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Shahil’s Q&A #4!

• What is your character’s favorite beverage?

Chai with extra cinnamon, especially if he can find it made with white pepper instead of black!

• How do they feel about alcohol and other mind-altering drugs?

He drinks occasionally, but doesn’t have the money to indulge often. He rarely gets drunk, because he’s so afraid of saying or doing something stupid. But he doesn’t care what other people do, as long as they remain respectful of noise levels, attitudes, and actions.

• What is your character’s preferred form of entertainment? e.g. radio, books, pooh sticks, destroying ant hills?

Shahil likes quiet things, like reading, even though advanced books are hard for him because he stopped going to school at 15 to help his father in the shop. He loves music, although he doesn’t play any instruments, and likes to go to the library on days they teach music classes just to listen to the teachers play. Once he gets a manage on his blocks, he does like to go wander around the city, although for a long time he will only go if he’s with someone he trusts, like Agni, Pavaana, his mom, etc.

• Is this character extroverted, introverted, or somewhere in between?

You know, my knee jerk response was to say introverted, but that’s not really true? Which is why his mark is so hard for him to deal with until he learns to block – he needs connection with people to really flourish, which is why once he meets Agni and the others, he’s still pretty serious, but he really starts to come out of his shell and blossom. So I guess somewhere in between; there is a time and place for people and a time and place for solitude.

• How do they deal with situations counter to their socialization preferences? i.e. how does your introverted character deal with crowds/social events; how does your extroverted character deal with solitude?

Shahil. HATES. CROWDS. He’s fine with the typical hustle and bustle of the markets on a normal day, but holidays? Sporting events? He nopes the hell right out of there. He wants to get past this, he REALLY REALLY does, because he wants to go to more of Agni’s polo matches to support him. Maybe Khanda will go with him and be his polo watching buddy. But right now, he can’t do it. It’s too overwhelming, too noisy, too many bumps and shoves and this is both a combination of how tiring it is for him to keep up his blocks as well as the need he often has for space.

He tends to shut down when put in spaces like this, he gets really quiet and scrunches his eyes closed and sometimes pulls at his clothes, though he’s found ways of doing these things that aren’t obvious.