramatically falling facedown onto the grass.

“Peeta, get up, we have to find Pooh Sticks Bridge before sundown!”

“I wanna go home, and I’m tired!” Peeta whined. “Our mom’s are going to kill us when we get back, you know?”

“That’s why we have to find the bridge for Prim before then,” Katniss said reasonably. They could hear the sound of Prim yelling in excitement before the sound of the rushing water. “WE FOUND IT!”

“Great job, Prim!” Katniss grinned before picking Prim up and planting a big kiss on her cheek. She let her down and Prim ran off yelling that she’ll look for the biggest sticks she could find.

“Are you sure this is the river, Kat?” Peeta whispered, “There’s no bridge.”

“At this point, I just wanna throw some sticks and go back to camp,” Katniss replied.

“This looks dangerous…” Peeta trailed, “Maybe we should go back…” He was cut short when Prim returned and the children positioned themselves beside the river.

“First stick to go pass that rock wins!” Prim announced as she threw her stick in. “Hey, no fair! You went before us!” Katniss laughed. They followed suit and threw their sticks in after her.

The three started to follow the sticks to the finishing line; the rock was a good five feet away. The wind started to pick up and caused Katniss’ hair to fly in all directions. She breathed in the smell of blooming flowers, fresh air and watched Prim cheer for her stick as it flowed closer to the finishing line. Whenever Prim was happy, she was happy.

But at that moment, Prim tripped. Her little body fell to the ground and almost rolled into the river. Katniss leaped forward and grabbed her sister’s arms. But the four year old was too heavy for the ten year old, and soon they found themselves slowly slipping into the river. Peeta grabbed hold of Katniss’ ankle and started to pull, using his own weight for leverage. Soon, the girls were pulled back to safety. Katniss gripped onto her sister so tightly, her knuckles turned white.

“You silly duck! I almost lost you!” Katniss yelled. Prim cried into her arms. “Peeta’s right. We need to go back– Peeta? Peeta!”

She spotted a mop of blond hair and flailing arms flowing down the river. He was going so fast they could barely hear his cries for help. Suddenly, he disappeared underneath the water; Katniss started to panic. She followed the river while scanning it for Peeta.

The waters became more aggressive and small rocks began to appear. She almost decided to jump after him when she a hand grip onto a small boulder. Luckily, it was quite close to her side of the river. Katniss quickly laid flat onto the ground for balance and extended her arm to Peeta.

Before long, Peeta was back on dry land, his arms and legs scratched and bloody. His lower leg looked red and swollen. There was a long walk ahead of them until they returned to the log cabin. Their parents called the medics, who eventually had to call the ambulance.


Three days passed before Katniss and Prim was allowed to visit Peeta at the hospital. Peeta saw them and he grinned; his leg was elevated and in an orange cast. As Katniss moved closer, she noticed the scar peaking out of the cast and how the leg bent slightly.

Prim’s face was red with tear streaks, “I’m sorry for hurting your leg.” She couldn’t look up at him.

“It’s okay Prim, I don’t mind. I have battle scars now!”

“But your leg is going to be weird forever!” Prim yelled; she had started crying again. “It’s all my fault! Mama says you probably need a crutch–“

“Prim!” Katniss hushed.

“Nah, it’s okay guys, really!” Peeta said. “I’m okay with it all. I just need some exercise and I can go home!”

“You mean, physical therapy?” Katniss smirked.

“See! It even has a fancy name!” Peeta laughed.


After an hour, it was time to go home. Peeta watched as Katniss took Prim’s hand and walked away, her braid swishing behind her. Little did he know that it would be the first of his many crazy adventures with Katniss Everdeen.


Back when music videos meant something…

The Pooh Sticks - The World is Turning On