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At a time when most people cannot read, she [Elizabeth I] can write in Latin and Greek as well as French, English and Italian. Late in life, when on the receiving end of a bombastic speech in Latin by the Polish ambassador, she does not call for a translator, but leaves the diplomat stunned by replying - in fluent Latin
—  Ian Mortimer, The Time Travellers Guide to Elizabethan England

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Smash or Pass - Elly!

“Pretty sure this is a pipe dream on my end, but hey, that’s how things go, huh? She’s poised and put together, has to be for her job, but I’m willing to bet that if you peeled that ambassador’s polish off of her, you’d find a real treasure underneath. The kind of woman who might feel like she’s caged within her own skin. Definite smash if she ever took any of my flirting seriously. In the meantime? I’ll just admire from the sidelines.”

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Adolf Hitler in tailcoat reviews an honour guard in the inner yard of the Reichspräsidentenpalais, after receiving Józef Lipski as new Polish ambassador. Berlin, Germany, 12 September 1934.
Adolf Hitler en costard inspectant des gardes d'honneurs dans l'enceinte du Reichspräsidentenpalais (palais du Reich) après avoir reçu Józef Lipski comme nouvel ambassadeur. Berlin, Allemagne, 12 septembre 1934.


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