Ted: So, Katie tells me, you know, you’re some sort of circus…

Jane: Freak?

Ted: Yeah, I think that’s the word she used.

Jane: Yeah, I guess there aren’t a Iot of girIs that spend their weekends learning how to breathe fire.

Ted: No. How do you breathe fire?

Jane: Well, it’s like the oId saying, you just pucker your lips and blow. And then, of course, you try not to inhale the propellant, ‘cause you can collapse a Iung.


The Pleasure of Your Company (A Raffles clip) One of my favourite Youtube accounts has been deleted RIP ashbyjay, but there are still many Raffles clips to whet the appetite. 

If you’re a welder for work or pleasure, or a company with welder’s in your workforce, this is a must for you! CWB Group offers amazing benefits and training to further you in the field of welding. RSVP and come out and meet the fine folks from CWB. I’ll be there with some of my works as well. Rumour has it there’s food and drinks 😜. #welding #welder’s #career #trade #weld #fabrication #hobby #workforce @lincolnelectric @3mspeedglas #richbaker #sculptor

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Belle Bernette and Gaston Roche, as husband and wife,
request the pleasure of your company following their private ceremony
at a public reception to be held at their new home in Ever After.
on Wednesday, July Twenty-Seventh, from seven p.m. until two a.m.
Gifts are welcome/appreciated.


The event will run Wednesday, July 27 from 6 pm EST until Friday, July 29th at 6pm EST.  All starters should be tagged ‘fableevent5′.  Per Belle and Gaston’s writers, all characters/residents of Fableton are welcomed and encouraged to attend.  As this is not a town-hosted event, other things may be going on at the same time, so previous threads do not need to be discontinued and starters unrelated may be posted, but may be overlooked so use your discretion.  

Photographer Will Grundy and artist - musician Chris Butler request the pleasure of your company at the London launch of We Are Willow - Berlin.

The result of 4 years back and forth travel between the duo’s respective cities in England and Germanys capital, gathering photographs, experiences and recordings. Culminating in a photobook and 9 track album that has been described as ‘a portrait of a city’.

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Oh my God you're writing is amazing! Can I get a letter from Thomas Jefferson? My name is Sarah. Thank you!


Dear Sarah,

Monticello is rather empty without you.  I spend hours in the garden testing new seeds and cataloging the results, and this provides me with much pleasure, but none so much as your company.

I have received a new shipment from Lewis and Clark and will be unboxing and recording all of their finds.  In the time I have to myself, however, I think only of you.  I miss you and your company.  I miss your lovely voice filling the halls.  Soon is not enough, dear one, to see you again, but I will wait patiently.

With all my love,

T. Jefferson